Naijaknowhow Media is a technology blog that publishes tech news, phone specs, reviews, new gadgets, step-by-step guides on things around the technology space and more. We provide you with the latest technology tips and information from the tech space. Interestingly, over the years many people have been able to embrace our platform simply because of our gentle style of writing.

Naijaknowhow was established by Franklin Obioha (also known as Viklin) on February 18, 2015. We are a duly registered business in Nigeria operating under the Business Name “NAIJAKNOWHOW MEDIA (BN 2738473)”. The primary objective of this blog is to help the non-tech savvy learn how to solve a simple tech-related problem. Naijaknowhow has been there for a while now, started out as www.naijaknowhow.com (redirects), then moved to www.naijaknowhow.com.ng (redirects) before finally switching domain to www.naijaknowhow.net in March 2019.

The blog’s domain name is pronounced, “NAIJA KNOW HOW“.

Why should you rely on Naijaknowhow for tech advice?

We share strictly tech how-to guides to help naive and non-tech-savvy individuals know how to go about anything relating to tech and consumer products such as phones, laptops, apps etc. The fun side is that you get to understand the geeky guide in an unambiguous style, we ensure that our how-to guides and articles are relatable to every Tom, Dick and Harry… If you’re an ardent reader of our blog, you will notice we write articles in a simple stepped guide to help you understand.

Do Naijaknowhow only share tech tutorials?

This is not true, Naijaknowhow is a blog that doesn’t only share tutorials. We also share phone reviews, specifications, unboxing, new gadgets, and other tech news surrounding the world of technology in Nigeria and the world at large. Our blog articles are published not just for the Nigerian audiences, but for the entire tech lovers around the world.

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Naijaknowhow Media gives marketers a first-mover advantage by putting your brand’s message in front of the right stories and the right consumers. Our audience is curious, dives deeper and wants to share what they’ve learned. When you put your brand in front of our audience, it’s well-received. You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to take action because that’s exactly why they’ve come to Naijaknowhow.
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We frown at copyright infringement notices

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