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7 Reliable Places To Sell Your Used Phones in Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking for where to sell your fairly used phones in Nigeria? Here's a list of reliable places you can sell your old phones anywhere in Nigeria.

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Are you looking for where to sell your fairly used or old smartphones in Nigeria? Nigeria has oodles of methods and platforms specifically made for people who want to dispatch their second-hand devices. Here’s a list of reliable websites, platforms or places to sell your used phones in Nigeria.

It doesn’t matter where you are in Nigeria, you can sell your smartphones or other unused gadgets without leaving your comfort zone. It is suitable for everyone across the country – be it Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt and other states in Nigeria. Phones are a fad that surely fades off after a year or two, the only thing we can think of is how to get new trendy phones with all the new amazing stuff, features and specifications. But we find ourselves in a very tight corner when there is no money to get these phones.

That is to say, to get a new phone to replace these old ones, you simply need to sell your old phone to someone who’s in need of it and then add a little money to buy a better or upgraded version of your phone. In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, however, you’ll get to know places where you can sell your old phones in Nigeria.

List of Reliable Places To Sell Your Old Phones in Nigeria

For you to sell your old phones here in Nigeria, you have to visit the sources that buy second-hand phones from individuals, and you can check them below as we’ll be listing them out for you.

1. Jiji

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Sell Your Old Phones In Nigeria

When it comes to selling old gadgets and items in Nigeria, one of the few websites you should look for is Jiji.ng and so far it’s arguably the best place to sell off your old stuff like phones, laptops and any other meaningful gadgets. On Jiji, you can sell your old phones anywhere in Nigeria and it’s very easy and super fast potential customers will come in.

To sell your used old phones on Jiji, you only need to visit their official website and create an account, take a clean picture of the phone and write out its specifications and condition. Then place a price on it with your phone number, upload and once approved, you’ll get messages from people who are interested in buying. Jiji is one of the few websites that offer the Pay-On-Delivery payment option, what this means is that the phone you’ve put up for sale will be confirmed by the buyer before making payment.

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2. Nairaland

Sell Your Old Phones In Nigeria

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Arguably Africa’s biggest online forum, Nairaland makes it easy for things to get done, and one of them is the advertising of products for potential audiences. On Nairaland you can sell almost anything you want to sell by just creating a post for it and those who are interested will engage in comments and responses would be given.

Nairaland.com is a very active forum and a very busy marketplace to sell your old phones, but you have to be quite careful when you want to sell your phone or any meaningful gadgets. Selling on Nairaland is very easy, just create an account or if you already have one, you can advertise your old phone in the Nairaland Phones section and your buyers will come.

3. Slot.ng


Slot.ng is one of Nigeria’s biggest gadget stores and they have different offices in Lagos and almost everywhere in Nigeria. A good place to buy now and pay later without fears, Slot.ng also offers a service called Trade-in/Buy-back that’ll allow you to sell your old phones in good condition and get a new one with a small token added to the price you got from selling your old phone.

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To sell your used phone, you’ll need to walk into any nearby Slot office with your phone and also the receipt because it’ll be needed just for security reasons. Selling your used phone to Slot.ng is actually safe and it’s a very reliable way to get a new device for yourself.

4. Carlcare

Carl Care

If your old phone is either Infinix, Tecno or iTel and you want to sell it or swap it for a brand new one, then one of the best options for you is Carlcare. Carlcare.com is a known repair service centre for the likes of Infinix, Tecno and itel. They fix any of these brands and are a reliable source to sell and fix your old phones.

Carlcare has a service called the “Swap Phone” and it’s a service that allows Infinix, Tecno and itel users to swap their old phones and get a brand new one by adding just some tokens to it. You can learn more about Carlcare Service Centres and how to book reservations.

5. Jumia Deals

Sell Your Old Phones In Nigeria

Jumia Deals is a deal centre owned by Jumia and it’s one of the best shopping websites in Nigeria. With a service just like Jiji, on Jumia Deals you can sell your old phones by just putting them on advertisements and waiting for an interested buyer to reach out on how to buy your phone. Jumia Deals is currently being operated in 6 states in Nigeria so far, you can use Jumia Deals if you’re in places like Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.

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Jumia Deals is one of the best places to sell your old phones in Nigeria, but always make sure before you’ll meet a buyer or a seller, it should be in an open place in order to avoid users who engage in fraudulent activities.

6. Computer Village

Sell Your Old Phones In Nigeria

As a Lagosian, Computer Village shouldn’t be a new place to you due to its popularity and non-stop gadget deals that happens every day. Well, if you don’t know much about Computer Village, it’s also a good place to sell your old phones in Nigeria and it’s quite reliable. In computer Village, you’ll find phone shops where you can sell your old phones and get cash in return as long as your receipt is still intact.

You can enter shops like 3Chub in Computer Village and sell your old phones to them, there are other shops like them too. Computer Village is one of the reliable places to sell your old phones in Nigeria and you can visit there anytime. However, there are fraudulent activities happening there on a daily, so you have to be very careful and vigilant not to fall into the hands of scammers disguised as phone dealers when visiting Computer Village. I recommend visiting Computer Village with someone who knows ways around the market if you want to carry out an intricate transaction such as selling your old or used phones.

7. Efritin


Another place to pay attention to is Efritin, it’s one of the fastest-growing e-marketplaces in Nigeria and it’s a good source to sell your old phones anytime you want. This website will allow you to create an advert for anything you want to sell and it’s so fast because interested buyers will see your adverts and contact you straight up.

You can always visit the Efritin website on your smartphone or PC, selling your old phones is very easy on the website, it’s a very good place you can trust to sell your old phones and any other valuable gadgets you want to sell.

Conclusion (Sell Your Old Phones in Nigeria):

With the places we’ve provided you for selling your old phones in Nigeria, hopefully, you can sell your old phones with ease. You should also be careful on meeting buyers or sellers in an unknown location, you should always meet up in open places where you can feel safe and convenient

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  1. Great article! As someone who has sold their used phone before, I found this to be really helpful. It’s good to know that there are so many reliable places to sell your phone in Nigeria. I especially appreciated the breakdown of the pros and cons of each platform, as it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use.

    I’ve personally used Jiji and found it to be a convenient and safe option. However, I’m definitely going to check out some of the other platforms mentioned in the article next time I’m looking to sell my phone. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list!

  2. I want to sell Samsung A04, 5000Mah, 32gb, 3gb, for just 75k..just bought it a week ago..receipt is still intact, phone never repaired before,screen guard still available, 090****01*0 call/WhatsApp..ASAP

  3. i want to sell my OnePlus 200Nood 5G.its a high tech smart phone.
    i received it as a gift from my brother in Germany last christmas. interested buyer should contact me on….08038993***

  4. I want to sell my Infinix Hot12i with pack and receipt intact
    4gb ram+3gb ram, 5000Amh battery
    I’m James by name base in Akure
    Whatsapp me 08161204***

  5. im in dubai i have uk used phone in quantity intrested should contact iphones samsung all availabvle in large quantity contact hgl4u all details are there mr wale

  6. I have a one month used Samsung Galazy AO3 black colour with the packet for sale. Money is needed urgently for flight ticket. Call me on 08023233***, or watsapp 09059783***.

  7. Hey fam, got an iphone 11 of 128gb for sale. Just a month used !!! For more details you can contact me on this number 08075658*** (also on WhatsApp) or 08062738*** Idowu..
    Thank you

  8. i would also like to sell an iphone 7plus for even less than 70k it just needs a new battery please if you’re interested please call 08105221*** or or send a whatsapp dm to 08110069***

  9. Hi I wanted to sell my infinix hot8i it just 2months ago I bought it working perfectly just need money right now… My number 09043826***

  10. iPhone 6splus16gb for urgent sale…working perfectly and neat…no receipt but will send it to you within 12hours and I will also show my Id for proof and my registered phone number…just for 67k…contact me asap on 08123042***

  11. My name is Tolulope, opic Agbara. I have an infinix note 11, complete with its receipts. No issue, hit me up if interested. 08124907***

  12. Can I sell my phone now because its is easy buy I brought it nd it remain small amount for me to pay it finished but am very broken for now that is why I want to sell it

    • Settle your easy buy payment first before selling the device. Most shops won’t buy it provided that you bought it on loan and you haven’t completed your payment. And selling it hand to hand wouldn’t be good for the person buying it from you.

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