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Best & Cheapest Online Phone Stores in Nigeria in 2023

From these online stores, you can buy any phone you want without having the fear of buying a fake or cloned device online in Nigeria.

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Sometimes buying phones from physical phone shops can be so tiring, especially if you live in areas where there are no nearby phone shops around you. But what most people don’t know is that you can always get any phone you want right down to your doorstep by just ordering it online. If you’re looking for the top websites to purchase phones online in Nigeria, here are some of the best online phone stores or websites in Nigeria.

I’ve heard stories of people claiming phones sold online are always fake, but I find that theory unrelatable because most times, I buy my phones online and that’s because I know several reliable online phone stores in Nigeria to get any phone I want, so I wouldn’t fall a victim of buying a fake phone.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be listing the best online phone stores in Nigeria, and from these online stores you can buy any phone you want without having the fear of buying a fake or cloned device, I believe if you have the right sources to buy from, you’ll always get the best. And if you love shopping online, you can check the best online shopping sites in Nigeria.

List of the Best Online Phone Stores or Websites in Nigeria

Phone stores are of two types, we have those who operate in shops and can be seen around our local areas, and there are those who sell online and also sell in shops too. But if you want to ease stress and just order any phone you want online, the following websites are the best to visit.

1. Jumia — www.jumia.com.ng

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jumia phone store

Everyone knows Jumia, and we all know Jumia to be one of the largest multivendor e-commerce stores in Africa and the largest in Nigeria. On Jumia you can buy almost anything you want, and it’s a website where you’ll see different prices because they have more than one seller selling the same products. Phones sold on Jumia are very affordable and they always have good quality and also 6 months warranty, you can order any phone you want on Jumia and it will be delivered to you.

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On Jumia, they have different sellers and the majority of their sellers are mostly from foreign countries and these can delay your order getting delivered until maybe a week plus or two weeks, but nevertheless Jumia is a very good online phone store to buy phones from and they’re certainly one of the best in Nigeria. In addition, they offer a pay-on-delivery payment option which allows you to pay when you have satisfactorily received your item at your doorstep.

2. Justfones — www.justfones.ng

justfones phone store

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JustFones is a website I came across some months ago while I was trying to check out some of the best earbuds in Nigeria, but I was wowed at first because I never knew a website like that existed in Nigeria, but after going through the website I realized they sell some of the best, quality assured and affordable phones in Nigeria and they also sell other gadgets like Laptops, Gaming Consoles and also accessories.

JustFones sell new products and they also offer free shipping when you make orders above 100,000 Naira, and they also deliver Nationwide. Their head office is in Lagos but they can get your order delivered anywhere in Nigeria, JustFones is one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria.

3. SLOT — www.slot.ng

slot phone store

Slot.ng is very popular in Nigeria and they have more than 60 different shops in Nigeria where you can easily walk into and buy a phone, but there are places where slot.ng shops won’t be found and if you’ve heard good reviews about phones that are being purchased from any Slot.ng outlet and you’ll like to buy from them, you can easily visit their website and make your order. Slot.ng sells good phones and their phones are also new products with warranty assured.

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Slot delivers phones nationwide and they have good customer support and their services are one of the best. You can order for any phone you want on Slot, from Android devices, iPhones, and other accessories like Earbuds, Airpods and even smart wristwatches, you’ll always get them on Slot.ng and they’re one of the best sites to buy phones online in Nigeria.

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4. Pointek — www.pointekonline.com

pointek - online phone store in nigeria

Pointek is another huge online phone store in Nigeria where you can buy more than just phones, they’re known to be one of the best when it comes to selling electronics, gadgets, generators, air conditioners and also accessories that can be used with phones and other items you buy from them. Their phones are always new and they also do come in good shape, are very affordable and they’re affiliated with some of the big smartphone manufacturers in the world.

You can make Pointek your favourite online phone store in Nigeria, if you want a same-day delivery on any order you make, they’ll surely get that done for you if you live in Lagos, they have a good return policy and they also accept payment on delivery on any orders made in Lagos. They’re one of the Best Online Phone Stores in Nigeria.

5. 3C Hub — www.3chub.com

3c hub - online phone store in nigeria

3C Hub is one of the most trusted online stores for phones, electronics and other home appliances, you’ll always find them around in Lagos when you visit places like Ikeja. 3C Hub sells good phones and they have partnerships with the biggest brands in the world, on 3C Hub you can order any phone you want and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep, they have good customer service and their delivery rate is one of the best.

You can always trust 3C Hub to be one of the best online stores where you can order for your phones or any electronics you need at home. They have shops in different places in Nigeria and you can also make orders on their website as well.


These are the Best Online Phone Stores in Nigeria, with the availability of these websites, you can ease yourself from the stress of walking down to shops before you can buy a phone. If you order a phone online and it’s not good, you can also return it back the same way you ordered it.

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