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Glo Expands Its 4G LTE Network Across The Nation

Telecoms giant, Globacom has increased its 4G LTE network reach nationwide. The 4G LTE service is now available in 36 states and 208 tertiary institutions.

Nigeria’s native telecoms giant, Globacom has increased its 4G LTE network reach nationwide. The company made the announcement this week, emphasising that the 4G LTE service is now available in all 36 states spreading over 200 tertiary institutions.

As a result, the service provider boasts of being the telecoms company with the most extensive 4G LTE coverage in the nation. The bragging rights span from the fact that other networks in Nigeria don’t offer that much coverage.

Band 700MHz is the quality of Glo 4G LTE, and it’s responsible for the rapid infusion of the network across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

In a statement to the media, the company said:

“The radio propagation property of the 700MHz band enables Globacom 4G signal to travel the farthest, giving the largest coverage for any site. In effect, any city where Glo LTE is present, it covers the widest area than any other network.┬áIndeed, it offers seamless 4G coverage within the major cities without the requirement of handing over to 3G or 2G while using data, whether the subscriber is indoor or outdoor. This ensures a better user experience for 4G subscribers on the Glo network.”

The company’s international submarine, Glo 1 that runs across West Africa is the brains behind the services supplied by Glo 4G LTE. It’s also thanks to a spectrum bandwidth of 10MHz that Glo 4G LTE can deliver adequate speed to surf the internet seamlessly.

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More so, the company’s focus on 208 tertiary institutions is a bid to improve the internet facilities available to students. Globacom believes that the affordability and accessibility of data services will help the students in their academic pursuit.

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For users to maximise these slick services, Globacom advised that network subscribers should purchase 4G SIMs and 4G-enabled smartphones at Gloworld outlets closest to them.

Additionally, existing Glo subscribers with 4G-supported smartphones but with Glo 3G SIMs can upgrade their SIM cards at the Gloworld outlets to 4G LTE for free.

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