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How to Listen to Music Offline on Android with Lark Player 

Want to fulfil your passion for listening to songs whenever you want? Learn how to listen to music offline on Android with Lark Player.

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Music is heard all over the world, and it is a common saying that music has no language. Music does not need a medium to make its impact. Similarly, it is important that the music reaches your ears without any obstruction. A bad internet connection cannot be allowed to stand in between you and the music. Hence, the need for an offline music player increases. Lark Player was developed keeping this need in mind.

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What is Lark Player?

Lark Player is one of the best music players. Lark Player is designed keeping in mind the modern demands of today. With its help, you can fulfil your passion for listening to songs whenever you want. You don’t need to go to Google to find a song because you can listen to your favourite song from your created library with just one click. In addition to organizing your library in Lark Player, you can also write your own song titles to make it easier to find songs. You can also share your favourite songs with your favourite people.

Not only this, Lark Player has become a top trend due to some of its extraordinary features. It has everything that any music lover could want. The app also allows you to search online lyrics so that you can listen to songs as well as understand them. With the help of the most advanced equalizer, you can listen to your favourite music by adjusting it to your liking. Whether the music is fast or slow, the equalizer will adapt it to your liking.

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How to Listen to Music Offline Using Lark Player

Here is a step guide which will help you to listen to music offline with the help of Lark Player.

Step 1:

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Go to the Google Play Store and type Lark Player in the search tab at the top of your android.

Lark Player

After typing the name of Lark Player, click on the search button. On the picture below where there is an arrow, an installation button will show here. Click on the installation button and download Lark Player.

Lark Player

Step 2:

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After downloading the application, Lark Player will automatically import the audio and video files to your mobile phone. A list of audio files will appear on the Lark Player screen. If all the audio and video files are not imported into the player, then you can manually add the remaining songs and files by clicking on the plus button. The arrow in the picture below shows that button.

Lark Player

Step 3:

The third step of Lark Player is to create your own playlist so that you can enjoy the application accordingly. On the menu list, the second option is the playlist. In the picture below, there are three playlists.

  • One playlist consists of those songs which you have liked.
  • The second playlist, as the name indicates, consists of those songs which you have played the most.
  • The third playlist will be consists of those songs which were recently played by you

Lark Player

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There is an option for new playlists. It allows you to make your own playlists. You can add your favourite songs to this playlist. So you don’t need to search for your favourite songs one by one. You only need to make a playlist and the songs will automatically be played.

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Step 4:

As mentioned above, the Lark Player allows you to adjust audio settings as per your choice. The equalizer has multiple options to deal with.

Lark Player

You will find a button titled “Me” on the main screen. The white arrow in the picture is showing that button. After clicking on this button, you find an equalizer which will help you to adjust audio settings.  The picture below shows how equalizers work.

Lark Player

You can boost up and slow the music and custom change the settings. If you like rock, jazz, classic, or hip-hop music then there are multiple options in the equalizer with the automatic settings of different music types. You don’t need to change anything if you go by the predefined tags of music types.

Step 5:

Another extraordinary option is to play songs with lyrics. You can go online to find the lyrics if they are not available already. The picture below shows how the lyrics will appear on the screen while the song is being played.

Lark Player

All the above-mentioned features make Lark Player unique from all other music players. It has everything that a music enthusiast might need. The best part is that you can avail all these features absolutely free. Lark Player is available free of cost on Google Play. So don’t waste time, go to the Google Play Store and download the best music player, or you can also find the latest Lark Player APK here.

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