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7 Best Online Photo Editors For Free (No Apps or Softwares)

Here are some free online photo editing sites that you can easily use on a PC or laptop.

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Online photo editor websites make it easier for you to modify photos without the hassle of downloading mobile applications or PC software. I will be breaking down 7 websites that will kindle your photo editing skills!

Photos editing are often needed when we want to resize photos, change saturation, contrast or to add fonts in the photo. If your smartphone or PC is unable to accommodate the application, you can directly use these websites below to edit photos.

In addition to its advantages, online photo editing also has disadvantages. To use it, your internet network must be fast because we access this photo editing site through a browser.

Summarized here are some free online photo editing sites that you can easily use on a PC or laptop:

1. Picresize.com

Picresize – Online Photo Editor
Picresize.com – Online Photo Editor

Picresize online photo editor was created in 2005. This service can be used free of charge and has processed more than 150 million images since its launch.

In this site, you can edit images by cropping, rotating images, resizing, adding effects to changing the image file format to JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. Interested in trying?

2. Befunky.com

Befunky – Online Photo Editor
Befunky.com – Online Photo Editor

One application that is very easy to use is Befunky. This application can be used directly without having to download the application at www.befunky.com. Not only can you crop photos, but Befunky can also be used to add effects, backgrounds to text. And Befunky can connect directly with Instagram and Photoshop.

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3. Canva.com

Canva – Online Photo Editor
Canva.com – Online Photo Editor
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This online photo editor named Canva has a variety of features that are quite complete. I can boldly tell you that most featured images and banner on this site was created using Canva.

It comes with many features starting from the layout, saturation effects, blur, contrast and brightness that can be adjusted easily. In addition, you can also make black and white photo effects on this website.

Interested in editing photos on Canva, just visit canva.com.

4. Pixlr.com

Pixlr – Online Photo Editor
Pixlr.com – Online Photo Editor

Similar to Photoshop, Pixlr Editor is a free online photo editor that is highly recommended. It’s one of my favourite Canva alternative for editing photos, you will find me on this site.

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Pixlr online image editor allows you to work on many photos at once like HDR, Infrared to Tilt-Shift etc. After editing with this website, photos can also be saved directly to Facebook, Picasa to Flickr.

Pixlr applications can be directly opened in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and other Web Browsers.

5. iPiccy.com

iPiccy.com – Online Photo Editor
iPiccy.com – Online Photo Editor

This free online photo editing platform can be used to make simple photo corrections. Ranging from adjusting photo exposures, sharpening, brightening to providing some interesting effects.

If you want to make a photo collage, you can also use iPiccy. Just try it on ipiccy.com.

6. piZap.com

iPiccy.com – Online Photo Editor
iPiccy.com – Online Photo Editor
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piZap is an online service that you can use to edit photos. It free to use without having to register. Equipped with interesting features, this site page can facilitate you to make photo collages, timeline covers to make text. Visit pizap.com.

7. Fotor.com

Fotor – Online Photo Editor
Fotor.com – Online Photo Editor

Here is one of the largest online photo editor that allows you to edit images or photos to make a collage, create photo cards to convert images to HDR. Not only that, but Fotor also has a size template for processing photos specifically for social media such as Facebook covers to Twitter. Want to try? Click fotor.com.

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There you go!


We’ve come to the end of the list of the best free online photo editors. Are there others you have tried? Kindly share them using the comment box below and don’t forget to share this on your social media as a token of your appreciation and support.


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