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Our smart devices (PC, tablets and mobile devices) are powered by different apps (apps such as gaming, social media, education, design, online shopping, blogging and more) that does amazing things, this category was created on naijaknowhow.com to share the most relevant applications (software) that suite your daily needs for all PC, smartphones and tablets – iOS, Windows and Android.


WhatsApp Cracks Down On Third-Party Apps, Blocks Accounts

The popular messaging service owned by Facebook, WhatsApp, reminds all users not to use applications that have been modified by third parties and for those who use their accounts to be...
nordvpn - best android vpn

6 Best VPN for Android Phones and Tablets (2019)

Do you want to know the best VPNs you can use on your Android smartphone?If you need to connect to the Internet in a secure and anonymous way, especially when you...
Download WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business Is Now Available For iOS, Though Still In Beta

After launching for Android devices in 2018 then, WhatsApp Business is now available for iOS users, even though it's still in beta.The function of WhatsApp Business is the same as the...

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android in 2019 (Download Links)

There are more than enough good games to download from the internet but not many of these games are available for playing offline. And that is why I am listing the...

Best Offline iOS Games in 2019 (Download Links)

These days, with internet involved in most of the stuff we do, even doing something as simple as catching fun and playing games without being online is becoming increasingly difficult most...

Fortnite For Android Smartphones Now Supports Controllers

Good news for fanatical Fortnite fans, the popular game now also supports controllers for smartphones. The free Fortnite 7.30 update adds support. Fortnite controller support available on mobile Fortnite version 7.30 is now...
best sticker apps for WhatsApp

5 Best Sticker Apps For WhatsApp (WAStickers Apps)

In addition to the standard stickers in WhatsApp, you can go to the Play Store for dozens of other pictures. We have selected four nice WhatsApp sticker packages that you can...
evernote material - Scan Apps for Android

4 Best Android Apps To Scan Your Receipts, Docs and More!

More and more things are happening digitally, but sometimes you still have some documents, receipts or other documents that need to be processed. With these 4 apps, do not turn your...

Google Restricts Access To Call And SMS History For Applications

In recent years, Google is well on the way to better protect Android against attacks that focus on the privacy of the user. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Google's first operating system...
social media apps

WhatsApp Finally Starts with the Installation of Locking with a Fingerprint Scanner

In some cases, you may be lucky if the smartphone manufacturer has thought of having a lock for specific apps. Often, however, that is not present, and therefore you cannot easily...