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A Farewell Message To You My Friend (Francis Michael)

I’m just picking myself up after an untimely demise of a friend, a brother & a stakeholder in NKH (Francis Michael), this however, had affected me both mentally and emotionally since Monday (13/6/16). Why is death so cruel? Why him, why why??

My brother, my friend, my propeller, so unfortunate you are gone so untimely and unfulfilled, your targets were not accomplished, our plans are there hanging, I won’t eat and share food with you anymore, staring at your contact image, looking at your pictures, watched every funny videos we shot together all made me sob. Or the notion, that you will be getting married soon, I was suppose to be your groomsman (bestman), life is truly unfair. We live, we die…that’s all what life is about, we all will and just hang on buddy till we meet and reunite again!

rip-francis-michael.jpg.jpgBrother, this is so unbearable for me… Leaving me all alone when you know you are the arguably the only guy that had stood by me right from primary school.

I know that I will not find someone like you again, so happy, so motivating, in good times and in bad times always you were drawing a smile and were there to support us, I will always remember you.

Wherever you are, it seems to me… you’ve gone to a better place, a place without worries, no more mortality, you will live forever and one day soon, I’d rejoin you!

May your soul rest in peace, Farewell, Farewell, Farewell… Francis Michael aka Poyozee

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Hey fam, don't go without a reply!

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