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How To Get Back The Old Tab List In Google Chrome For Android

If you’ve used the older versions of Android then am certain am not the only one pissed at the way the browser tabs on your Google Chrome opens. Newer versions of Android tends to open each tabs like an individual app running on its own, it’s definitely a feature on the Android I personally dislike. However, this post will emphatically show you how to get back the old tab list in Google Chrome for Android.merge tabs and apps chrome

I love my things being well organised, sometimes i could open as many as 20+ tabs making it really difficult to navigate from one to the other. Apparently, the recent version 5.1 lollipop got the Google Chrome tab stacking feature all wrong. There is definitely a way to go round this feature by disabling tabs and recent apps merge in Google Chrome through its settings as shown below..


Step 1

Click on the menu icon at the top-right (three tiny dots) then navigate to settings. Scroll down and click on Merge tabs and apps.Google Chrome merging tabsmerge tabs chrome

Step 2

Next is to Turn it off and confirm your choice when prompted by tapping OK.merge chrome tab

As much as i hate this feature in Android 5.1, the steps above should help return your smart device back to its old tab arrangement on Google Chrome. Share if it helped!

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