Remix OS | Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About Remix OS

An operating system based on Android that is custom engineered to increase productivity in mind.


I’ve seen music collaborations, videos refix, and other kinds of audio/video remix in the entertainment industry.. little did I know my beloved Android OS had been remix by some set of ex Google engineers that calls themselves “Jide Technology”, here are everything you need to know about Remix OS.

Android is far the most popular operating system in the world. It was designed basically as a mobile OS for smartphones and later extended to tablets, TVs, wearables and cars. But what about PCs? The co-founders of Jide Technology, Jeremy, Ben and David founded the company with a mission to unlock the potential of Android in order to accelerate a new age of computing. Let’s quick read to understand how these Engineers have reengineered the Android OS to blend with PC.

Imagine the cost of buying an Android phone, they are becoming extremely expensive and this is because prices of Android components are rapidly increasing. However, Jide Technology wants to leverage on Remix OS and work with manufacturers to bring down the cost of Android components, platforms and hardware across the board. The power of computers would be accessible to people who need them but couldn’t previously afford them. This is quite exciting to know that a healthy competition is coming to Android very soon!

Here are everything you need to know about Remix OS

1. PC OS Based On Android

It’s an operating system based on Android that is custom engineered to increase productivity in mind. Imaging taking the productivity advantages and habits of PC operating systems such as…

  • multitasking multi-windows
  • physical keyboard optimization
  • keyboard shortcuts, and so much more.
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and building them onto the inherent advantages and intuitiveness of mobile operating systems

  • full app ecosystem
  • touchscreen optimization
  • resource efficient operation, and more.

Imagine an operating system that could run seamlessly in any computing form factor. The hardware variations would be like vessels and one operating system would be able to fit each container like water. That is what Remix OS aims to be.


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