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WARNING: Stop Using WhatsApp Mod Applications, Here’s Why It’s Very Dangerous!

WABetaInfo website highlights why you should stop using WhatsApp Mod Applications. Learn more about this below.

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WhatsApp is currently one of the most widely used online messaging applications. But now there is a modified WhatsApp application that offers users more features.

But recently the WABetaInfo site which often provides information on the WhatsApp application is known to have appealed to millions of users of the modified WhatsApp application to immediately stop using the application again.

Why you should stop using WhatsApp Mod Application;

Let’s look at what makes it dangerous…

1. Data leak

When it comes to conversing using GB WhatsApp, there are no guarantees that messages shared are safe and not spied on by a third-party. There are chances that personal message such as bank credentials, password, credit card information and the likes are passing through a third-party server, and that is simply is not something you want to risk.

2. Risk of malware and spyware

There is something called malware and spyware, with GB WhatsApp, you should be scared. This Modded app is inclined to injecting these viruses into this app because of the less secured servers they are hosted on. Such a virus can tamper with your data and make you more susceptible. Be warned!

3. Delisted from Play Store

Do you know what it means for apps not to be listed on Google’s official app store, Play Store?

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No right, well let me explain.

Apps not uploaded or removed from apps store are not trusted. Which leaves you to download them from unofficial sources such as personal blogs, websites or untrusted platforms, this makes updating extremely difficult and unsafe to your online security.

4. Risk of being banned

Lastly, modded WhatsApp applications such as GB WhatsApp are prohibited by the official app. WhatsApp already warned users about installing and using such applications. If you’re caught using such, you would most likely be banned 🚫 by WhatsApp. That leaves you to losing at both ends.

The reason is mentioned byWABetaInfo that the WhatsApp Mod application is very unsafe to use for personal matters and the mod application developer apparently can see and also modify messages sent by users with this mod application.

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“Honestly, this is not worth it when using the WhatsApp Mod application with 20x superior features but has poor security and can even be said to be very dangerous,” wrote one Reddit user who was reuploaded by the Twitter account WABetaInfo.

WABetaInfo also urges users to download the original WhatsApp application from the whatsapp.com/android site or through the Google Play Store. Why Android? Because the WhatsApp Mod application is only available for Android devices and is easy for everyone to install.

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