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How to Share Data on Airtel (Data Transfer Code)

Here's how to share or transfer data on Airtel in Nigeria. Slide down to learn how to do it yourself.

This article comprises how to share data on Airtel in Nigeria. Check out how to transfer data bundles on Airtel to your friends and family using USSD code.

Are you looking for where or how to dispatch your excessive data bundle? The good news is Airtel Nigeria now allows you to share data with your close relatives, friends or even those who will exchange money for data (like a mini data reselling business for small data consumers).

If you have been searching for how to share your internet data bundle with friends and families, then here is the appropriate article for you. Airtel Smart-Share service now allows subscribers to transfer their data in megabytes and gigabytes quickly using just one simple USSD code.

This service is not data gifting nor is it data renewal. This one is basically for those who have existing data on their Airtel SIM cards and wants to distribute it to other close pals. Okay, so let’s see the steps involved if you want to start doing Father Christmas with your Airtel data.


How to Share Data on Airtel (Smart-Share) Using Transfer Code

The Airtel Smart-Share service consists of a bouquet of offerings that allows internet data bundles to be used by more than one customer in any of the following ways:

  1. Me2U: sending a bundle from your currently active bundle
  2. Gifting: buy a bundle for another line
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Share data on Airtel via Me2U:

  • To share MB on Airtel, kindly dial *141*1*5# and then follow the menu prompt to change your pin and share data.

Share data on Airtel via Data Gifting:

  • Dial *141# >> Select 5 for Data gifting and sharing >> Select Data Gifting or Data Me2U to continue.

Note: The default pin is 1234 and everything involved is totally FOC (Free of charge)

NB: You can not transfer less than 3MB & more than 90% of your data bundle. However, also note that you will be unable to share Blackberry and Android bundle.

How to Share Data on Other Networks

Now that you know how to transfer data on Airtel, why not explore the additional resource on other networks in Nigeria below;

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And to the Olojukokoros who does not want to purchase airtime to buy a cheap data plan, they can read my post on how to manage data plans to make it last a bit longer. Oh, one final thing… If the above data transfer code worked for you, then don’t ignore to drop a comment via the comment box to help this piece stay important and valuable.

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  1. Please how can I share my data,I don’t want to be sending her data I just want us to use it together till it finish.

  2. I can’t share more than 200mb in a day that’s too small is there a way i can share up to 1gb from the data that is already in my phone?

  3. 10x 4 d info,bt i wan ask does Airtel hve dat glo method of sharin whr u can register a no. dat can be using ur data wit u. witout posibly sharin in bits

  4. Hi thanks for the info. You said that airtel data share allows one to share data in megabytes and gigabytes, but only gave the code for sharing in MB. How about the code for GB? Or can we still use thesame code?

  5. Thanks for the information. However, I need clarification on something, you said “However, also note that you will be unable to share Blackberry and Android bundle.”

    So, which bundle are we actually talking about that could be shared?


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