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Top 5 Best Paxful Alternatives In Nigeria 2023

You don't need to worry as a trader or user on the Paxful platform. Now, the best thing is to try other alternatives to Paxful and continue with your Bitcoin trading and gift card trading.

Following the recent news of Paxful shutdown, many people crypto and gift card traders are looking for the best Paxful Alternatives in Nigeria to use.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to Paxful, you’re lucky to be on this page.

Paxful was reportedly shutting down its services due to key staff departures and regulatory challenges in the platform. This claim was reported by the Paxful CEO – Ray Youssef, hence urging every user and customer to withdraw their funds from the P2P platform. So, what does the Paxful shutdown signifies for Crypto and Gift Card traders in Nigeria?

You don’t need to worry as a trader or user on the Paxful platform. Now, the best thing is to try other alternatives to Paxful and continue with your Bitcoin trading and gift card trading. Here on Naijaknowhow, I will show you the five (5) best Paxful Alternatives in Nigeria in 2023.

However, there are some criteria for selecting Paxful Alternatives, and you should take note of this. These include the major conditions/measures to look out for and the advantages of these platforms over the Paxful exchange platform.

Criteria For Selecting Alternative To Paxful

  • Security Measures
  • Fees and Charges
  • Customer Service Support
  • Availability of Popular Gift Cards
  • Availability of Popular Cryptocurrencies.

Security Measures

A good exchange platform is powered by blockchain technology with top-notch security features. There’s a common spread of security loopholes within the crypto market with some crypto trading platforms. Hence, we prioritize getting the platforms with the utmost funds’ protection for their users when trading.

And this is why you must choose platforms with adequate security that scammers or fraudulent vendors cannot breach. So, checking out for secure platforms with good security measures is one of the conditions for finding an alternative to Paxful.

Fees and Charges

Another criterion for choosing an alternative trading platform to Paxful is assessing the transaction fees on the respective platforms. You need to compare the fees on these platforms and check for hidden charges.

While some crypto and gift card trading platforms charge a low fee, others could charge a fee as high as 5% of your transaction. Therefore, you must compare fees across platforms to know your best platform.

Customer Service Support

One of the major conditions to look out for when choosing an alternative site like Paxful is Customer service support. The best sites similar to Paxful have a good customer support system available on the platform. This particular feature is very necessary and important for every trading platform. Always check for alternative websites like Paxful with quality and active customer support services.

Availability of Popular Gift Cards

While looking for Paxful Alternative Trading Platforms, check for platforms with all the gift cards available on their site. There are over 30+ different types of gift cards people trade in daily at the exchange market.

Some popular gift cards constantly traded include; Steam, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Visa, Razer Gold, Walmart, etc. So, you must look out for the availability of these gift cards on any gift card trading platform.

Availability of Popular Cryptocurrencies

If you’re looking for an Alternative to the Paxful trading platform, check out sites with all kinds of cryptocurrency available on their site. People trade over 20,000 cryptocurrency assets daily in the crypto marketplace. Some of the popular crypto assets are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), etc. So, always look out for the availability of these crypto assets on any crypto trading platform before you choose.

Top 5 Best Paxful Alternatives In Nigeria

Below are the best five Alternatives to Paxful for Bitcoin trading and Gift Card trading in Nigeria in 2023.

  • GiftcardstoNaira
  • ApexPay
  • Ridima
  • Patricia
  • Prestmit.

1. GiftcardstoNaira


GiftCardstoNaira is a gift card trading platform that is notable for its excellent customer service and high rates. This platform is currently one of the best gift card trading platforms, with thousands of users and customers.

The platform has a huge stronghold and reputation in Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. GiftcardstoNaira allows you to trade and sell your gift cards for Cash and get instant payment in Naira or Cedis. GiftcardstoNaira is the best Paxful alternative for gift card trading in Nigeria today.

2. ApexPay


ApexPay is another alternative to Paxful for gift card trading in Nigeria that is very popular now. This platform is best for gift card traders/vendors who are beginners in the gift card trading market and industry.

The simplicity and easy access to trade when using the Apexpay platform is wonderful. The flexibility of the ApexPay platform allows you to navigate easily on the website and mobile app. Gift cards are selling at high rates on the platform and can serve as a gift card trading alternative for Paxful.

3. Ridima


Ridima is a new trading platform that is pulling weight in Nigeria for trading gift cards, Airtime/Data purchases, Bills Payments, etc., all in one place. MyRidima.com is known for the quick processing of transactions, top-high rates, and top-notch security.

On MyRidima App, you can sell gift cards, buy gift cards, get airtime/data, pay bills online, etc. Ridima is the most trending gift card trading app with the best rates today in Nigeria. Start using Ridima today to convert your gift cards into instant Cash. Ridima is a Paxful alternative to choose now.

4. Patricia


Patricia is one of the sites like Paxful in Nigeria for Bitcoin trading and gift card trading. The Patricia platform also serves as an alternative payment solution where users can use Bitcoin to pay bills, buy gift cards, international airtime, etc.

This platform has a Virtual card and a Bitcoin debit card which you can use to withdraw at Bitcoin ATMs. Patricia has different trading fees; you can only deposit and withdraw Bitcoin on the platform. The platform has a very good user-friendly interface; it can be your best alternative to Paxful for trading your bitcoins.

5. Prestmit


Prestmit is one of the sites similar to Paxful for crypto trading and gift card trading in Nigeria and Ghana. This platform offers credible services and allows you to sell bitcoins on their platform and buy bitcoins with gift cards.

They provide low transaction fees when trading Bitcoin and other cryptos on their platform. Prestmit has a wide range of gift cards available on their platform for you to trade and get paid instantly. This can be a good alternative platform to Paxful for your Bitcoin and gift card trading.


Paxful has served its users via the P2P platform for many years in Bitcoin and Gift Card trading. Since the announcement of shutting down its operations, you should find an alternative to them and continue with your trading.

So, the above platforms are the list of best alternative sites like Paxful for trading your digital assets. These Paxful alternatives are carefully selected, and they can do much better than the services offered by Paxful. Now is the best time to try it; choose your best and preferred one and continue trading again.

Remember to choose the platform with low transaction fees, strong security measures, and your preferred digital assets. The first three on our list above is the best choice to select from and start trading your gift cards immediately. Enjoy!

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