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What is the importance of writing? 

Writing skills can be used as a determining factor when choosing a candidate to fill a position in a head-to-head tie. Here is the importance of writing.

When students plan out their future careers and education, they think mostly about the hard skills associated with jobs. It is necessary to have the hard skills to function correctly in a specific field. However, there is an increase in employers who are seeking applicants with soft skills. Writing is one of the examples of soft skills that employers are looking for.

In an interview, writing skills can be used as a determining factor when choosing a candidate to fill a position in a head-to-head tie. Since time immemorial, writing has always been a formal means of communication in organizations.

Similarly, writing is an excellent way of expressing your feelings informally on paper. Make a practice of still perfecting your writing skills because it counts in your future field of interest.

Challenge in communication.

According to writerformypaper.com, there’s a rapid increase in the advancement of technology used by companies for communications through electronic means, such as:

  • Instant messaging,
  • Emails,
  • Sharing cloud documents and,
  • Virtual discussions/ chat pods.

Employers require staff who can keep up with these digital options and innovations. Similarly, these employers need to create a good relationship between them and their stakeholders, employees, and clients. The increase in technology use makes organizations and corporations realize the value of international and domestic diversity.

Writing skills are essential for an organization to create and maintain an overall inclusive culture that accommodates diverse perspectives, open idea sharing, and a suitable communication medium. An employee should acknowledge that when working on a project, the participants have different perspectives, experiences, and points of view. Thus, employers always prefer candidates with fluent communication skills, and one of them is writing.

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Why writing is considered important

There is some usefulness of writing that remains solid in today’s society or workplace. Employees, therefore, have to show that they understand their audience through their writing. For example, they should consider the following questions when writing. To whom are you writing an email or a report? What are some of the CFO’s expectations concerning a budget briefing or a Judge has about a court motion? Is the document you are drafting of the required format, context, and intended purpose? Can an employee communicate the needs effectively in a budget proposal to a prospective funder, for instance? Can a court clerk write a motion in court such that it influences the judge’s ruling? Does the client expect the format or context of a document? Can you edit the document so that it depicts an accurate choice of words and avoids possible misunderstandings?

It is important to note that growing technology along other forces continues to affect the employment landscape. The following are five critical and sought-after skills by employers as pointed out by Chris Atkinson:

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Digital skills and technical knowhow
  • Creativity
  • Decision-making and judgment skills

The above list typically depicts the reports of surveys on what various employers are looking for in candidates for a job position.


Please take advantage of the hard skills you have earned by supplementing it with soft skills, especially writing. Thus, you will potentially stand out among your fellow employees or increase the chances of securing promotion at work. Similarly, you will stand out in an interview due to your writing skills and other soft skills like gentleness, politeness, and humility.

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