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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on a Laptop (3 Ways)

You must have, intentionally or not, permanently deleted important files on your Windows laptop or PC. Such an event is certainly frustrating especially if the file is needed. Files deleted with the...
upload photos on instagram from pc

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from PC (No Emulator Needed!)

Uploading photos or Stories on Instagram via an Android smartphone and iPhone can indeed be done easily. But unfortunately, if you want to upload photos on Instagram via a PC or...
block ads loading

3 Ways to Get Rid of Ads on Android Smartphones

Who has been browsing on an Android smartphone but suddenly annoying ads appear? Such events are certainly frustrating because it makes browsing and other activities on the smartphone become uncomfortable. In addition...

How To Download Music To Your Phone (Android & iOS)

Are you searching for how to download songs to your phone on Android or iOS? To get rid of boredom, everyone would want to listen to songs on the sidelines of their...
How to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria with

How to Convert Airtime to Cash with Aimtoget in 5 minutes!

What if I told you that you can now convert your airtime to cash in less than 5 minutes? Yes, you heard me right... There is a platform that allows you to...

How to Turn off or Shut down Laptop with Keyboard (Video)

For those searching for how to turn off or shut down their laptop or desktop computer when you have a bad trackpad or don't have access to a mouse, then this...
Phishing Website

5 Common Phishing Tactics Everyone Must Know About To Avoid Fraud!

Phishing is one of the oldest ways of cyberattacks, which is when someone pretends to be someone else and tries to trick the victim into submitting personal data information. Phishing attack techniques...
iOS 13

Quick Ways to Access Wi-Fi on iOS 13

Apple now gives iPhone and iPad users what it takes to simplify connecting to Wi-Fi. In this article, we'll show you quick ways to access Wi-Fi on iOS 13. Before iOS 13...
old washing machine

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old And Unwanted Tech

While most consumers are well accustomed to recycling household items such as glass or plastic, fewer are familiar with how to recycle their technology, often choosing to take a strenuous trip...
how to buy domain name and hosting from Namecheap

How To Buy Domain And Hosting From Namecheap

Do you want to own a website but don't have all the technical know-how? Setting up your domain and website isn't much of a big deal if you understand the basics...