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SoftTalk Messenger: Nigerian Messaging App (Android & IOS)

Nigerians have always wanted something of their own, an indigenous app developed and managed by Nigerian Developers, if you're a Nigerian reading this article, you should be proud and happy as I write about Nigeria's first-ever Instant Messaging app called SoftTalk.

Nigerians have always wanted something of their own, an indigenous app developed and managed by Nigerian Developers, if you’re a Nigerian reading this article, you should be proud and happy as I write about Nigeria’s first-ever Instant Messaging app called SoftTalk.

I haven’t seen an app like this in a long time, and I’m excited to write about a mobile app we can call our own and possibly a rival to the ever-growing WhatsApp.

Let’s delve right into it!

What Is SoftTalk?

From my words above, I had made it clear SoftTalk is an instant messaging app developed by Nigerians and it makes communication very easy to Nigerians, with an app like this around, ditching WhatsApp and Co wouldn’t be an issue for me. This app will allow you to communicate with your friends and family in/outside Nigeria, it has a lot of features and it calls tariffs are very cheap.

With SoftTalk, you’ll spend less compared to the heavy charges we pay to our network providers when we make calls outside the country. Honestly, we should be proud to have this app developed for we Nigerians, this is something we’ve always wanted, now let’s appreciate it.


Features Of SofTalk Messaging App

With SoftTalk, you can text easily, call easily and also shop easily. I haven’t said anything about the SoftTalk online shop yet! Well, I’m about to.

Free Texts And Calls – Texting on SoftTalk is very easy, you can text your friends and family easily, you just have to create your account and verify your number with the OTP code that’ll be sent to you. You can also make free quality calls to anyone on your list, you can make calls and send texts to numbers that are registered users and non-registered users, you just need to have a small amount of SoftTalk Credit.

Premium Calls – Calling foreign numbers consumes a lot of airtime, and sometimes to make calls from Nigeria to the USA, you’ll spend at least a thousand naira. But with SoftTalk, you’ll be able to call any number outside Nigeria for a cheap low tariff. If the person you’re calling uses SoftTalk, then you can both enjoy free SoftTalk calls, you just need to add credit to your SoftTalk wallet and make low tariff calls to places like Pakistan, Ghana, India, Nepal, Japan, US/Canada etc

Group Chats! – SoftTalk is a good place to start conversations with two or more people, you can create a group chat to engage in conversations with your friends or families, chatting is easy with SoftTalk, everyone on your contact list must have installed SoftTalk before he/she can join the group chat.

SoftTalk Shop – The feature I love most though, SoftTalk has an online market place where you can easily buy any new or used phones within Nigeria, this helps you save money from buying outside Nigeria or paying a high fee for a low-quality product.

Why You Should Download SoftTalk

  • Nigeria’s first instant messaging app
  • Free calls and texting within Nigeria
  • Premium call packages that’ll let you make low tariff calls outside Nigeria
  • Online shop to get the best quality phones
  • Many more feature’s to come

Download SoftTalk For Android And IOS

SoftTalk Messenger
SoftTalk Messenger


Aren’t you excited? I guess you are, so help this app grow by recommending it to your friends and family, you can make free calls and text each other easily. If you want to buy phones online too, you can take the stress off your self by buying fast and cheap with SoftTalk shop.

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