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JivoChat Live Chat Reviews | Benefits, Features & Pricing

JivoChat Reviews: In this post, you will learn how JivoChat live chat can improve your business, and increase sales. See benefits, features and pricing.

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The struggle with online businesses is that many customers are disengaged from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. Rather than watching potential buyers click away from their websites, many businesses today have integrated the JivoChat live chat support.

As it turns out:

Live chat feature has the ability to give the suitable answers that customers seek, while also adding meaningful benefits to the staff and bottom line of businesses.

In this post, we’re going to get into why JivoChat live chat can improve your business, benefits, features and pricing.

JivoChat Reviews, Features and Pricing
JivoChat – Live Chat For Websites

JivoChat Reviews | How It Can Improve Your Business

JivoChat Is Convenient For Customers

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JivoChat online chat system gives potential buyers immediate access to help. The time people spend to get replies when support needed is reduced.

Additionally, the pain of having to dial a certain number and navigate through a maze of numeric options is non-existent because any customer can easily communicate to you right on your site pages.

JivoChat Cuts Down Expenses

With this chat platform, you can be assured that you are not going to spend too much on expensive phone calls or email subscriptions.

With JivoChat on your website, here are how you can save more using this chat app:

  1. Reduces overall contact centre costs by lowering average interaction costs especially in this part of the world where we have expensive call tariffs.
  2. Increases efficiency by allowing live chat representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously, thus reducing the need to hire more representatives.
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With your employees spending minimal time on the phone, they can perform chat conversations effectively and faster — and this can save a lot for the company when it comes to expenses and stress.

JivoChat Increases Sales

One of the most important reasons we have business in the first place is making profits.

With JivoChat, you can increase your profits and get better ROI when you invest in this chat platform.

The important thing is that potential customers have someone who can instantly walk them through a sale if they become disoriented or have an inquiry that can make or break a sale.

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With JivoChat, you can eliminate bounces away from retail websites and guarantee that customers transit successfully through the buying cycle.

JivoChat Gives You An Edge Over Your Competitors

A website without a live chat is obviously losing valuable customers, losing money and not taping into customers’ pain points.

This live chat provides immediate access to customers’ pain points.

When customers use live chat, they’ll try to ensure that a product will perform as advertised or that a promotion will provide the discount they want. In addition, as live chat representatives talk to customers, they can find out ways to improve a company’s products and services.

Here is what I am saying:

With Jivochat, you get a chance to surpass your competitors.

If you have a look at the benefits you stand to get with this platform as to the websites without JivoChat, then you will agree that having this chat installed on your business site gives you an edge to outshine them.

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JivoChat Benefits & Features

  • Customer Service Quality Rankings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Pageview Histories
  • Pointers for Directing Visitors
  • Mobile Chat Widgets
  • Agent-to-Agent Chat
  • Location-Based Customer Distribution
  • Visitor Monitoring
  • Chat Targeting
  • Offline Contact Forms
  • Time Charts
  • Multi-Department Support
  • Canned Responses Support
  • Chat Transfer
  • Spell Checker
  • Emailed Daily Performance Reports
  • Color-Coded Charts
  • Chatlogs
  • Hotkeys
  • Blacklists
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Optimization

JivoChat Pricing Plans

JivoChat is available in the following payment plans


  • Unlimited chats and websites
  • Customizable chat in 20 languages
  • Desktop, Mobile and Browser agent apps
  • 24/7 customer support

Professional – $10/agent/month for 1 year license

  • Unlimited chats and websites
  • Customizable chat in 20 languages
  • Desktop, Mobile and Browser agent apps
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Proactively start chats using smart triggers
  • Complete visitor info with social profiles
  • Canned responses with an automatic helper
  • Chat transfer between agents
  • Monitor website visitors in real time
  • The Professional Plan features a free 14-days trial plan and more.

So… What are you waiting for?

Click the link to visit www.jivochat.ng and get to understand JivoChat live chat platform and how it can increase sales and conversion for your online business (You can use their live chat to ask them further questions about the software).

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