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How to Load 9mobile Airtime/Credit Card (9mobile Recharge Code)

Are you looking for how to load airtime on your 9Mobile SIM, then scroll down to find the USSD code used to load credit card recharge PIN (Serial Number) on your mobile device.

9mobile is one of the four major network providers that offer great value to its customers in Nigeria, those who have opted for 9mobile as their preferred GSM operator would testify to this. When it comes to internet browsing speed and making affordable voice calls, you will find them excelling in their respective categories. Talking about voice and data, before you can activate any of these, you’ll need to recharge your line by purchasing a 9mobile credit card/airtime voucher and then dialling the right code. That said, here is everything you should know about the 9mobile recharge code and how to use it!

If you’ve landed on this article because you’ve searched for “9mobile recharge code”, “how to load airtime on your 9mobile line” or related search queries… then you don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered. You’ll discover the USSD code used to recharge or load airtime credit on your 9mobile-powered device.

Aside from the regular ways to recharge, 9mobile has made provisions for alternative ways to top up your mobile device, these include using bank applications that let you buy airtime easily and their USSD codes that also allow you to buy airtime on Android, iOS and other feature devices. That said, let’s dive right in as we explore the codes used to recharge your 9mobile-enabled phone here on Naijaknowhow.


How Many Digits Is 9mobile Recharge Card?

9mobile Airtime Recharge Card contains a 15-digit PIN. Contained below is the step for loading airtime on your 9mobile device.

Here’s How to Load 9mobile Airtime Credit via 9mobile Recharge Code

Recharge Airtime PIN via USSD Code (New):

  • To load or recharge a 9mobile line, dial the recharge PIN in the following USSD format: *311*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, if the 9mobile Airtime PIN is 111 222 333 444 555, include *311*111222333444555# and press Send or Ok.

If successful, you can check out this post to check your account balance.

NOTE: Starting from 17th May 2023, the old USSD code to recharge which is *222*PIN# has been discontinued due to the mandatory implementation of the harmonised shortcodes for telecom operators.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have over scratched your PIN, you should quickly call the 9mobile Customer Care Line which is 300.

Alternatively, you can also recharge through the 9mobile app or the official website portal.

Recharge Airtime via Website:

buy airtime via 9mobile eshop

  1. Visit https://9mobile.com.ng/eshop/
  2. Click on ‘Buy/Send Airtime’
  3. Click on ‘Buy Now’
  4. After selecting that, you will be prompted to enter your phone number, amount of airtime to buy, your email and complete payment using your ATM card.

Recharge Airtime via 9mobile ig9ite Mobile App:

9mobile app

You can do a whole lot with the 9mobile ig9ite app on Android and iOS. All you have to do is enter your phone number to get started after downloading via the buttons below, after registering, just tap on the Airtime button to purchase airtime (as seen in the picture embedded above). You can carry out other airtime services such as sending/transferring airtime, borrowing, checking balance/usage etc.

Additional 9mobile Shortcodes:


9mobile USSD (New)

Call Center/Help Desk 300
Voice Mail Deposit *301#
Voice Mail Retrieval *302#
Borrow Services *303#
STOP Services *304#
Check Balance *310#
Credit Recharge *311#
Data Plan *312#
Others are Share Services *321#
Data Plan Balance *323#
Verification of SIM Registration/ NIN – SIM Linkage *996#
Porting Services (MNP) 2442


That’s all! If you are ever stuck and don’t find where to buy Credit Card/Airtime Voucher, then you might want to check out how to load airtime from your bank in Nigeria on your 9Mobile SIM. This will be a reliable replacement for the 9mobile recharge code method.

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