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Blackview Tab 13 Go on Sale Today

Blackview Tab 13 Go on Sale Today! $149.99 only! Highly Cost-effective: Learn more about this device, and where and how to buy them.

Blackview Tab 13 Go on Sale Today! $149.99 only! Highly Cost-effective: 30-hour Using time, Simo Internet Support, TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified, 256691 for AnTuTu Test, Doke OS_P 3.0 Based on Android 12 with PC-Style Interaction

Blackview, a distinguished smart device vendor, always has a penchant for making ultra-lasting and practical tablets, and the brand’s latest is no different. Billed as Blackview Tab 13, the slate hits the market today, marking the company’s milestones in its tablet making with several “first-ever” upgrades ranging from battery, screen to OS, according to a marketing director from the company. Listed below are all the killer features of Blackview Tab 13. Read on to know all its updates for the first time and what other surprises the company is offering.

Official Video of Blackview Tab 13: https://youtu.be/pk4habgj6NU

Blackview Tab 13 Go on Sale Today

A Strong Boost to Speed

——Advanced 6GB RAM + 4GB Memory Expansion

Although Blackview Tab 13 isn’t the first, but the second tablet to feature memory expansion technology, up to 4GB RAM expansion from 6GB to 10GB is unprecedented among the Blackview tablet portfolio. The expansion offers users with greater fluency while running RAM-intensive and big-title video games or multitasking. Blackview Tab 13 offering more RAM but without extra cost, steps up its affordability for more RAM-demanded tablet users. In the case of no need for more RAM, users can simply toggle off the expansion with a light tap.

——Speedy MediaTek Helio G85 & 128GB ROM + 1TB Expandable

Blackview Tab 13 houses a MediaTek Helio G85 processor which scores 256691 in the AnTuTu Benchmark Test. It is paired with 128GB internal storage and up to 1TB expandable storage, rendering ample room for more pictures, more music, flims, TV drama or even bigger games. Even after a long time of use, Blackview Tab 13 will still have plenty of space left for more digital content, eliminating the dilemma of whether to delete old data to make room for the new ones.

Antutu Benchmark Test Video Link: https://youtu.be/hOFVJS7O-FE

——Responsive DokeOS_P 3.0 Based on Android 12

Blackview Tab 13 runs on the DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 12 (first-ever on Blackview tablets) and there are many software flourishes worth mentioning here. The Tab 13 OS is filled with tons of customization options with no bloatware at all. The versatile desktop, the upgraded notebook app, the New Weather app, smart floating windows, smart Pre-Loading, refined animation and better privacy control are all going to render more fluent and protective interaction. Streaming media, browsing social feeds, multitasking, using productivity apps or gaming on the Blackview Tab 13 are all buttery smooth.

A Step Further in Eye Protection

——TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified 10.1-inch FHD+ Display

Blackview has already made their screens eye-friendly in several tablets, but Tab 13 is the first-ever Blackview tablet that is shipped with a TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified screen. Working in tandem with three customized screen modes, namely the Dark mode, Reading mode and Eye-protection mode, Tab 13’s 10.1-inch FHD+ screen significantly reduces the exposure to blue light, ensuring better eye protection and lowering the risk of eye strain after viewing the screen in a dark environment for a long time.

Up-a-notch Recreation

——Gigantic 7280mAh Battery

Blackview Tab 13 draws its juice from a robust 7280mAh mega battery, allowing more than 30 hours of use between charges for moderate users. The battery life of Blackview Tab 13 is strong. When tasked with ceaseless web browsing over 4G LTE, Tab 13 lasts for 6.4hrs, while in continuous video-streaming over WiFi, it manages to eke out an impressive 6hrs. Its standby time outclasses most android tablets with 45 days. Tab 13’s battery is 700mAh bigger than Tab 12 which shares similar thinness and weight with Tab13. This indicates Blackview’s persistent effort in making a slimmer tablet with a large battery.

——Convenient Simo Internet Support

Ever thought about surfing the Net outdoors without the use of a SIM card? Blackview Tab 13 makes it possible by supporting Simo Internet technology. With Simo Internet, Blackview Tab 13 users have no need to purchase a SIM card to access the Internet outdoors when there is no Wifi connection, meaning they can literally go wireless and “SIM-less” anywhere after first-time registration on the SIMO app. Thanks to such support, Blackview Tab 13 will provide uninterrupted fast mobile Internet access anywhere, anytime by automatically switching to the best available local network among multiple operators.

When traveling to a foreign country, Blackview Tab 13 users can avoid the hassle of buying a local SIM card since SIMO Internet already prepares multiple available access to local internet for them. But what of note here is that Tab 13 offers SIMO 1.0 which is only available for users registering from EU countries, U.K., U.S.A, Mexico, Canada and Japan, but they could expect SIMO 2.0 on future Blackview tablets which will bring users in other regions more access to the service. And one good news is that the first 3,000 buyers of Blackview Tab 13 will be gifted a 2GB-data plan for free.

——Ear-pleasing Dual Smart-PA Supported Box Speakers

Flaunting dual Smart PA-supported box speakers, the audio pleasure from Blackview Tab 13 is taken to the next level, rendering refined and rock-your-world sound that is not only suited to everyone but also adds to the thrills of games or media consumption.

Level up Convenience

——Versatile PC Mode

Blackview Tab 13 is the first tablet that comes with the PC Mode. It provides Tab 13 users with PC or laptop-style interaction by allowing them to open multiple app windows at the same time without compromise.

Unlike common split view support, PC Mode renders the ease to open almost endless app windows simultaneously like on a computer or a laptop, but what differentiates it from normal computers is that the PC Mode could be activated while not sacrificing screen-touch convenience. Texting your friend through chatting apps, browsing Quora, replying to work emails and streaming videos on Tiktok now can all be done at the same time on Blackview Tab 13 without any compromise.

PC Mode Video Link: https://youtu.be/11c5GLQWxd4

Other Highlights

—— 8MP+13MP Cameras

Whether you are using Blackview Tab 13 for online classes, online conferencing or photography experiences, the 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera backed by Beauty algorithm simply nail all camera tasks effortlessly.

——7.7mm Thin & 450g Light

From the refined matte finish, the modish flatten edges to aluminum back panel, Tab 13 is exquisitely built in a lightweight, portable and elegant fashion, measuring 7.7mm slim and 450g light. Every touch of Blackview Tab 13 is satisfyingly silky and every glance at it is awfully delightful.

Price and Availability

With all those impressive benefits to offer, Blackview Tab 13 is only priced at $149.99 and with the use of a limited promo code, the price could be even lower at $135.99 (down from $299.99 with 50% off) on its premiere sale from August 22nd to August 26th PT. The offer is now running out, so lose no time to click here to get one.

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