Does Apple Slow Down Old iPhones So That You Buy The New Model?

Apple has been accused of 'planned obsolescence', making old iPhones less useful so that you buy the new model.

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Has your old iPhone slowed down just as Apple has released its iPhone 8 series of smartphones and will soon release its 10th-anniversary special edition iPhone X?

For a long time,

Apple has been accused of ‘planned obsolescence’, making old iPhones less useful so that you buy the new model.

Similar suspicion has been cast at the recent release of iOS 11 update that is being seen by some as an attempt to make older iPhones obsolete.

There are reports that searches like “iPhone slow” or “iPhone slowed down” on Google spiked before the release of the new model, which suggests many iPhone users have started facing problems with their phones.

A petition created by an online consumer group last year accused Apple of issuing software updates to slow down the performance of older models, thus forcing users to consider buying the new model.

So if I may ask…

Have you noticed any slowness in your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11 OS?

Could this ready be a marketing gimmick by Apple to lure people into ditching their old phones?

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