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6 Best Prezi Alternatives for Making Presentations (2023)

Are you looking for the best presentation software like Prezi? Here's a list of the best Prezi alternatives for making presentations.

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Prezi is a very popular presentation maker, but if you’re looking for the best Prezi alternatives for making presentations. You’ve come to the right place, we’ve listed some presentation tools just like Prezi here at NaijaKnowHow.

Over the years, there have been different software for creating presentations online and offline. One of the popular tools is Prezi, it is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives as well. But despite being so good at making presentations, there are other alternatives that can be considered as well.

There are different options for creating presentations. In this article, we’ve handpicked the best Prezi alternatives for making presentations. Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based presentation software or one you can download. You’ll find them listed in this article you’re reading.

List of The Best Prezi Alternatives for Making Presentations

If you’ll like to create an engaging or appealing presentation without using Prezi. Check out the considered alternatives below.

1. Google Slides

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Best Prezi Alternatives

If you want a presentation tool that’ll ease the cost of paying for one, you should go for Google Slides. Google Slides is free and since it is a cloud-based presentation software, you’ll always have your projects saved. Google Slide is a great alternative to Prezi that you can use, it is very easy and user-friendly.

Google Slides offers a way to create presentations in the easiest way possible. You can create presentations from scratch, there are predesigned templates that can be used as well. Google Slides also leaves room for collaboration. It is one of the best Prezi alternatives that delivers well.

2. Keynote

Apple Keynote

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Provided you’re an iOS or macOS user, you don’t have to worry much about presentation software. With Keynote, there are plenty of reasons to ditch Prezi. Keynote is owned by Apple and it is one of the best presentation software for macOS users. From the list of templates to themes and different features like charts, images and icons.

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You’ll find Keynote to be a great option when it comes to creating presentations on macOS. Keynote has features that’ll let you create slides with transitions and effects, you can embed objects and texts. It offers more features for iOS and macOS users compared to Prezi.

3. Visme

Best Prezi Alternatives

Visme is a multifunctional tool on its own, which means aside from presentations. There are other activities you can use it for. Visme is a diagramming tool and one of the best Lucidchart alternatives. But since we’re recommending it for presentations, it does compete with Prezi. Visme might not be free, but you’ll get to handle 5 projects on it as a free user.

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There are a lot of reasons why you’ll love Visme, it’s a tool that is very powerful for creating slides. You don’t have to be experienced before you can use Visme, it is user-friendly and you can add a variety of media to your presentation, including images, videos, audio, and charts. You can also choose from a range of templates and themes to get started quickly or create your own custom design.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon App

Powtoon is also leading the way as one of the best Prezi alternatives out there. If you want to create animated presentations, movie slides or presentations for seminars. Powtoon handles it all, it is a web-based service therefore you’ll need to use a web browser to gain access. The interface of Powtoon is very easy, you’ll be able to navigate easily.

Unlike some complicated presentation makers, Powtoon is very straightforward, everything you’ll be doing is solely dependent on drag-and-drop features. If you don’t know how to start a presentation from scratch. Powtoon offers different pre-built templates that you can choose from.

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5. Haiku Deck


One of the reasons why you’ll love Haiku Deck is that if you need images for a presentation. You’ll get it on Haiku Deck without even checking external sources. This is one of the best presentation creators you’ll find online. Haiku Deck also offers templates and themes to get work done faster.

Haiku Deck also includes a built-in image search tool, making it easy to find the perfect visuals for your presentation. One unique feature of Haiku Deck is its automatic formatting, which ensures that your presentation looks polished and professional. This is one of the best Prezi alternatives that you can rely on.

6. Microsoft PowerPoint

Best Prezi Alternatives

PowerPoint is a classic tool for creating presentations that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. PowerPoint offers a variety of templates and themes, which allow users to create visually stunning presentations with ease. It also has a wide range of editing tools, including animations, graphics, and videos.

Microsoft PowerPoint is part of the Office Suite program from Microsoft. You’ll need to be a Microsoft Office user before you can gain access to PowerPoint. What makes PowerPoint different is that it gets to work offline. It is for professionals and beginners. If you’re looking for one of the best Prezi alternatives, it is PowerPoint.


In conclusion, these are the best Prezi alternatives for making presentations. Each of these tools offers its own unique features and capabilities. They’re very easy to use, even if you don’t have experience with any of them. You’ll get free templates that’ll make creating presentations much easier.

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