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Huawei P50 Series Reportedly Will Use Qualcomm Made Chipset!

Huawei made an agreement to use a Qualcomm chipset

Currently, Huawei is having a big problem. The reason is that after this Chinese company was banned from collaborating with Google, Huawei also cannot produce Kirin chipsets anymore because TSMC is prohibited from using US-made components if it is used to make Kirin chips.

This makes Huawei have to think of ways to survive next year when they don’t get help from TSMC anymore. It is reported that Huawei will now collaborate with Qualcomm.

Yes, based on a report from 36k.com via MyDrivers, it is stated that Qualcomm, which is currently known as a Snapdragon chipset manufacturer, allows Huawei to use its chipset for its latest flagship smartphone.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

It was also stated that currently, Qualcomm has granted a license to ship its chipset to Huawei. It is possible that the Snapdragon chipset will be found in the Huawei P50 Series smartphone which is predicted to be released next year.

This help from Qualcomm made Huawei free from difficulties. The reason is that if Qualcomm doesn’t help Huawei, possibly Huawei may be forced to use a chipset made by MediaTek or Samsung, namely Exynos on its newest device.

Unfortunately, until now there is no bright spot when Huawei can work with Google again so that Huawei can present Google services on its newest smartphone. Let’s just wait for more information, guys!

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