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How To Benefit From The Black Friday Giveaways At Discounted Prices In Nigeria

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The black Friday giveaways is fast approaching and this year is going to be even bigger than the previous. I will review special tips on how to benefit from the black Friday soon to happen this month!

If you are new to the Black Friday promo, take your time to read through the FAQs section below.


Q. What is black Friday?
A. According to wikipedia, it derives Black Friday following thanks giving day in USA. Usually regarded to be the beginning of Christmas shopping. Logically, Black Friday is a period selected by sellers to appreciate its customers with unbelievable giveaways at no cost or almost for nothing.

Q. When is the Black Friday starting in Nigeria?
A. The fourth Fridays of every November so this year its going to happen on the 27th November 2015. The selected date was inspired by the Thanksgiving day in the USA (the fourth Thursdays of November)

On Jumia; it starts – 27/11/15
On Konga; it starts – 26-27/11/15

Q. How do Nigerian online mall celebrate this day?
A. Specifically Konga and Jumia as a point of reference gives its customers goods at a very cheap and wow prices. Don’t be surprised to get an iPhone 6 half the price. That would be great right?

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Q. How do they intend to satisfy all with such promo?
A. Konga yakata + Jumia black friday is going to come as the faster finger first (FFF) thing just like what Jumia did during the Jumia Mobile Week. First come first serve, that’s why you will need to read the tips on how to benefit from the black friday giveaways below.

Q. What do I stand to get from this offer?
A. This offer is the biggest promo, bonanza or whatever you call it in Nigeria. You’d benefit a lot of discounts on different products ranging from kitchen utensils, phones, laptops, office gadgets, computers and so on. If you no like awoof, me I like am o!

Q. Konga calls it Black friday Yakata sale 2015, is it the same as black Friday all over the world?
A. Yes, whether Jumia calls it the traditional Black Friday or Konga chose to call it Black Friday Yakata, all na the same o! Be it Yakata or Shakiti Bobo! Black Friday is black Friday!!!


Since Konga and Jumia are the keading online shopping store, i will totally focus on both. Hence, to fully participate in the giveaway promo, I’ll recommend you follow the tip am about to list below…

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First, you have to make sure you have registered with either KONGA or/and JUMIA. This is very important so as to successfully buy things online on Konga and Jumia.


This is about the easiest way to shop online via Konga or Jumia. shopping have been made quicker and faster with the Android apps for these online stores. Not just that, you get discounts on your first purchases using the mobile app, so why wait, this will come in handy during the Black Friday period, since it provides you with shopping at your finger tip service..

During the Black Friday period, be the first to carry out successful purchases using the Android mobile app.


I chose email subscriotuon because its one of the fastest ways to get latest promos to your inbox, don’t ignore this because you’d be surprise to realize people have scooped all mouth watering offers before you place orders. So get to sign up to email updates.

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Alternatively, to get instant updates on promotions, you can follow them on their social media channel, pages etc..


Before making order, take your time and make sure you’ve done certain things rightly. Like filling your Name, contact address, phone number, email and the likes. Make sure you place orders as fast as you can, a lot of people are actually thinking the same thing you’re thinking, so a lil’ bit ahead of time is favourable for you to benefit from the Black Friday bonanza.

If you’re new to buying things online, take your time to read how to…


This is definitely a tip to help you save time during order, you tend to create a wish list of goods you’d wish to purchase during the Black Friday. You can go to either Kong’s or Jumia store to create a list of items you want to get and maneuver the phase of selecting items again. This will cut the order time shorter so as to be quick enough if the giveaway is based on time just like the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

If you are still confused about the whole black Friday event, then wait till its 27th to see for yourself what I meant by Black Friday! Comment box is open for comments. Good luck buying!!!

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