Will I Call It Annoying Or The Hardest Android Game I’ve Ever Played


Among all the games I’ve seen and played, this seems to me like the hardest Android game or will I say annoying! What sort of game is this, tried different approach, all to no avail!

Am sure you’d be wondering what kind of game is it that’s giving me a really tough challenge scaling through. The worst of all is, I’ve not even move past level 1. ?

How many of you have move past level one in the pre-installed Android Lollipop game????

Hardest Android Game

If you have, you had better come out and tell me how you did it because this seems to me like the hardest game I’ve ever played.

No flexibility at all, when you slide the Android logo up, it falls straight down like a stone falling from a vertical throw.

TBH, if you have scaled through levels of this game, can you tell us how you did it, not so many have achieved that?

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