Facebook Gets New Emoticons To Supplement The Like Button


If you haven’t updated your Facebook app then I’m pretty sure you’ve either ran out of data or you are managing your data. A recent update have been made on our beloved Facebook app which allows us to be able to share different emotions via emoticon.

You can get this update by updating your Facebook app to the latest version.


  • Simply click & hold down the Facebook like button until it bring up other emoticon options, then select your desired emoticon. See image below…

It carries a… LIKE, LOVE, WOW, SAD, ANGRY and HAHA!

I hope this Facebook emoticons are great despite the fact that i/we’ve expected a dislike button instead of those, do you think Facebook still need a DISLIKE button still? Some people are so full of sh** post and maybe, sharing out dislikes might just be the best reaction to nonsense!

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