How To Shop On AliExpress From Nigeria | AliExpress Buyer’s Guide

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AliExpress Nigeria Buyer’s Guide | This post contains how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria and get goods delivered at your doorstep.

The whole online space could be a bit scary when you consider the level of scam activities happening every day online. For this ultimate reason, many are scared of buying, paying and carrying out other money-related activities online.

Today, I will show you how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria and get it delivered to your doorstep or the nearest post office in your LGA.

To those who want to know how to import goods from China in Nigeria, this guide you’ve been looking for.

I’m going to help you scale through the hurdle of buying things online directly on AliExpress. These steps are quite simple, all you need to do is, follow my step by step directional guide on how to successfully purchase products or goods from one of the biggest online stores in China.

Before we continue, I’m going to answer a few AliExpress related questions. This will help you properly understand the China-owned online store, how it work and how you can truly benefit from it.

AliExpress FAQs

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Here are some FAQs that you might want to read before proceeding to learn how to buy gadgets such as smartphones, phone accessories, electronics or other fashion items on AliExpress in Nigeria.

Aliexpress shopping in nigeria

These are answers based on my personal findings.

When was AliExpress founded?

Launched in 2010, is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. It is owned by Alibaba. Similar to eBay, sellers on AliExpress could either be companies or individuals.

Who is the founder of AliExpress?

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Jack Ma: Ma Yun, known professionally as Jack Ma, is a Chinese business magnate who is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of Internet-based businesses.

Peng Lei: Peng Lei is a Chinese business person. She is one of the founders of the Chinese e-commerce business group Alibaba Group.

Where is AliExpress store located?

Sellers on AliExpress are all located in China and are each issued a unique store number on AliExpress. Unlike on the B2B website, there is very limited information available about stores and how they were verified.

Does AliExpress ship to Nigeria?

Absolutely, they ship to Nigeria. AliExpress shipping to Nigeria takes about 2 to 4 weeks for your order to arrive our shores.

Do they deliver to your doorstep like Jumia and Konga?

AliExpress delivery to Nigeria doesn’t work like Jumia or Konga delivery method. There are various shipping method and the cheapest which appears to be AliExpress standard shipping charge less but most times, they don’t ship goods directly to your house address, they will drop your orders at the nearest post office in your LGA/town/city in Nigeria. You can either send someone to pick it up or preferably, you go pick your delivery yourself.

If you’re lucky enough, a delivery-man from the post office can get these products down to your house. Just hold small change for pocket. A friend paid N500 naira for an earphone he ordered… funny right?

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Nevertheless, delivery companies like DHL would ship down to your doorstep but at a higher cost compared to AliExpress standard shipping.

Have you seen?

Why should I buy from AliExpress?

A lot of people don’t know how much benefits they could get when they buy things from AliExpress. Apart from buying things very cheap, Ali store has some really nice benefits;

  • They have over 100 million products.
  • You can review and read user’s reviews before buying things.
  • Secure payment.
  • They offer buyer’s protection so you can shop with confidence.
  • Round the clock customer assistance.
  • It is safe to order for goods on AliExpress.
  • You can contact suppliers.
  • Goods get delivered to Nigeria in less than 30 days.
  • You can shop on the go with their mobile application on Android and iOS.

What should I do if the item shipped but wasn’t received?

It’s recommended that you contact the seller first if you have any form of issues with the item bought. If you can’t reach an agreement with the seller, then you can open a dispute to process a refund of your money.

contact aliexpress seller

To do that, navigate to “My Orders” > then select “Contact Seller”, this should launch the instant messaging to chat with the seller. 

aliexpress shopping nigeria

How to change the currency from dollar to naira on AliExpress

To fully understand how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria, you have to change their default currency from dollars to naira. Prices of items on AliExpress are fixed at US dollars making it difficult to know the exact cost of the items you want to buy. Changing this currency to Nigerian Naira is very simple, here’s how…

aliexpress change currency to nigerian naira
Changing currency to Nigerian Naira on AliExpress

Navigate to the top bar, select currency option from the Menu as seen in the picture above, navigate to currency then scroll down and select NGN – Nigerian naira to convert all currency to naira.

How can I order goods from AliExpress?

It’s very easy to buy goods on AliExpress. The guide on how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria is just all you need.

See step by step shopper’s guide below;

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AliExpress Buyer’s Guide: How To Shop On AliExpress From Nigeria (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1: Choose buying option and register

create aliexpress account
Create AliExpress account

You have two options in shopping on AliExpress, you can shop by directly accessing their site at or download the Aliexpress application from app store for free. Of course like other online shopping sites, the first thing you should do is create your account on the platform.

Step 2: Search for product

search for product on aliexpress
Search for product on AliExpress

Browse the site, search by categories or by typing keywords associated with the specific item you are planning to buy.

Step 3: Select Item

select product
Select product

Click the item you are buying to be redirected to the product page. Check the product details to see if it conforms to your specifications.

add product to cart
Add product to cart

What details would you see on the product page?

  1. Price: This is the original price per unit of the item you are buying.
  2. Discount Price: There are instances where the item you are buying is on sale; in that case, this is the price you would pay per unit of the item you choose to buy.
  3. Colour/Size: This shows the colours and sizes available for you to choose.
  4. Shipping: This shows the available shipping method to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the shipping company you will prefer.
  5. Quantity: This is where to place the quantity of your order.
  6. Total Price: The total amount you will pay for that particular order.

Step 4:  Check seller’s credibility

seller credibility
Seller’s credibility

Check the seller’s credibility to know if it is safe to buy from your prospective seller.

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Before placing an order, make sure to do a background check on the seller you are buying from to make sure you are actually getting what you are expecting to. To do this you may want to check the detailed seller rating. Here’s how:

What is Detailed Seller Ratings?

Detailed Seller Ratings are completely anonymous ratings left by the buyer after transactions have been completed. These ratings provide a complete picture of the seller’s performance. Detailed Seller Ratings are a part of the site’s overall feedback system, which has three detailed options for buyers to evaluate a seller’s service and items. The Detailed Seller Ratings are based on a one- to five-star scale. Five stars are the highest rating, and one star is the lowest rating.

How to check Detailed Seller Ratings?

  • When you view the product page or the seller’s store page, you can find information about the detailed seller rating just below the seller’s overall positive feedback.
  • You can also find more detailed information by clicking the “Feedback Score” button located in the navigation bar of the seller’s store page.
  • Under feedback, you may also check the comments of other customers who have bought the same item you are eyeing. Sometimes other buyers attached real photos of the item, check those to see its actual appearance.

customers feedbacks
Customers Feedbacks

Step 5: Select shipping method

select shipping address
Select shipping address

Choose the shipping method you wish to go ahead with. There are items which offer free shipping but this would normally take a lot of time before your order will arrive. Or you may opt to choose the method that will cost you extra cost but will take your order delivery faster and delivered at your doorstep. If you opt to choose free shipping normally your items will be delivered to your nearest post office.

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shipping to nigeria via aliexpress standard shipping
Shipping to Nigeria via AliExpress standard shipping

  • If You’ll Select Aliexpress Standard Shipping: Normally No Custom Duty Or Less Chance of Custom Duty.
  • If You’ll Select China/HongKong/Singapore Post: Normally No Custom Duty Or Less Chance of Custom Duty.
  • If You’ll Select DHL Or FedEx: 100% Chance of Custom Duty Because DHL Or FedEx Pays Custom From Your Side and Also Handles All The Custom Procedure. And Deliver Product To You, Only If You’ll Pay All The Custom Charge To DHL or FedEx.

Step 6: Place order

Next, click Buy Now, but before placing your order verifies your shipping address first, the quantity of your order and the shipping company you’ve chosen.

Enter shipping information
Enter shipping information

review order
Review order

Click Place Order after you have completed all the required information.

Step 7: Fill card payment details

make payment
Make payment

On the checkout page, choose the credit card you want to use and complete the required details then click Pay My Order. Your payment will be held securely by Escrow and is only released to the supplier after you confirm satisfactory receipt of your order.

confirm and pay
Confirm and pay

Step 8: Await shipping

Click Back to Order to see your order details. Wait for the supplier to ship your order; you can opt to contact the supplier for more information.

Step 9: Keep track of order

After the supplier has shipped your order, click Tracking to track your order. Once you have received the full shipment of your order, inspect all items carefully. If you are satisfied with your order, click Confirm Order Receive but if not click Open Dispute.

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That’s basically everything you need to know when buying and shipping goods from China’s AliExpress from Nigeria (remember to click the link >> to start buying gadgets at an affordable price), perhaps you might want to check out the tips to remember when buying from AliExpress.

Have you started shipping goods from China?

Have you previously bought something online from AliExpress?

Do you have helpful tips for people who are new to AliExpress online shopping?

If you have answers to these questions, I’d be glad if you will take a few secs to help others learn more about how to shop on AliExpress from Nigeria.

Have you seen?

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  1. I have an issue and i need an answer, there’s an item i want to purchase on aliexpress which is an oven for baking, the item on sale 22 thousand plus, when i tried ordering it, i noticed that the shipping fee is times higher than the price of the item. My question is i thought the item is in Nigeria and that the price should be what i saw on the time? What do i do to the item without paying such amount for the shipping? Please i need a reply from you and thanks

    • There is nothing I or anyone can do about the shipping charges. It’s either you go ahead with purchasing or you ignore and purchase locally in Nigeria. Goodluck. Alternatively, you could search for the same product from other vendors on AliExpress, you might be lucky to get a cheaper shipping price.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful information, in fact you have cleared up my doubts. My only question is i don’t have PO Box.

  3. Good Afternoon. I stay at lekki but I don’t know my zip code. I used “00000” but every other information is correct, should I be worried?

  4. Hi Viklin.
    Wonderful post. Very grateful.
    Please would you recommend Standard shipping for delicate products like medical equipment?

    • I have no personal experience with such products but I won’t recommend Standard Shipping. I will suggest you contact DHL if there are T&Cs or such products. DHL would be preferable.

  5. Thanks a lot i have ordered it but cant track i wasnt given a tracking id persay all i saw was order id, so please how do i track my goods from my mobile app

  6. Please i tried to order from aliexpress mobile app, after i entered my card details it then said: payment failed. We can not process this payment error code: csc_7xxxxx5.
    Then there was a suggestion for me to change currency to USD in settings or select a different payment method, but there was no other payment method, so please how do i go from here.

    • I sent an email to you already but if you didn’t get it, here is a copy of that email…

      “There is a part in the article where I explained how to change your currency from USD to Naira, I expect that you follow that step to reverse the currency change.
      However, I doubt if it has anything to do with that. You can as well try paying with other accepted cards if you have.”

  7. Good day Sir, please I made an order of an engagement ring since on the 6th of August 2019, till date I didn’t receive my order, what should I do. I’ve tracked the other, if it’s in Nigeria, how will I get it please?

    • A lot of questions come in mind;

      Did the tracking reveal that the item is in Nigeria already?
      Did you enter the right ZIP code?
      Which shipping company did you use? If it’s AliExpress Standard, the Post Office is your go-to place. If it’s DHL or other premium shipping line, then you should get it directly delivered to your doorstep.
      Have you contacted/visited the PO nearest to you?
      Has the item’s delivery period expired?
      You can apply for a refund, you know?

  8. Hello, thanks for your detailed post. I tried using AliExpress today but got stuck. I chose four items. From my shopping cart to buy. I filled in my shipping address-my house nd clicked ‘pay now’. I was expecting the amount to b deducted from my gtb MasterCard and to await shipping. But, as at now, my order page says 3 items are unpaid for! Meaning only one was payment received for. I went through those unpaid items, clicking on the PAY NOW button again but this time,i got error message about payment failing and that I have to either set my currency to usd in the settings options or use another card. Issue is- I hav gotten no alert on my phone at least for the one item that didn’t hav a pending button besides it. If one item was processed,then why as re they still others not processed?
    Do I have to use a dollar backed card to buy!

    Another question is, can I use a post office box as my collection point! I have a p.o box and don’t know if it’s more convenient just using it as my shipping address than entering long string of information – my house address.
    Please reply, I’m confused.

    • First, I am not sure why you are having this error with payment, not sure if it’s from your card or AliExpress. But I think you should check if you selected all the items from your cart when making payment. If that’s not the case, then consider contacting AliExpress for complaint. Payment on AliExpress is charged in dollar (and deducted in its equivalent in naira) from your Nigerian account. So it doesn’t matter what currency is displayed, it will be charged in dollars.

      Regarding address, to be honest, I haven’t tried the P.O thing before, but when filling your address, make sure you enter the correct ZIP code of your area, items shipped will be delivered directly to the nearest post office in your locality especially when using ALiExpress Standard Shipping option, make sure you visit the post office one the item arrives or better still, the postman will bring it to your home address once it drops. If you are going to be using a premium shipping platform such as DHL, they will deliver it straight to your doorstep with detailed tracking feature. I hope this is helpful enough? Good luck

  9. for those complaining that their mastercard are not usable for payments, I know some banks that don’t allow for online shopping outside naija. But for the other bank cards that can be used. Go to ur bank and activate online banking and confirm with them if Ur card can be used for shopping online internationally. I personally use union bank mastercard. But Diamond bank doesn’t support foreign online transactions whether u use their visa or mastercard of which they mostly give out visa cards.

  10. hi , thanks for the information, please for me that wants to start a business with aliexpress, how do i get my delivery for large orders to come to lagos within 7 days of shopping?.. do you know any fast means of getting my goods without paying much delivery fees and without custom issues?

    • You want swift and cheap delivery, na wa for you Glory. The two won’t be possible anyway. Just use DHL for quick but expensive delivery or AliExpress Standard Shipping for cheap for slow delivery.

  11. Hello viklin this is my first time using aliexpress and I’m confused ,is it my home address that should be on the shipping adress or what ???cos my friend said my goods will first arrive in Lagos before reaching my house and I’ll have to pay etc…please enlighten me more about the shipping .I’ll be looking forward to your reply

    • When shopping on AliEpress, the address you fill should be your home/office address. Most shipping vessels coming to Nigeria arrive through Lagos before being sent out to other parts of the country, and yes to the payment. Depending on the shipping company used, prices range. For example, DHL charges for Customs Clearance when collecting your item as they have automatically covered the cost for the item upon clearing at the port. However, if you used let’s say… AliExpress Standard Shipping, you will most likely get your item sent to the closest post office in your LGA. The PO also charge small money, as low as N200, N500 and so on.

      The last item I ordered from the AliExpress was delivered to my address by the postman, he called to notify me of my items and when will be the best time to bring them to me. I had to pay him N200 on every item. In some instances, I paid N500.

      When the delivery period has elapsed on AliExpress but still haven’t got a call from the post office, kindly visit and confirm if it’s arrived.

      I hope this helps?

      PS: Don’t forget, you can apply for a full refund if your item isn’t delivered.

  12. Thanks so much, the post is so helpful. Can I use yanwen free shipping option? How will I know if the goods arrive with tracking unavailable? Will I get a call or email from the post office?

  13. Good day sir… I ordered Dc bulbs on AliExpress last two weeks, two days after making the payment, my order status change to CLOSED, so i contacted the seller about it, he told me my order has been cancel… Pls how can i get my money back

  14. Please i ordered for a bag since 22nd of August,2019,
    and i have not gotten my bag, and i don’t even know there office in Port Harcourt here were i can go and check, and it’s my first time

    • AliExpress has no office in Nigeria, however, you locate the nearest post office in your area to get more insight about your bag. If that doesn’t help, please lodge a complaint on AliExpress website.

  15. Hi, please must I used aliexpress coupon and promo code before I can place my order, where can I get this, because whenever I get to a step (pay now), I click on it (page not found) appeared on the screen. Thanks

    • It’s not compulsory, it’s just a way AliExpress give customer discounts on their purchases. Getting these free coupon codes are totally reliant on AliExpress buddy.

  16. I am in Nigeria. I ordered for item on Aliexpress. I choose other payment method to pay for the item. I entered my credit card details, and clicked on ‘Pay Now’. However the payment wasn’t successful. It kept showing ‘ payment failed’ : CSC 7200026. Please how do I go about making this payment successfully

  17. Bro i want to order cloth listed for free shipping, can i still decide to opt for paid shipping on my own since i need it urgently. Bcos am not seeing the option to choose any shipping company.

  18. I’m sorry I’m commenting under someone else’s comment.

    Anyway , I need help. I ordered some things from AliExpress last month and I just got to know that the only thing correct in my shipping address is my phone number and state. Please it’s my first time ordering things online and I don’t know if I’m to be worried or all is good..

    • If the item has been shipped, then you have to wait for it to arrive at the state of destination. Hopefully, when it gets there, the post office should call since your number is correct. Also, if the address used is an actual one, they would deliver it to the post office in that LGA. However, if it’s DHL or related shipping companies, then you have little to worry about.

  19. Hello sir i ordered from aliexpress it says completed in the tracking but i havent gotten any call yet,should i go to the post office

    • Did you enter your phone correctly? In most cases, the post office should contact you but you can go there to ask. Between, which shipper did you use?

  20. Hello, I ordered a phone case from this platform “AliExpress” through yanwen economic mail for my first time. It’s been almost 3months now, i went to the post office to check if it has arrived, but they told me my tracking number is not correct. Pls is there a specific format the tracking number is suppose to take, or have I been scammed. Thank you

  21. i want to order an item from aliexpress. and i chose ems as the shipping company that will deliver it to me. i want to know, do they deliver it to the post office or is there a customs duty charge on the goods

  22. Hello Viklin, Saw this reply on the Aliexpress Customers review on a product I want to purchase, Now I’m scared cos I want to use DHL shipping, here is the reply…… “The seller shipped my order Right away on Friday 7th of July,#78,310 was deducted from my bank account including DHL shipping fee,and it only took 10days to get to me, That was super fast,it came earlier than expected,I received a call on the 14th that I need to clear my package with Nigeria customs at Lagos which I was told to pay additional $50 equivalent to #15,480,I was shocked that do i need to pay Again?this got me really sad and I have no choice than to pay it and it all cost #93,790,it’s too much for the phone I can get a better phone here in Nigeria with a smaller Amount Guys if you really wanna purchase this phone And use DHL for shipping,I’m not joking you will spend more than that amount if not equivalent to it”. Hope I’m not gonna pay extra to Nigeria customs

    • Aventis, I am sorry that you had to pay extra to DHL. So regarding DHL delivery, what you should all know is DHL CHARGE FOR CUSTOM CLEARANCE FEE, sadly what you paid for was for delivery not clearing.

      According to DHL, they claimed to pay these clearance fees for you when it arrives in Nigeria and later asks for it when they communicate with you via email/phone. It has been like this for so long. It’s sad you have to go through this addition expenses. Sorry!


      Receiver’s Guide to Duties and Taxes

      Learn the fundamentals about duties and taxes to understand who pays and why.

      Goods Purchased Online for Personal Use

      You may be charged customs duties and taxes for something purchased online because:
      >> Duties and taxes are most typically not included in the price of the goods you purchase online, and might not be included in the overall shipping costs you pay to the online retailer.
      >> When purchasing goods online, some or all of these goods may not originate in the country you reside in, therefore are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders.
      >> When goods are not shipped domestically (within your country) or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate.
      >> To ensure the DHL courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible time after entering your country or customs union, DHL pays the customs authority on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods.
      >> Once the duties and taxes are fully repaid to DHL the goods will be delivered to you
      >> What is payable, if anything, depends on where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their transactional value and the weight of the package

      When buying goods online, you should always check whether they are either being sent to your address from:
      >> Your country
      >> Another country
      >> Outside your customs union country

      Note: Different rules apply when buying goods for commercial use.

      Gifts Bought Online
      A gift is defined as something sent directly by one private individual to another and such goods do not attract import tax if the value is below stated local thresholds.

      Ordering and paying for goods that originate outside of your country or customs territory for shipping to a person other than the purchaser, does not satisfy the customs definition of being a gift. Source: DHL

      Here is what a friend shared with me about these DHL custom fee when asked (see screenshot):

      So for those who are going to be shipping with DHL in the future, there you have it!

  23. Sorry viklin here is the correct tracking no LP00137954119205. Pls help me to track. Yes my address is correct, I have been receiving other items sent theough China air registered post, But non of these ones which such tracking number

  24. Goodday viclink. Thanks for this article. But am having a problem here. I ordered an item from aliexpress but the seller sent it through yanwen logistics and the tracking number looks like this S00000018022207. I track the item and it reach Nigeria like 3 weeks ago but I haven’t received it. I called nipost office they said they don’t track such parcels with that number. Now I don’t know if I will receive that item. And I have several items shipped through yanwen. What can I do please?

    • And you’re sure you chose the right address? Why not visit the postal office in your area to complain? I checked the tracking code you sent and it shows pending with this message below “Please try again later, we are awaiting tracking info from the carrier.”

  25. Hello here.. Pls I want to order some product but am confuse with the shipping method.. I want to choose free shipping which is affordable for me or another method at less amount but am seeing tracking unavailable? This my problem how will I know when my product has arrived.

    • Tracking not available for the free shipping or for the one with less amount? However, why not go with a reliable or trackable shipping line? By the way, you would know when your product has arrived when you receive a call from the post office or better still, go there yourself to check. Often times, tracking isn’t as efficient as you think.

  26. Pls my tracking number is not found on the tracking site.. Pls what can I do because I’m feeling I’ve been scammed

  27. Pls I ordered some product from Aliexpress but the tracking number is showing not found on the tracking site and the product is no more found on Aliexpress… Pls what can I do… I’m feeling like I’ve been scammed

    • Payment is charged in dollar (current naira/dollar conversation rate) but the currency settings can be changed to naira as mentioned in the FAQs above.

  28. Sir, if I want to use shipping company like DHL, will they contact me when the good arrived and which of their outlet will I picked it. Is it the one close to the address I filled on Aliexpress.

    • DHL will deliver it to your house at no extra cost. You can also track your item on DHL and yes, they will contact you to know if you’re available to receive your item.

  29. I’m not sure why i can’t write under your reply but thanks for addressing the Postal code issue. It’s really helpful. these things can be confusing sometimes and I need to be sure i understand you very well. i looked up my code with the example you gave in this format “Egan Igando Lagos zip Code” and here is my result 100267. Then i also looked up “isuti road egan igando Lagos zip Code” and here is my result 100268. I want to believe the correct one to easily get my item delivered will be the code with “Isuti Road” since that road leads to bus stop to my street.

    i await your swift response.

  30. Now i can confidently shop but i’m still not sure about one thing. From your article, i can see that the address says Ikoyi Lagos and then a postal code was added. i can also see that you blured out some text for security reasons i believe. May i know if there is a way i can get the address of the post office nearest to me or if they(AliExpress) track your nearest post office accurately with the postal code i give them. i really don’t think my house address will work due to some numbering complications.

    I await your swift response

    • Normally they will ship them to the post office and the post office would most definitely call you whether to bring the item to your house or you come to pick it up yourself. The last item I shipped, I had to pay the postman 200 for every item he brought to my house, don’t have time to visit the post office.

      About getting the addresses of the post office nearest to you, kindly visit this link

      On the other hand… just make sure you write your address correctly. For example…
      Address 1: 11, Naijaknowhow Street, Aguda
      Address 2: Around Post office Aguda/Police Station Aguda/Ozone Cinema Aguda (or any landmark if you have one)
      City: Surulere
      State: Lagos
      Country: Nigeria
      ZIP Code: 101283, not +23401 (If you don’t know it, search on Google. In my case, I’ll search by typing “Aguda Surulere Lagos ZIP Code”)
      Don’t forget to provide a working phone number as well and other required information. I hope this helps… Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  31. Hello Viklin, I’ve bought stuff from Aliexpress a couple of times. My question is how do I know exactly how much in naira my total price should be. It’s usually calculated in dollars and when I’m debited, I feel like it’s more than it should be.

  32. I’ve tried to us UBA master card to its not working, nd I heard no transfer is working in all the banks in Night as we speak, pls is there any other option for us

  33. hello, i ordered from aliexpress on tracking it showed delivered and signed by me when i am yet to see the postman or receive a call, what should i do

  34. Hello, thanks a lot for the write up, it’s really helpful. So my question is, do they ship to Benin, Edo state or is it only to Lagos state? and also the item am ordering, there’s free shipping available via aramex, don’t know if I should use it. Thanks

  35. Hello sir, I registered my home address in AliExpress instead of post office address and the parcel have already been reviewed and saved. Hope it will be delivered to me?

    • Be rest assured that you will get your order at home. No panic, the job of the post office is to ensure your package is received and delivered to you. However, you can get the item yourself by visiting the post office when it gets here.

  36. Very informative post. I am grateful for sharing your experience. Please i’d like to know how Aliexpress standard shipping works for thr “China Post”. What makes it different?

  37. I must confess you have really gone a good work here and I really appreciate it, nevertheless I still want to know, what should my shipping address look like,? What and what should it contact to ensure delivery?

    • Just make sure you write your address correctly. For example…
      Address 1: 11, Naijaknowhow Street, Aguda
      Address 2: Around Post office Aguda/Police Station Aguda/Ozone Cinema Aguda (or any landmark if you have one)
      City: Surulere
      State: Lagos
      Country: Nigeria
      ZIP Code: 101283, not +23401 (If you don’t know it, search on Google. In my case, I’ll search by typing “Aguda Surulere Lagos ZIP Code”)
      Don’t forget to provide a working phone number as well and other required information. I hope this helps… Good luck.

      • Hello..
        I have jst received an email that my item has arrived in Nigeria by aliexpress, I dont know if they would call me to know which of the post office its been dropped at..pls respond ASAP
        Thank you.

  38. Hello. I am registered on ailexpress but any time I try to access my account , I get the message your password is incorrect or the email address does not exist. I have changed my password several times and even used my other email addresses and I have also tried to open my account through my facebook and google account, but still the same message. Please what can I do?

  39. Reading this post have giving my morale a boost to trust Aliexpress. And also going through all the comments have giving me an extra knowledge through personal experience. Let me give Aliexpress a try now

  40. Great and terribly informative post Viklin. Please I would like to know if one’s goods will arrive at a particular post office. Say I use DHL for shipping, will my goods arrive at a DHL office close to me or just any post office? Secondly,would really like to know more about clearing goods with customs cos I plan to make wholesale purchase of human hair for resell here in Nigeria. What are the procedures for clearing the goods since they may be many? Thanks in anticipation.

  41. Been buying from aliexpress for about 2 years.
    One way to help you and protect your money is (1) open dispute before your time runs out.
    But to be considerate, especially if you chose free shipping, is to ask for extension for your order.
    (2) And NEVER cancel a dispute because seller begged/asked you to! You can never open it again and will most likely loose your funds.
    (3) Communicate on the messenger provided.
    If you talk with a supplier/seller on WhatsApp, post same request on alimessenger and he should reply same there. Cause communication outside of alimessenger does not concern aliexpress if yawa gas on top your mata!
    (4) Buy in small quantities to test seller’s product and willingness to serve you. This cannot be overemphasized! Lol
    My little helping hand. Hope it helps!

  42. Thank you so much for your comprehensive and descriptive post.
    God bless your and the works of your hands.

    I’m ordering some commodities for use from Aliexpress. They are about 20 different items from mainly different sellers and different shipping methods. The cost is about 50000 Naira
    Will I pay for it once?
    Will I have it sent as one package to the nearest post office?
    Will the post office be able to keep them together?
    Will I have to pay 500 for each of them at the point in NY of collection?
    Will they arrive at once?
    Is there a possibility of some of the items getting missing?
    Say I’m not available by the time it arrives, can someone collect it for me?
    if they don’t arrive at the same time will it still be well kept for me at the post office if I decide to let it all arrive before collection?

  43. I’ve got a quick question. I noticed PayPal is listed as one of the payment terms on Ali express, but because PayPal doesn’t offer support for Nigerians, the option is not included during checkout.

    I’m just thinking, I have friends abroad whom I can send my login details to, so the can initiate the order from their end and choose my Nigeria address for delivery. With this, I’m hoping the option would be available to then because I have plenty PayPal funds to shop with.

    Do you think this will work?

  44. I am looking at placing my first order om this platform for the very first time. Thank good God for touching your good fingers to come up with this great step by step article. Sincerely, this is a life saver!!

    I have always thought that if it is not Jumia or Konga, whatever is coming from oversea is purely scam. This article has actually got my mind back on track. I am placing my very first order and i’m gonna be back with pleasant feedback.

    You just made my mind coole 🙂

  45. Thank you so much Viklin for this writeup. It’s been so helpful to me. Please I have a question, I see the items in naira, but once I try to check out, they return to dollar, so if I am charged from my account, that dollar amount will be charged in naira, right?

  46. I went thru your write up and still thinking, are there still selfless people like you in this nation? Thumbs up for the comprehensive guide, looking forward to do business on the platform and I’ll be sure to contact you if there is any hitches. Thanks again.

  47. This is by far one of the most informative and easy-to-understand straight to the point post and online guide i’ve read yet in this nigeria, i love your hardwork and clearness in writing an online guide, i must commend you indeed viklin, keep the good work up man…not like these greedy, money seeking rats we have all around the nigerian cyberspace….the information is timely and much appreciated…please why does it take so long to deliver, am just curious…thank you very much Viklin

    • Comments like this put a smile on faces. Thanks for the kind words, I’m flattered. Regarding your question, Aliexpress standard shipping takes a couple of weeks to get item shipped to Nigeria, the reason being that, they have to accumulate items/orders being shipped to Nigeria. If you don’t want delays in getting these items, you should opt in for more faster shipping method like EMS (takes between 15 and 29 days and cost double the price of standard shipping).

    • Comments like this put a smile on faces. Thanks for the kind words, I’m flattered. Regarding your question, Aliexpress standard shipping takes a couple of weeks to get the item shipped to Nigeria, the reason being that, they have to accumulate items/orders being shipped to Nigeria. If you don’t want delays in getting these items, you should opt in for more faster shipping method like EMS (takes between 15 and 29 days and cost double the price of standard shipping).

  48. please i try ordering but i find the things expensive since its in dollars please is there something am missing
    especially shiping money

    • There is nothing you’re missing. Some items come with free shipping, while some have a standard shipping price. Also, the more the quantity, the more the shipping cost increase. It all depends on the seller.

  49. Hello
    I placed an order since last just showed me today that delivery failed and in my inbox it’s showing it has been delivered to a post do I know which post office

    • Go to the post office nearest to your location. For example, if I used the Address — 101 Love Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria then I will go to the Mushin post office to check for my device. Hope you dig. It’s most likely going to be there. Just hold like N500 naira or more depending on your package.

  50. Thank you very much. Your post is very informative and helpful. But, pls I wish to know the reliability of Aliexpress Standard Shipping because from the review on their tracking site, there have been so many complaints in terms of delivery time and actual places of orders. Thank you.

      • Hi! Great post! I want to order shoes to sell here in Nigeria which delivery option do you think is perfect for this? Also the Aliexpress standard shipping is delivered to where? Post office? Do I still pay custom for that? Sorry for all the jamb questions but I’m really a novice please write back soon, thanks!

        • I don’t have much experience with ordering items for resell. But what I have learnt from my clearing agent friend is, if you order more lets say.. 15-20 pieces of certain item, then it could held for clearing here in Nigeria. However, if less and ordering from the seller, you can use the standard shipping method. It’d be delivered to you via the nearest post office. Hope it helps? Goodluck!

    • There is no way you can do that on Aliexpress. The only thing I know that’s possible is to get your items shipped together when you buy from the same seller.

      How do I combine orders for shipping?
      If you order different items from the same supplier with shopping cart, you can choose the same shipping method in each item, the system will combine the times into one order to save shipping costs. Please follow the below steps:

      1. Please choose items from the same suppliers and add them to your Shopping Cart.
      2. Choose the same shipping method and these products will be combined automatically.

      3. Click the “Buy all from this seller” button.

  51. Thank you so much for sharing. Pls, from post, u mentioned payment with credit cards, but debit is what is common here. Can we use this as well? And must it be a master card? How about visa.

  52. I ordered on aliexpres some weeks ago, on tracking my order I found out my order has arrived Nigeria and might be at a post office but I don’t know which one and don’t know how to confirm it, please will I get a call from the post office or I just go to all the post offices around and ask for my order

    • I do everything online using my Master card. It’s quite strange when you say yours can’t. I think you should let your bank support assist you on this. I hope you find a real lasting solution fast. Cheers and thanks for stopping by.

  53. Good day
    Tried to order something but both my gtb and stanbic cards are not going through for payment. I’ll like to know what card you used. Thanks for the anticipated response..


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