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Instagram Will Fight Against Unfairly Obtained Likes and Followers

Instagram is for a part of its users, unfortunately - it's the place to get as many likes and followers as possible. The platform now comes with a counterattack, by limiting the possibilities.

Do you actively engage in buying fake likes and followers? Gather around there’s bad news for you!

The thing is, buying likes and followers on social media has been since the beginning of the age of social mediaSmall businesses have fully focused on selling all sorts of followers through websites to make it seem ‘familiar’ to you. In reality, this does not create the desired situation as it would prevent authentic contacts, for which the social medium was initially designed.

That is precisely why Instagram mentions that purchased likes and followers is ‘bad for the community’. It also increases the addiction to the social network – more and more users of the social medium see more likes and followers as the goal to achieve.

With the new measures in place, Instagram will finally put a stop to it. If users have used services to obtain fake followers and likes, it is possible that they will receive a notification that the additional followers and likes have disappeared. Then the user has to change the password of his account – according to Instagram.

Many of the services work by issuing your username and password, although I wonder at all why you would give your password to an unknown person at this time. It is also the question of whether this action will actually be useful, there are of course many other ways in which the additional followers and likes can be added.


Facebook indicates to trace the accounts that use these services through Machine learning. It is the next step after automatically blocking fake accounts, which are often used to make ‘fake’ likes and followers. Instagram also indicates that users who continue to use the applications providing fake likes and followers may also notice this in the long term when using the social platform. The way the company will limit these users in using Instagram is not fully known.

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