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Best Canva Alternatives To Edit Photos Online (2023)

In this article, I'll be writing on the best Canva alternatives to edit photos online, these websites does make sense when it comes to editing photos with them

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Are you looking for the best Canva alternatives to edit photos online, these websites you are about to see are the best photo editing websites like Canva. Every content publisher has ways of creating the perfect images for what they do, whether you’re a blogger or an online business owner, you’d know the importance of having quality images like photo albums, logos etc.

While photo editing is mostly done on software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paintshop, one can’t always be skilled in photo editing though, but to create simple photos for your blog posts or online content, a website like Canva can come in handy.

It is a web-based photo editor that’ll let you edit photos online, still, most people don’t know how to find their way around this website, meanwhile, there are other online photo editors like Canva and you can learn to create your images easily.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ll be sharing the best Canva alternatives to edit photos online, these websites do make sense when it comes to editing photos with them.

List Of The Best Canva Alternatives To Edit Photos Online

1. VistaCreate

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The all-in-one graphic design software by VistaCreate is probably one of the most popular Canva alternatives when it comes to beginner-friendliness and the number of turnkey design templates.

Whether you need to create your next post for Instagram, design a Facebook ad or update a site sales banner, VistaCreate allows you to do that using 50K+ creative templates of pre-optimized aforementioned formats. To personalize your designs, you can use 1M+ creative assets, including royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors; change fonts, add music, apply animation and do more tweaks in a truly human-friendly design-creating software.

2. Adobe Spark


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Adobe Spark is a web-based photo editor that’ll blow your mind, this website has tons of adobe features, though it’s owned by Adobe so that makes sense and explains why it’s one of the best online photo editing websites to edit and create from. With Adobe Spark you can create fresh images for yourself, you can create social media images, youtube thumbnails, blog posts featured images and so on.

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To access Adobe Spark, you just have to log in with your email, you can also use this website to learn and teach photo editing, it has options for teachers and students. It’s one of the best Canva alternatives out there.

3. BeFunky


If you know of BeFunky, then you deserve some respect and that is because BeFunky has been around for a long time, I could remember years back when it used to be my most suitable web-based photo editor to edit personal images to upload on my Social Media Accounts. BeFunky is one of the best web-based photo editors and it has features that are quite advanced than Canva, you can create collages for your images, and you can make thumbnails and cover photos.

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It’s free and doesn’t leave watermarks on any work you do on it, this website is like a professional web-based photo editor, it offers icons and emoticons as well, it’s very easy to use and that is why its one of the best Canva Alternatives to edit photos online.

4. Easil

With Easil, you can decide how your task is being done, if you want to create or edit photos that involve using a template, you can always use one of Easil’s pre-owned templates to make your work very fast, or you create fresh templates from its amazing materials. Easil is very easy and even if you don’t have photo editing ideas, you can easily use Easil, its layout is very simple.

You can create or edit any type of image you want on Easil, it’s a very popular web-based photo editor and one of the best Canva alternatives, to make your photos and avoid being hit with copyright claims.

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5. Snappa


Canva is best known for the free features it offers when it comes to creating or editing photos online, but despite being free, there are some quality templates, paints, brushes, and fonts it lacks. But if you’re willing to pay to get more of these features from another web-based photo editor, then you should try using Snappa for a trial, Snappa is free but free users are also limited to one or two features.

Snappa and Canva are similar to each other, but Snappa takes superiority because it has more tools compared to Canva, it’s a very good web-based photo editor to create or edit photos online. It’s one of the best Canva alternatives out there.

6. Stencil


Stencil is the last online photo editing website I’ll be listing in this article, Bloggers like me are very familiar with using Stencil and Canva and there is no doubt about that because they both offer what every content publisher needs. Stencil has a wide range of templates and photos to use, you surely don’t need to stress on creation of templates yourself, you just have to take one from the list of free templates it offers, and then modify it to your taste.

With Stencil you can create professional photos, blog images, social media photos and many more, it’s one of the best Canva alternatives out there. It’s free and very easy to use, there’s a lot you can do on this website.


If you’re looking for web-based photo editors like Canva, these are the best you’ll come across, though these are not the only web-based photo editors out there, they’re the best alternatives to Canva, they offer more features and are sometimes less complex than Canva. Create and edit your photos easily with the web-based photo editors I’ve listed.

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