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New 2018 iPhone Powered by 4GB RAM & iOS 12 Spotted (Leaked Specs)

Apple iPhone 11,2 has been spotted online on Geekbench benchmark listing. The smartphone is seen to include 4GB of RAM, have a D321AP motherboard, and is also seen to be running on iOS 12 operating system.

The latest information regarding iPhone 2018, appearing on Geekbench. This benchmark site displays the new iPhone as iPhone 11.2.

Apple’s latest smartphone is declared to use the iOS 12 operating system and will be supported by 4GB of RAM. This capacity is surpassing the previous flagship smartphone, Apple iPhone X, which has 3GB of RAM.

Geekbench also exposed information that the new iPhone 2018 will use a processor chipset with code name D321AP. The name code indicates a newer generation when compared to iPhone X, which is supported by D22AP-coded chipsets.

benchmark iPhone 11.2

In single-core and multi-core testing results, Geekbench claimed it performs similarly to iPhone X, but benchmarks result is from a combination of optimized testing and not thoroughly assessed device strength.

This year, Apple is said to be launching three new iPhone models, an entry-level model with a 6.1-inch screen and a single camera, a new generation iPhone X sailing 5.8 inches, and the iPhone version Plus 6.5-inch which is expected to carrying three rear cameras.

Rumours previously circulated also mentioned that two of the three iPhone 2018 will be equipped with dual SIM slot capabilities that can work simultaneously. However, the model is rumored to be marketed only in China.

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