Huawei: 5G Supply Is Not Affected By Coronavirus


Huawei ensures that the coronavirus outbreak will not affect the supply of their 5G communication equipment to customers after Huawei’s factories continue operations.

The president of Huawei’s 5G product line, Yang Chaobin, said that 5G equipment is currently manufactured at Huawei’s own factory.

“Since the virus outbreak some time, infact, all Huawei factories have begun production,” Yang said, as reported by Reuters.

“The main supplier has also restarted production, so there is no impact at all on supply to our customers,” he continued.

Factories in China that drive most of the world economy have been hit by a coronavirus outbreak, and travel restrictions, followed by quarantine.

Apple earlier this week cancelled a quarterly sales target set a few weeks ago, slowing down production in China.

Hyundai Motor and Nissan Motor also had to suspend some production due to lack of parts that were indeed made in China.


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