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Facebook Reels: Get To Know More About the New Features

Reels on Facebook has some interesting features. Learn more below!

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Facebook has just released a new feature in the form of short Reels videos like on Instagram. As it turns out, Reels on Facebook has some interesting features.

Based on a Facebook press release, Wednesday (23/2/2022), there are a number of Reels features that Facebook users can create.

Reels features

60-second Reels:

Starting with “60-second Reels”, a feature that allows users to create short videos with a longer duration than the usual 60-second Reels.


Then, there’s the “Remix” feature, where users can create reply Reels side by side with Reels that have already been shared publicly on Facebook.

When a user creates a “Remix”, it means the user can create Reels that includes all or part of the Reels content of other creators.


Facebook will also bring a “Drafts” feature to its Reels, so users can be more creative and can choose the “Save As Draft” option under the Save button.

Video Clipping:

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There is also a “Video Clipping” feature in Facebook Reels which hasn’t been launched yet but will be released in the near future.

This feature makes it easy for creators who like to share live and long-form videos to create video footage and test it in various video content formats before publishing it to netizens.

More update on Reels

In addition to the four features above, in the coming weeks, Facebook will also roll out an update on Reels to make it easier for Facebook users to find.

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Some of the embedded updates include “Reels in Stories”, “Reels in Watch”, “Top of Feed”, and “Suggested Reels in Feed”.

Reels in Stories:

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For “Reels in Stories”, users can easily share Reels to their Facebook Stories and give creators greater visibility and reach. Users can also create Reels from existing “Stories” content.

Reels in Watch:

Next, for “Reels in Watch”, users will easily watch Reels directly in the “Watch” tab. Facebook is also planning to develop a new tool for users to be able to create Reels in the “Watch” tab.

Top of Feed:

Then, another update is “Top of Feed” which is a new Reels label at the top of the user’s Homepage so that Reels is easier to access either to search for content or to create it.

Suggested Reels in Feed:

Not only that, but Facebook is also preparing “Suggested Reels in Feed”, this feature only applies in certain countries. Facebook provides suggestions about Reels content that users might like on its Homepage from people the user has never followed.

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Finally, Facebook also initiated the integration of Reels across platforms between Facebook and Instagram so that users’ videos can be easily shared on the two giant social media platforms.

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