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How To Send Fax from Mac Computers

Here we will provide you with some excellent methods by which you can send your faxes without thinking about any extra costs. Learn more!

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Mac is the first pick of almost all professionals irrespective of their field of employment unless Mac doesn’t help any specific software they want to use.

Would you know what else people like as much as Mac love? It is one and only, Fax. In the last few decades, numerous communication methods have emerged. To individuals who understand its meaning, Fax appears to be the most medium of communication.

Although faxing provides more comfortableness and safety than any other medium in the faxing industry, the majority of the people refrain from using fax as their means of communication due to the huge charges that are to be paid in order to buy a fax machine.

That’s why you need a method that allows you to fax from Mac without all the additional costs. Here we will provide you with some excellent methods by which you can send your faxes without thinking about any extra costs.

There has been some major improvement in the faxing methods. Now you can fax without the use of any fax machine and by just using any device that you use at home including laptops, computers, and smartphones too. But here we are concerned with only the method through which you can fax through your Mac OS computer.

For having complete know-how about Mac OS faxing, keep on reading this guide. This was not possible before because of incompatible systems, but now it is not only imaginable but also in use by countless experts.


Is it possible to Fax through Mac?

Now, you might be thinking that how is Mac faxing possible. We not only claim it but will also put each and every detail in front of you.

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It is not like Mac faxing emerged out of the blue, its origin can be traced back to the past years. The only thing that has been modified recently is the way through which it is done.

When Mac faxing came at first, it was done through a much-complicated process. Furthermore, there were some really bothering hardware requirements that needed to be there all the time.

Mac faxing was not even thinkable without fax machines. Adding more to the uneasiness and complication, not every fax machine you laid your hand on was capable of linking to a computer. So extra thought was needed at the time of buying a fax machine.

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But this new option that we are going to tell you allows you to easily send and accept faxes without any kind of fax machine. Even there is no need of getting any toner or paper in your hand. The device that you use at your home or office is enough for the process.

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You might wonder what this is like as Mac works digitally while the fax machine is for analog telephonic lines. This is done through the use of online fax service intermediaries, which function just like a translator.

CocoFax – Fax Service that Benefits You the Most

Primarily due to safety and privacy, faxes are preferential. You cannot choose just any fax service but the selection must be done thoughtfully so that the fax service provides what you desire from it.

CocoFax is the best place to answer the question ‘how do I send a fax from my Mac?’. CocoFax is the best faxing solution that is responsive to the needs of millions of people including officials, freelancers, and professionals.

Through CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes from not just mac OS but also through many other systems and devices. And for each device, there are numerous ways to fax. You can choose one that is the most suitable for your requirements.


Part A: Fax from Mac using CocoFax’s Online Dashboard

One way to fax from your computer Mac without using any fax modem is to use the CocoFax’s amazing dashboard. Steps to use it are in the below text.

Step 1: Using this service requires that you must have an account first – a CocoFax account. It is okay if you don’t have yourself registered already, you can do it within minutes. There is no need to worry, it is not a big deal.

For registering yourself, type in the CocoFax site address in the address bar of your browser, you will be directed to CocoFax homepage. Among many other buttons and options, there is a button of 30-day free trial. Click on the button and you will be asked some basic information like name and email.

In one of the signup pages, you will be asked about the fax number. Yes, you can create your own fax number that is easy for you to work with.

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Step 2: After this whole sign-up process you can start faxing for free on CocoFax. The first thing you will see is the dashboard. This dashboard keeps track of all your faxes.

On the dashboard, you can see a ‘New Fax’ button, click on it to start with sending faxes on mac. Fill in all the fields given in the new window that just popped up.

Step 3: The fax address, containing the fax number, will come in the ‘To’ field. Cover Page contains the text that you want to have on the first page of your fax document.


Attach the faxing document and send the fax. CocoFax has the responsibility of transferring your fax to the right person without any delay. However, if there is any kind of delay, it is never because of CocoFax, it might have any other reason, like the recipient fax machine turned off, slow internet connection or maybe you typed in the wrong fax number.

Part B: Fax from Mac using CocoFax’s Email to Fax service

As we told you before, that CocoFax is one of its kind and the most versatile fax service you will ever find. It offers Mac faxing through its email to fax service too. If you want to use your email to fax from Mac then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Just like the dashboard service, the email to fax service of CocoFax also requires that you must be a registered user of the CocoFax family. To try out CocoFax for free, use the free trial that CocoFax offers for a month.


This helps you in having a good understanding of how CocoFax works and which subscription plan will suit you the best.

Step 2: Open your email client (Gmail or any other) and compose a new email. Fill in the fields of ‘To’, ‘Subject’ and email body with the relative data.

Once you have revised all your email and the data and have also attached the faxing document, now you can send it. CocoFax will now perform its job and convert your email into a fax supportive form and then send it to the fax number of the receiver.


Wrapping up

As you can learn from this guide that you will not get quality services anywhere else than CocoFax. The final decision is still up to you. If you want to save time, effort as well as money, then try out CocoFax. It never ceases to amaze its customers.

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