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Best Online Stores To Buy Electronics and Gadgets in Nigeria (2023)

This list contains the best electronics online stores to buy home appliances, gadgets or different consumer electronics in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Imo and other parts of Nigeria.

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If you are searching for a reliable store to shop for electronics in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Anambra or other states in Nigeria, then here is a listicle that breakdown the best online stores to buy electronics and gadgets in Nigeria.

Websites to buy electronics makes it easier for an individual living in Nigeria to be able to buy different electronics like TV, Home Theatre and a lot more without leaving their home. This often saves stress and expenses and also increases the chances of getting quality products. We’ve seen people order food and phones online here in Nigeria, and the same thing can go for electronics as well. If you’re reading this article on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll get to know about the best Online Stores To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.

When you order electronics online, you’re certain you’ll get a longer period of warranty, at times you’ll get discounted bonuses on orders you make and the most important thing is that. These electronics will be delivered to your house, and I’ll show you a couple of websites where you can order these electronics online in Nigeria.

List of the Best Online Shopping Sites to Buy Electronics in Nigeria

These websites are quite common in Nigeria and while some aren’t known to the public, they all offer the same services and you can get any electronics you want from any of these websites at an affordable price.

1. Jumia — www.jumia.com.ng

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Online Stores To Buy Electronics

When it comes to buying electronics online in Nigeria before you think of going to a local store nearby, you might want to take a rest and just visit Jumia and get the electronics you want. On Jumia you can get any kind of electronics you want to buy, they have different varieties of electronics from Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Clippers and a lot more, they also give free deliveries when you buy products in bulk.

One thing about Jumia is that they have different prices for different electronics you want to buy and they also have different sellers. You can also use their Pay-on-delivery (POD) payment option if you’re scared of buying stuff online. Jumia is a good online store to buy electronics and it’s one of the best in Nigeria.

2. Konga — www.konga.com


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Just like Jumia, Konga is also a very good website where you can shop for electronics and they have different types of electronics that you can buy from them. Let’s say maybe you want to buy a deep freezer, inverter or even generator, you’ll always find them on Konga and they all have these electronics at an affordable rate compared to other local shops.

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Konga is a good shopping website in Nigeria and you can always trust them to deliver good electronics to your doorstep. You can also shop for other non-electrical items from Konga and they have great discounts for them.

3. JiJi — www.jiji.ng

Online Stores To Buy Electronics

Jiji is a very popular website in Nigeria, while it’s not really a shopping website like the types of Jumia and Konga, it’s still a website where things are being sold through adverts, and if you’re looking for a place where you can buy different electronics, all you need to do is just visit Jiji and you’ll get what you want without hassle. On Jiji, you’ll find both new and used electronics at a cheap price. It’s a great place to sell your used or old electronics online.

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While you can’t order items directly, you can contact the seller for an arrangement on how he/she will deliver the electronics to your doorstep and you can pay. Jiji is great for sourcing out any new or used products and that’s why it’s one of the best websites to buy electronics online in Nigeria.

4. Deluxe — www.deluxe.com.ng


Deluxe.com.ng is another website I found online and I’m impressed with the type of top-notch electronics this website sells to Nigerians, they’re specialized in almost all kinds of electrical equipment. If you want to buy Inverters of different capacities and sizes, then you should check out Deluxe.com.ng and your choice. You can also get computer items from them.

Deluxe.com.ng might not be as popular as Jumia or Jiji, but if you need electronics made out of good quality, then you should consider buying from this website. They’ll deliver right to your doorstep and they offer great promos and discounts as well, Deluxe.com.ng is one of the best Online Stores To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.

5. Zit — www.zit.ng


Let’s say you just moved into a new home or an office space, and you’ll like to get your hands on a different set of electronics, you want something out of the box and you want the best quality. Well, Zit.ng is a good website you can check if you’re looking for different electronics to set up in your home or office space. They sell all sorts of electronics ranging from TV, Freezers, Generators, and even kitchen items like Microwaves, Cookers and a lot more.

On Zit.ng, you can get the best electronics you want without stress, they have a good delivery rate, and fast customer service and their products have a long warranty period. It’s a good website to shop for electronics online in Nigeria.

6. Mega Plaza — www.megaplaza.ng

Mega Plaza

Mega Plaza is another website on this list, and if you haven’t heard of Mega Plaza, I’ll say here’s your chance to get to know about this website and also know that it’s a good place where you can purchase electronics online in Nigeria. They have different types of electronics, you can get projectors, TV, industrial standing fans and a lot more from Mega Plaza.

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You can always visit this website to order any electronics you want and they’ll be delivered to you. Mega Plaza is a good website and it’s one of the best websites to buy electronics online in Nigeria.

7. Jamarahome — www.jamarahome.com


Jamarahome is an online retail outlet where you can buy electronics online in Nigeria. They offer top-notch electronics and gadgets with some of the best juicy prices you’ll ever come across. Being an online shopping website for electronics, gadgets, and office & home appliances, Jamarahome makes it easy to order your desired gadgets and you can rest assured you’re buying nothing but quality from them. Learn more about how to buy gadgets on Jamarahome.com.

Reliable Foreign Electronics Online Shopping Websites to Buy Gadgets in Nigeria

If you’ll like to take your electronics shopping experience outside Nigeria, there are plenty of foreign websites out there that you can use, but we’ve decided to list just a few popular ones that deliver to Nigeria.

8. AliExpress — www.aliexpress.com

Online Stores To Buy Electronics


AliExpress is a top Chinese online market place and it’s one of the cheapest online shopping stores in the world. On AliExpress you’ll get cheap and quality electronics and you can order them and they will be delivered to you in Nigeria.

Shopping on AliExpress is quite easy, but if you need a proper guide, you can check one of our AliExpress Buyers Guide in Nigeria. AliExpress is trusted and it’s one of the best Online Stores To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.

9. Amazon — www.amazon.com

Online Stores To Buy Electronics

Amazon is also a big online shopping store that ships to Nigeria, you can buy exotic electronics and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria. This website has different varieties of electronics, you can get both home and office appliances. TVs, gadgets and any kind of electronics you can mention.

On Amazon, you can get top-notch prices when you make multiple orders, they offer a lot of discounts and you can also buy more and save more with Amazon, it’s one of the quality Online Stores To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.

10. Banggood — www.banggood.com

Online Stores To Buy Electronics

Banggood is a trusted e-commerce website from China and it’s arguably one of the largest electronics sellers in the world. On Banggood, you’ll get top-notch quality electronics and gadgets products and they’re quite affordable as well.

You can order on Banggood from Nigeria and your orders will be shipped and delivered to you, Banggood is a trusted online store to buy electronics and it’s one of the most used Online Store To Buy Electronics in Nigeria.


When it comes to buying electronics online in Nigeria, these couple of websites are the ones I know you’ll find good electronics and they sell them at affordable prices, one good thing about buying electronics online in Nigeria is that you will get a longer warranty period.

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