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Lenovo Z6

Lenovo Z6 Features Under Display Fingerpint and 120Hz Refresh Rate

Lenovo Z6 got released recently from the coffers of Chinese maker, Lenovo. The mid-range smartphone packs some worthwhile features such as the Super AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, under display fingerprint...
Lenovo S5 Pro GT

Lenovo S5 Pro GT: All Fresh and Smooth

Well, there's no end to what manufacturers can give us on a daily basis in the smartphone omniverse. Day in, day out, we receive fresh devices from these amazing producers. Lenovo,...
Lenovo Z5s

Lenovo Z5s Arrives in Android Pie OS, Triple Rear Cameras and 128GB Storage

It's the Christmas season! What better time to release a stunning device than now? Since it's rhetoric, I won't bother you to answer me in the comments. But if you want...
Lenovo Z5 Pro

See the Lenovo Z5 Pro with Camera Modules that can Slide Out

Laptop giant - Lenovo, who also doubles as a smartphone giant does its best in dishing out quality smartphones to keep up the pace in the smartphone market. This time, the...
Lenovo K9

Lenovo K9 – Another Lenovo MediaTek Budget Smartphone With Four Cameras

Lenovo's not just in the season of releasing smartphones, it's in the season of launching smartphones with four cameras. Lenovo S5 Pro and Lenovo K5 Pro are smartphones that just got...
Lenovo K5 Pro

Lenovo K5 Pro Sports Side Stereo Speakers and Dual Selfie Lenses

Two days ago, we looked at the Lenovo S5 Pro, a Lenovo smartphone with Quad cameras. Another smartphone was announced alongside the smartphone, and that's the Lenovo K5 Pro. Lenovo K5 Pro...
Lenovo S5 Pro

Lenovo S5 Pro Announced With Quad Cameras and Qualcomm Snapdragon 636

It's that time of the year when Lenovo releases new smartphones into the phone market for user consumption. Of a couple of smartphones released by the brand, Lenovo S5 Pro is...
Lenovo A5

Lenovo A5 features 3GB RAM and a Mammoth 4,000mAh Battery

Lenovo's most recent A series smartphone - Lenovo A5 has joined the pack of smartphones with powerful batteries. The smartphone enlists a good enough specifications for a budget-centric device. Prior to this...
Lenovo Z5

Lenovo Z5 with iPhone X-like Top Notch and 6GB RAM (Full Specs, Features &...

From time to time, laptop giant - Lenovo, who also doubles as a smartphone giant does its best in dishing out top & quality smartphones to keep up the pace in...
Lenovo S5

Lenovo S5 Full Specifications, Features and Price

Lenovo S5, a smartphone launched by Lenovo with the goal of taking over the mid-range smartphone talking points, is truly impressive. Are we to talk about the big and classy display?...