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Best Cloud Gaming Services for Windows & Mac PC in 2022

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The best cloud gaming services that have been listed in this article will give you insights into cloud services you can use to play high-end console and PC games on your Windows and macOS PC without having to buy games or get a gaming PC.

For the past five years, Cloud Gaming has been the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, now accounting for almost 20% of all PC games played across the globe. In the next five years, we predict that over 60% of all video gameplay will be done via Cloud Gaming services and devices.

The existence of cloud gaming makes it easy for gamers not to spend much on buying games and consoles or gaming PC before they can play their favourite games, having a good PC and fast internet connection is just what you need to play any game via cloud services.

That’s why in today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we will cover the best cloud gaming services out there that’ll let you play console and PC games on your Windows and macOS PC even if it’s not a gaming PC. These cloud services are more of using Android apps on PC via Android emulators.

List of The Best Cloud Gaming Services for Windows & Mac PC

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Cloud gaming services are booming in popularity. From GeForce Now to PlayStation Now, and even the new cloud gaming service being developed by Intel and Amazon, gamers have plenty of choices when it comes to subscribing to stream their games instead of downloading them directly to their PC or console. Check out this list to find the best cloud gaming services.

1. OnLive

best cloud gaming service

One of the best options is OnLive. This service has plenty of gaming support and offers top titles, such as Minecraft and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3D. Unlike other services, OnLive lets you play with other people over the internet.

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This means you can play games like Madden NFL 11 with anyone from around the world! Plus, you don’t need to install anything on your computer because all the software runs on their computers. Pricing starts at $4.99 a month for one-time access per game, $14.99 a month for unlimited access to 10 games and $27.99 a month for unlimited access to any title you want!

2. PlayStation Now

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best cloud gaming service

Sony is a major player when it comes to video games. Their best cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now is an excellent example of what the future of video games holds. Sony has over 650 titles that users can play. There’s a subscription fee which will range depending on your location and what console you are playing on, but it’s well worth the investment if you love gaming.

Additionally, some subscribers get access to premium features like downloads. You can stream these games or download them to your system so they’re ready to play when you’re offline or on another device! All in all, PlayStation Now is a great cloud gaming service with lots of freebies!

3. Vortex

Vortex Cloud Gaming

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Since the release of its debut game, Antichamber, on March 4th 2013, Vortex has focused exclusively on cloud gaming. Originally a subscription-based service when it was first released, Vortex has since switched to a freemium model with in-app purchases.

This change is likely related to their growth rate and what they are now able to provide to gamers across both devices and platforms. With no download restrictions whatsoever and great performance, it’s easy to see why many are considering Vortex as one of the best cloud gaming services available.

4. Project xCloud

best cloud gaming service

Microsoft is working on Project xCloud, which will stream video games across devices and platforms. Microsoft expects Project xCloud to have a positive impact on gaming communities. This new service offers players the opportunity to play together regardless of their physical location and also expands streaming games as an e-sport by providing non-player viewers with a personal viewing experience.

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5. Blacknut


After careful consideration and much personal reflection, I have made the decision to submit my recommendation of Blacknut. Having been a user of the platform for the past two years, I am confident that it is a trusted company with proven expertise in providing services for computers and internet-connected devices. It has a growing customer base with great reviews from customers, who rave about how accessible and convenient it is to use Blacknut’s service across platforms.

In addition, the cost has steadily declined over time so as to be more affordable. For all these reasons, I can confidently say that Blacknut is undoubtedly one of the best options out there!

6. GeForce Now

Geforce Now

With great performance and nearly instant loading times, NVIDIA GeForce Now is the most well-rounded cloud gaming service on the market. Nvidia also added support for Android devices, which is a major plus considering how many popular games are now on Google Play.

And finally, the pricing structure of GeForce Now is very friendly to gamers who want to play AAA titles without breaking the bank. The $25/month plan includes access to over 100 top-tier games, while a more expensive $35/month subscription includes access to every game available on the platform (except for recent releases). Plus, it’s only an additional $10 per month if you want an annual subscription.


Cloud gaming service will be an ideal option if you can’t afford a good gaming PC and also want to avoid downloading huge game files all the time. And of course, there are some downfalls too and that is making sure plans don’t get expired.

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