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Best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria (2023)

If you want to pay for goods on delivery while shopping online, here's a list of the best pay-on-delivery (or cash-on-delivery) online shopping stores in Nigeria. Learn more below!

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When it comes to shopping for goods in Nigeria, a lot of people are scared and always prefer the Pay-On-Delivery payment option when buying from online shopping stores. I’ve seen people label online shopping as a scam and the reason backing their claims is the fact that most people have been scammed off their cash especially when they’ve made upfront payments.

While online shopping scams are real, there are still online shopping stores in Nigeria where you can have goods delivered to you and you can pay the moment you get your goods at your doorstep or when picked up at a delivery warehouse. In fact, a report published by Africa’s leading e-commerce company, Jumia, on the Nigerian Mobile Sector has disclosed that in 2017, 70% of Nigerians preferred the Pay-On-Delivery (POD) or Cash-On-Delivery (COD) option to other forms of payment like credit or debit cards. (Source: Jumia via BusinessPost.ng)

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked the best pay-on-delivery online shopping stores in Nigeria just for you.

List of the Best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria

We all know that when shopping online, one has to be careful and the pay on delivery is a way to keep customers rest assured that they don’t have to pay before their goods can be shipped to them. Only a few shopping stores do that in Nigeria and you’ll get to know them while reading this article.

1. Jumia — www.jumia.com.ng

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When it comes to online shopping for phones and electronics, Jumia is one of the biggest online shopping stores where you can make orders for almost anything you want to buy online. The website is a multivendor shopping website and which means that there are different types of sellers on Jumia. You can buy from local sellers and also international sellers from countries like China and other countries.

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Jumia offers a pay-on-delivery option but you can only get that when you make orders from local sellers, international sellers don’t support payment on delivery. So if you want to buy something on Jumia and you want to make payment on delivery, make sure you’re buying from a local seller here in Nigeria.

2. Konga — www.konga.com


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Konga is one of the biggest online shopping stores in Nigeria, it’s an online store where you can shop for clothes, electronics, gadgets, and home & office appliances at juicy prices. On Konga, you can make orders and they’ll be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria. Sometimes they give free deliveries, especially in states like Lagos and Abuja.

Konga allows payments to be made on delivery, if you want to buy an item or a couple of goods and you’re with fear of making full payments, you can place your order and click on the part that says Cash on Delivery during Checkout. Konga is very reliable and it’s one of the top pay-on-delivery online shopping stores in Nigeria.

3. Jamarahome — www.jamarahome.com


Jamarahome is a trusted online shopping store in Nigeria where you can get arguably the best prices on gadgets and electronics in Nigeria and get nationwide delivery on any goods you purchase. Jamarahome only sells electronics and gadgets, you can buy any kind of home appliances from them, with a 25 months warranty on all orders, so you should rest assured you’re buying nothing but a quality item from Jamarahome.

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Shopping on Jamarahome is very easy, and when you get to the payment part on the Checkout page, there are two different methods you can make a payment. You can pay with your card or use the COD (Cash on Delivery) option, you can also set your shipping method to be pickup or home delivery, Jamarahome is one of the top reliable pay-on-delivery online shopping websites in Nigeria.

4. Kara — www.kara.com.ng


Kara is another online shopping store in Nigeria where you can buy phones and computers. Kara is one of the top online stores in Nigeria. Kara makes online shopping easy for Nigerians and one of the reasons why you’ll love shopping with Kara is that you can Buy Now And Pay Later. They also make door-to-door deliveries and they have pickup locations where you can pick up your ordered goods.

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One of the payment methods on Kara is the Cash-on-Delivery method that’ll let you make payments once your orders have been shipped and arrived at your doorstep. Kara is a very good website for shopping in Nigeria and they have top-notch electronics for customers like you to come and buy.

5. Jiji — www.jiji.ng


Jiji is one of the top sites to shop online in Nigeria, it’s not really a website like the ones listed above, and what makes Jiji quite different is that goods are being sold through advertisements and the conditions of the goods being sold can either be Used or New ones. You can’t checkout on Jiji but you can contact a seller on Jiji and discuss with he/she the particular item you want to buy from the seller.

Jiji works mostly on Cash on Delivery, you’ll need to meet the seller of the goods or items you want to buy at his/her shop address and make payments once you can confirm what you want to buy is in good condition. Jiji is one of the best pay-on-delivery online shopping sites in Nigeria and you can get quality used or new products on Jiji.


For shopping online in Nigeria and making payments on delivery, these are the best websites that offer pay-on-delivery and if you prefer making your payments before your goods get delivered, you can still do that on any of the listed websites.

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