Instagram Is Preparing a Feature That Enables Upload of Photos and Videos From PC


Until now, one of the exclusive features found in the Instagram application on mobile is the upload feature. The reason is that currently, Instagram users on the desktop via the web cannot upload content at all to the social media platform.

Although there are many alternative ways to choose from, such as changing the view to mobile via the inspect element to using Facebook’s Creator Studio service, there are still many users who want to have a direct upload feature from the site.

Well, recently one of the application developers and leaker named Alessandro Paluzzi uploaded a photo showing a prototype of the post feature via desktop via the web that is being made by Instagram.

“Instagram is working on the ability to create posts from the desktop website,” Paluzzi wrote via his Twitter account.

By doing reverse engineering, Paluzzi succeeded in trying out the post feature in which users could upload photos to videos of various sizes and apply filters to tagging.

However, Paluzzi also said that this feature is still being tested internally, so he hopes that users won’t have to expect that this feature will be released in the near future by Instagram.


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