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Hello Moto!!! Are The Motorola Razr Flips Coming Back?

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What is Motorola really up to this time, there have been a lot of failed flip android phones, are they trying to bring back the flips? Remember the Motorola Razor flip phone? It seems to me like the Razr line is ready to make a strong comeback after watching the teaser video.Moto Razr

The company’s ad teasing the launch date to be 9 June (Lenovo Tech World) shows of the a scene from college where everyone is using a Moto Razr. While the same phone is unlikely to make it back to teh market, we might just see an even slimmer Android flip phone. Other companies have experimented with an Android flip phone, but with haven’t managed to get it quite right. In the coming weeks, we’ll find out if Moto still has it in them to bring flip phones back from the grave.

If this is going to be true, I think it’s gonna be a bad move if the Moto Razr will run on Android OS. Being flip, expect to see a pretty small screen size compared the normal Android. Size matters a lot in 2016, so unless they want to surprise us with something different,  I’d say No No!!

What do you think, Yes, they should bring back flip phones or the smartphones available in the market are just perfect the way they are??

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