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Our smart devices (PCs, tablets, and mobile devices) are powered by different apps (such as gaming, social media, education, design, online shopping, blogging and more) that do amazing things. This category was created on Naijaknowhow to share the most relevant mobile applications and PC software programs that suit your daily needs for all types of computers, smartphones, and tablets (iOS, Windows, Mac, Android etc.).

6 Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives to Streamline Workflow

Here are the top Windows Task Scheduler alternatives that offer great features that'll help streamline workflow.

Shadrach Oladimeji Shadrach Oladimeji

Top 7 Solitaire Games for Android to Play Offline and Online

Solitaire is one of the most popular and arguably most played card games. Here's a list of the best Solitaire…

Shadrach Oladimeji Shadrach Oladimeji

Top 5 Poop Tracker Apps to Monitor Your Bowel Movements on Android Devices

Here are some of the best poop tracker apps to monitor gut health, get personalized insights & take charge of…

Miracle Miracle
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