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Stolen Smartphone? Secure Your Google Account This Way

Has your device been stolen or missing? Google also prepares several features that can be activated when someone loses their Android phone.

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Other than two-factor authentication, patent locking, or face recognition sensors, Google also prepares several features that can be activated when someone loses their Android phone.

It doesn’t really help restore your phone, but some of these Android features ensure that your personal account can’t be accessed by others without permission.

Usually, people who are familiar with the Android security system will access the Android Device Manager (ADM) to track their stolen smartphone. ADM can provide accurate location of the last cell phone, as long as the cell phone is active.

However, if you don’t use a screen lock, the thief can immediately open your personal information, including Gmail.

Managing connected devices

When you lose your Android phone, you can immediately stop accessing your Google account. The trick is to visit https://myaccount.google.com/security and log into your account, can be through another cellphone or PC, then enter the Security menu.

google security settings

After that, you will be presented with a list of devices that have used a Gmail account. In the section that says Manage Device, select the menu and the connected cell phone will appear earlier.

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google security settings - manage devices 2

Select the missing smartphone, then tap sign out. You will be asked to confirm once again when you will completely stop Google access from the lost phone. After that, Google will give a notification that your Google access has been revoked from the stolen phone.

Technically, your Google account is not completely deleted, it’s just that it can’t be accessed via the cellphone.

To completely delete, return to Settings, then enter the Account option. After tapping the Gmail account, you can select Remove Account. That way, the Google account that holds your important data has been completely erased.

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This step is quite important when your Android phone is lost. But, if you want to sell the phone, it’s good to use factory reset mode, to delete all applications, accounts, and settings that have been saved.

This method is much faster than having to delete applications one by one, even though the installed applications are not up to five types.

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