Naijaknowhow gives marketers a first-mover advantage by putting your brand message in front of the right stories and the right consumers using compelling banner ads.

When you put your brand in front of our audience, it’s well received. You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to take action because that’s exactly why they’ve come to

There is no doubt in the number of monthly users and page views we have as you can see from our Google Analytics data for the month February 2023 below.

With over 600K+ sessions, and a reduced bounce rate (40%) — which means that readers stay on our website a bit longer, you can be assured of reaching your potential customers via this platform.

We embrace distributed platforms to reach a large global audience and we take pride in creating a brand-safe environment. We create entertaining & engaging tech content on our blog to ensure our readers stay a bit longer.

Well-designed banners are known to be very productive. We can help you get more brand awareness, customers and increased sales by placing your ad banners on our Naijaknowhow.

Banner ads come in different dimensions, types and placement.

Header banner size

The leaderboard size 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. A 728×90 ad is usually placed at the top of a page, so as to be seen by the user immediately when the page loads. Leaderboard ads are possibly the most valuable/costly as they generally perform really well.

300 X 250 Sidebar or In-post banner size

The 300×250 ad unit is an IAB standard ad unit. It has the dimensions of 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. This ad unit is commonly placed above the fold or sidebar. It is generally the best-performing ad size, as well as the most expensive/valuable.

300 X 600 Sidebar banner size

The 300×600 half-page unit is a highly successful ad unit in terms of both performance and the eCPM it commands. The 300×600 ad size is usually placed on the side of a page, in the same place an MPU would be – with the extra height. This ad unit is usually very successful when used well so should be considered. It is however often expensive to purchase ad space in this size compared to other ad units.

To get more interesting ad banner sizes and placement, kindly send us an email using the contact form below.


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