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The Benefits of Remote Access Software for your Business

Free Remote Access Software (Start Your Free Trial Today) | Here are the benefits of Remote Access Software for your Business.

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Anyone who has been in the workforce for a few years has seen some significant changes in the way that people relate to their jobs. The internet changed the way that businesses work and communicate, allowing connections at almost any time and place. While many employees continue to commute to an office every day, more and more are operating remotely. They need to be able to connect with their workplace easily and safely.

Moving Beyond the LAN

A few decades ago, most workplaces only operated with a local-area network (LAN). Physical cables connected all of the computers of an office to a local server. You could communicate easily with the people who were already on the network.

The original remote desktop protocols were developed with this kind of connection in mind. IT staff could connect and take over computers on the local network, updating software and performing other routine maintenance tasks. This saved them the trouble of having to go from office to office in the building. All the work could be done from the IT office.

As more businesses connected to the internet, employees began to see the advantage of using remote connections. If a business’ routers had been correctly configured, employees could access their work desktops while on the road or from home. That age of the remote employee had begun.

Remote Security Concerns

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When everything was confined to the LAN, security concerns were fairly minimal. Because the network was not connected to the outside, the main security concerns were viruses that employees brought into the workplace on corrupt software and employees taking data on a disk or portable drive. Attacks were much easier to trace because they had to happen on the grounds of the business.

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This changed when business networks started to connect to the outside world via the internet. Suddenly, security threats could come from anywhere in the world. If intruders could get past the network firewall, they would have access to the entire network. Remote connections went from being a convenience to being a vulnerability. If someone steals a laptop that is remotely connected to the network, the thief has access to the information on the host computer and a possible connection to the business LAN.

Remote Access Solutions

Part of the reason we offer is that we recognize that businesses need solutions for a changing world of technology. Not only do employees need secure remote access connections, but they need connections that allow them to connect with and through a variety of platforms and devices. Professionally designed remote access software has some significant advantages to traditional remote connections.

netop remote control

Role-based Access

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One way to increase security is by limiting employee access. Most employees do not need full access to your network. They mostly deal with a limited set of data or a few programs. Strong remote access software will limit access by a person’s role in the company. That way, even if an intruder steals someone’s device and login information, they are only able to interact with a limited part of the network.

Secure Encryption

Similar to a virtual private network, remote access software should provide high levels of end-to-end encryption. Businesses need their data secure whatever side of the firewall it is on. Strong encryption takes some of the worries from remote connections.

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Session History

A good remote access solution will keep a record of who connected, the duration of the connection and the activity during the connection. The strongest remote access software will give businesses the option of keeping a video log of remote connections. If there ever is a problem, it will be much easier for IT specialists to find the breach and track down the offender.

Cross-platform Connections

For use in the modern workplace, one of the weaknesses of common remote desktop protocols is that they are designed for a single platform. The user can only access a Windows computer with another Windows device. A strength of remote access software is the ability to provide remote access across platforms. Employees can make connections with laptops, tablets or phones. Businesses can make remote connections with other devices in the internet of things world. For example, IT professionals can update the software for gas pumps or check stands without leaving the main office.

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The ability to make safe remote connections is quickly becoming a necessity for many businesses. In order to stay competitive, they need the flexibility remote connections provide. You can get started with this free trial remote access software, a strong remote access software solution can make a big difference in both the security and productivity of a business.

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