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How to Use Instagram Auto Direct Reply Tool for Account Automation?

How to Use Auto Direct Reply Tool for Ig Account Auto Managing? How to Send Automated Messages? What can be Automated on Instagram?

With more than 2 billion users on Instagram, the platform has become one of the most popular marketing channels globally. No surprise that every brand wants a bigger presence and a larger following on this social media. And here comes a challenge: the more loyal customers you have, the more effort you should take to keep them happy, including with how you handle direct communications. If you haven’t yet thought about using the Instagram auto direct reply function, it’s high time you started.

Why Should I Use Automated Messages on Instagram?

As a social media marketer, you’re likely to spend a lot of time planning content for your business’s Instagram account, brainstorming ideas for Stories and Reels, looking for trending topics to cover, arranging photoshoots and so on. Add the need to constantly monitor and reply to direct messages from the followers and you’ll hardly be able to find time for taking proper care of other tasks.

That said, Instagram auto tools appear nothing less but superheroes designed to rescue you from loads of work that can and should be shared.

Automated Ig Messages: How They Work

There are many Instagram automation solutions that can make your life easier. Our favourite is a smart tool by Inflact, a company that is well-seasoned in digital marketing. To take advantage of this web-based AI-powered assistant, you first need to purchase a plan. The Direct module comes with Advanced ($64 per month) and Pro ($84).

bulk messages

After you’ve subscribed to the service, you need to authorize your Instagram account — and voilà, enjoy all the benefits of auto messaging.

Let us walk you through the tool’s main features and explain how you can send automated messages on Instagram.

auto dm tool

Once you’ve signed in, hit the Direct tab to access the auto DM option. It would be useful to start by reading the Overview to get an idea of what the module is capable of. Next to the Overview section, you’ll see Bulk Messaging and Auto-Replies features. You can send mass direct messages on Instagram to all your followers or to specific users, in the latter case you need to upload the list of usernames or use the Instagram Search function.

how to send mass messages

Now let’s see how to set up auto reply for Instagram. With the tool you can:

  • Send automated welcome messages to new followers
  • Respond to users’ first DMs
  • Send auto-replies to messages with keywords
  • Make personalized messages containing usernames
  • Adjust your Insta auto direct replies for different time zones

how to set auto replies

What Else Can Be Automated on Instagram?

Now that you know how to send automated direct messages on Instagram you probably want to learn what else can be done for your account automation. Give a warm welcome to Inflact’s Instagram post planner — a tool that will publish your pre-written content. Just prepare your posts and images, set posting dates and times and let the smart helper do the rest.

Why Planning is Important for Promotion?

High-quality content is not a panacea for drops in reach and engagement. You must have come across accounts where a week of silence gives way to a hectic daily posting. Instagram algorithms don’t treat inconsistency well, so posts of this kind are likely to end up at the bottom of recommendations.

It means you can’t post only when you are up for it. Inspiration is good, but that is not all. Regular effort is what gets big results. This is the point the content plan steps in. It includes information about the topics and types of content that will be published, as well as the dates and hours of publications. You can schedule for a month or so and stick to it.

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Automated Post Planner vs Manual Approach

For sure manual posting is an option too. Yet, we are all human. We face emergencies and can be lazy or miss something. And it is OK. That is how life gets vibrant. At the same time, you should introduce a greater order in socials. We all remember about the algorithms, don’t we? Monotones routine tasks are best delegated to the automation tool that eliminates the human factor and works smoothly.


Instagram account automation should not be seen as an extravagance. Using auto tools is totally necessary if you manage a highly popular account with a large following and care about engagement, performance and strong customer relations. Automated direct messages and replies on Instagram help your brand stay connected with your followers and provide a better customer experience while you get extra time for developing your business.

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