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NaijaKnowHow.com Is Back And Better

We are really very sorry for the long period of absence which appears to be the longest Naijaknowhow website has been down. In fact, I’ve personally missed putting up useful tips for all and it was indeed a very heartbreaking event.

We had issues with our host company, they went out of business of which they claimed their storage was wiped out by virus and bla bla…

In summary, our website was down for more than 144 hours and we lost every single time taking article we have been writing right from inception. It wasn’t funny at all, I was so down that the idea of quitting popped up. I got a lot of encouragement from you, families and lots of concerned friends.

However, it will only just get better. We are fully back and trust me our new host guaranteed 99% no downtime. So kindly stay with us and expect to see sometimes different in full force!

To aspiring bloggers, I will reveal to you how to correct certain mistakes, things you should consider and not consider before getting started.

Tech Enthusiast | Gadget Lover | Architect | Content & SEO Expert @ SEOEXPERTS.COM.NG | Inter Milan Fan ⚽. Writing history one piece at a time. You can connect with me on social media using the buttons below. Cheers!

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