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Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes in Nigeria — Everything You’re Looking For! (2019)

This post contains the best Airtel data bundles -- Enjoy browsing the internet using these cheap Airtel data plans on Android, PC & iPhone.

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Have you seen these pocket-friendly Airtel Data Plans and subscription codes for Android, iPhone, and PC for browsing in the month of 2019?

Airtel Nigeria is offering one of the best Internet data plans in Nigeria and this makes me want to ask you this…

Why aren’t you using Airtel data plans for browsing on your smartphones, tablets and PC?

Airtel has really amazing data plans on their network, customers using any of Airtel data plans can testify to this.

Disclaimer: This post is over 3000 words, may be you should navigate the content using the Table of content below.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans For Android, iPhone & PC (Browsing Code) in 2019

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Let’s GO!

Oh..Wait, I have this heart touching video you should see before you go on.

Amazing, isn’t it?… DATA IS LIFE!

1. Airtel Monthly Data Plans

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Yeah, this should be first on my list of airtel data plans in Nigeria based on popularity and usage.

Airtel 6GB for ₦1500

I’m sure you’re amazed already…

Airtel is offering you amazing 6GB data for ₦1000, you can get a huge amount of data for less. The only network in Nigeria that offers something bigger is Glo.

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With this plan, be rest assured of getting the value for your money.

Looks like I’m sounding like one of the Airtel ambassadors, right?

Okay, here is my honest review…

This plan is not what they claimed it is, why?

It ZAPS data… I don’t understand why but you have to read my previous post for a breakdown before opting for this data plan on Airtel.

Are you through reading?

I’m sure you have seen all you need to know in that post. Well then, this plan is perfect for all types of device and it is valid for 30 days.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel 6GB for ₦1500, dial *440*161#

Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000

Airtel 1.5GB (Android 1.0) is the most used airtel data plan in Nigeria, this one offers a reasonable data size for smartphone users.

1.5GB data plan should be what Android, suffered and some blackberry device should opt for. I don’t usually recommend this plan for those looking for data plans for MiFi, modems for browsing on  PC.

Although, this plan works perfectly for all devices and the plan it is valid for one month.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000, dial *496#

If this isn’t what you’re searching for, maybe you should look at airtel 3.5GB plan below.

Airtel 3.5GB for ₦2000

₦2000 for 3.5GB on Airtel network to me is a but expensive!

Yes, very expensive if you compare with what Glo offered for the same amount (See Glo offer).

However, Airtel data plan users and lovers might just want to stick with their favourite network.

Who can use this? Just like 1.5GB plan above, anyone using PC, Android, Windows, iOS and more can settle for this plan.

I think this one should be sufficient for those that love to stream football or other videos on YouTube, but I won’t recommend it because streaming quickens the rate at which your data goes down.

To those who really want to stream and download, you have to be cautious of your data usage so that you won’t finish it fast. This plan is valid for 30 days.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to Airtel 3.5GB for ₦2000, dial *437#

Are you still not satisfied? Then see the giant plan below…

Airtel 5GB for ₦2500

I know what you’re thinking already…

This is what I’m actually searching for!!!

Isn’t it?

Okay, for ₦2,500, you get 5GB to browse your favourite websites for 30 good days. Aside from that, you have the data size you’re searching for to enable you to stream and download like ‘mad’.

Oh yeah… I can download anything is want, 5GB is enough for me. But let me tell you something.

“One full match streamed with Mobdro is about 400MB”, now ask yourself this question.

Will 5GB be enough for me to browse, stream and download torrents?

The funny side of this is, Glo will give you 10GB for ₦2,500

Yepa “mogbé!”…He exclaimed in Yoruba!

Calm down, Airtel network is much better than Glo in some locations. What’s the point of having 10GB when you can’t even use it all up in 30 days?

Subscription code:

  • To opt-in to Airtel 5GB for ₦2500 plan, dial *437*1#

I still need something a bit bigger, Airtel 5GB don’t seem to satisfy my data urge. Check the 7GB plan right below if you’re okay with it.

Airtel 7GB for ₦3500

7GB of data is HUGE! With only ₦3,500, you will get 7 gigabytes of data for browsing on Airtel.

Those asking or searching for the perfect plan for streaming, downloading heavy files and torrents… I highly recommend this data plan for you.

This is also one of the best data plans for Netflix-ing and YouTube-ing seamlessly.

This plan is valid for 1 month (30 days) and can be renewed or rolled over anytime.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to this data bundle for Airtel 7GB for N3500, dial *438#

Airtel 12GB for ₦5000

₦5000 is already getting too expensive for surfing the web.

I would say, this is perfect for the big guns and not some average like me. *smiles

With ₦5000, Airtel will give you 12GB for doing anything you wish on the web.

The real question now is, apart from downloading, streaming and browsing the web…

What else can I use 12GB for if I’m not able to use it up?

For Instagram: Instagram is the king of social media apps that consumed huge data – I call them “data suckers”, with this plan, you can enjoy seamless video streaming on Instagram.

For downloading Torrent: Torrent files contain a very heavy file, this is would have been my best bet to drain any leftover data – if you’re new, kindly read my post on how to download torrent on your smartphone.

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Watch Netflix & Iroko TV: I will opt for those, Netflix covers the international entertainment scene while Iroko TV is our own version of Netflix. If you have an active subscription, streaming on these apps might just be a good way to kill data. See my post on how to entertain yourself directly on your smartphone.

Play games online: I could remember vividly when I use to play Scrabble games online. There are so many games that you can play with other users online. With this plan, be rest assured of maximum enjoyment on your device.

Valid for 30 days, and can be used on all device: Android, PC, MiFi, modem, Windows, Java, BlackBerry, iOS etc.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel 12GB for N5000, dial *452#

Airtel 24GB for ₦8,000

This one is indeed MASSIVE!

I’m so…Speechless, Speechless… That’s how it makes me feel!

Do I need to tell you that this one is best for those that are in need of huge data plans for their small firms, mini cafe or a small group of friends who needs to share this Airtel data plan?

This plan is the biggest among all Airtel monthly data plan and definitely, it’s a BIG CATCH. Not meant for an average out there.

Please scroll down if you cannot afford to pay for this plan. Airtel 24GB plan is also valid for 30 days and would work on any device that uses a SIM!

Subscription code:

  • To opt-in for Airtel 24GB for ₦8000, dial *460#

2. Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

unlimited data plans

Have you heard of the new Airtel unlimited data plans for browsing?

I guess not! Well, this one was newly introduced in “July 2017”. And this plan was structured to help those who can’t live without the internet to enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming.

This plan was packaged in three bundles; Airtel Unlimited 10, Unlimited 15, and Unlimited 20.

Airtel Unlimited 10

This data plan would go for ₦10,000.

Airtel Unlimited 15

This unlimited data plan goes for ₦15,000.

Airtel Unlimited 20

Lastly, this one goes for ₦20,000.

All unlimited data plans are valid for 30 days.

Subscription Code

To activate the Airtel unlimited bundles on your device, do this;

  • Dial *141# on your Airtel SIM > Type 1 to choose Buy Data Plans > Type 4 for Unlimited packs > then select 1, 2 or 3 for your preferred unlimited data pack (Click here for more info).

Please, do yourself a favour and check out the plans below…This one ain’t meant for you if you got no cash!

Have you seen;

3. Airtel Weekly Data Plans


Weekly plans are lifeline plan, you can use the time to stay online for the time being. This one is also on top of my cheap Airtel data plans’ list. See all weekly data bundles below;

Airtel 750MB for ₦500

With ₦500, you can get 750MB to keep you online for 14 days.

14 days isn’t weekly, how come?

I don’t know why but I just know it’s better than MTN’s 7 days weekly plan.

Airtel 2 weeks data plan is perfect if you don’t have too much in your pocket but want to communicate with friends and loved ones on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media pages.

Bear in mind that this is just 750MB, so, streaming, downloading, Instagramming, Netflix-ing and other heavy internet activities should be kept on hold until you subscribe to a normal monthly data plan.

This plan is valid for 2 weeks (14 days) and it’s perfect for all device.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to Airtel 750MB for ₦500, Dial *418#

Before you subscribe to the 14 days weekly plan above, have a look at this weekly plan offered by Airtel SmartTRYBE prepaid plan.

4. Airtel 1GB for ₦500 On SmartTRYBE

Good news!! Good news!!

To all prepaid users registered on the SmartTRYBE plan, you’ve been enjoying amazing benefits coupled with cheap call tariff plans on airtel.

Apart from Airtel night plans and other benefits, now you have something more to boost of;

Airtel is giving you amazing data offer strictly for SmartTRYBE users. With only ₦500 you can get 1GB worth of data to browse your favourite websites.

This plan works perfect on all device, be it Android, Windows phone, PC, MiFi, iOS, modem and lots more.

It’s also classified under the Airtel weekly data plans category although different from the one mentioned above.

The SmartTRYBE weekly plan is valid for seven (7) days while the regular weekly plan is valid for fourteen (14) days.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to Airtel SmartTRYBE 1GB for ₦500, dial *312# » select 2 to confirm.

Note: You must be on the SmartTRYBE prepaid network to enjoy this offer.

Can I see the daily plan, this one doesn’t go down well with me… I’m broke for now!

5. Airtel Daily Data Plans

This is the smallest data plan you can get on the Airtel network, you can’t find a better and pocket-friendly price than this. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all Airtel daily data plans.

Airtel 30MB for ₦100

I want to browse but don’t have enough in my pocket and I have to be online, is there any help you can render?

Worry no more… Airtel has profound solutions to your question.

With airtel 30MB for ₦100, you can perform wonders on BBM, WhatsApp and a few light data consuming app.

But wait o!

30MB cannot do anything beyond one hour especially if you’re using it on Android. In fact, 30MB will open a few profiles and updates on Facebook before drying up.

Now, here’s my recommendation – Use this plan if you only need to go online on a Java-enabled device. This device doesn’t use much data and can stay on your phone a bit longer.

The validity of this plan doesn’t exceed 24 Hours. And remember, this plan will only be best for those who just want to chat and read news online.

I also recommend using Opera mini if using this plan.

Subscription code:

  • To Subscribe for Airtel 30MB for ₦100, Dial *410#

30MB disappears in no time, is there a bigger daily plan? Well, look below and tell me if it meets your data need and if it doesn’t, my friend just “jejeli” scroll back up for a list of Airtel Monthly data plans

Airtel 50MB for ₦300

50MB is still not enough for me to do anything on the web.

With ₦300, Airtel is offering 50MB to keep you connected while you wait for a better offer.

Unlike it’s another counterpart (₦100 that gives 10MB), this one is valid for three (3) full days.

With only 50MB, you can browse any of your favourite sites but always place this at the back of your head;

50MB can’t do so much so I recommend you use Opera Mini when surfing the internet – it has a way it compresses web pages and make them load fast

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel 50MB for ₦300, Dial *412#
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Airtel 25MB for ₦100 (5MB/daily)

Airtel 5 days Pack is suitable for only instant messaging.

With only 25MB (5MB daily) for ₦100, you can stay connected for 5 days and I will advise you to browse the internet using Opera Mini or other lightweight browsers.

Like every other daily plan, this also cannot do a lot on your device. Don’t even think about our opening Facebook application or Instagram if you’re using this plan.

Your data would ZAP fast!

On this plan, allocation of data is quite strange. You get 5MB daily for 5 days all for ₦100 unlike the first airtel daily data plan listed 2 steps above.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel 25MB for ₦100, dial *401#

Current Airtel Daily Data Plan Summary

Plan Name Price (N) Current Data Volume Validity USSD Code
Airtel 30MB 100 30MB 1 Day *410#
Airtel 50MB 300 50MB 3 Days *412#
Airtel 25MB 100 25MB (5MB daily) 5 Days *401#

Have you seen;

I’m not interested in all of these, they are not enough, how can I get something more exciting, I need something large but with a lesser subscription cost?

Maybe you should check out Airtel night browsing plans on SmartTRYBE below.

6. Airtel Night Plans on SmartTRYBE


Night crawlers, where are you?

This plan was specifically designed to meet the needs of those who likes to browse at midnight.

I can vividly remember those days when we spend hours in the cyber cafe all in the name of midnight browsing. We jumped at midnight browsing because it gave us time to browse for longer hours and paying for less.

Is this the true substitute and alternative to cafe browsing at dark hours?

I’d say YES, for me, it’s a perfect replacement.

I don’t have to spend my night at the cyber cafe anymore. Just from the comfort of my apartment, drinking my smooth coffee and browsing the web.

This plan has gone through a series of changes… I could remember when this plan was unlimited and based on hours. They kicked off with this night data plan as a means to meet the needs of those who spend hours of the night using the internet.

Here’s what they offered before it was modified to what you have below. (₦100 for 1 hours and ₦200 for 2 hours + both are unlimited)

Now this is what it has turned out to be: Here’s how to subscribe to Airtel Night Plans

Airtel 250MB for ₦25 Night Browsing Plan

  • Amount: ₦25 (make sure you have that exact amount)
  • Subscription Code: Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans)
  • Validity: 1 Night (between 12am – 5am)

Take Note: This plan was propagated for only prepaid users of SmartTYRBE, so you have to be on the SmartTRYBE network before you can enjoy this offer.

  • To join SmartTRYBE, Dial *312# » select 1 to migrate.

Apart from this data being specifically offered on the SmartTRYBE network, users of Airtel night plan have found it difficult to check their data balance.

*140# is the code used to check data balances on any Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria, sadly, this plan cannot reveal anything about Airtel night browsing plan.

Since we can’t check data balance using *140#, how then do I know the remaining data balance of an active Airtel night plan? Click here to learn how to do that.

I don’t like this data plan because it’s not unlimited, isn’t there an unlimited plan on Airtel?

Yes, there is… Have a look at the next data plan below.

Have you seen;

7. Other Airtel Data Bundles

Airtel 250MB for ₦300 (Opera Monthly Bundle)

250MB for ₦300 is worth it!

This plan is basically designed for those who intend to use their data for reading news, surfing and downloading small files using Opera Mini.

Famous Airtel ₦300 Opera bundle is mainly set to work on Opera Mini browser on your smartphone. So it’s the perfect fit for Java and smartphones that support Opera browsers.

Like I said before, Opera is a browser that compresses web pages and serves them to you faster. With Airtel Opera Mini Plan, you enjoy a long-lasting browsing experience for 28 days.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel Opera Mini bundle, dial *885*1#

Airtel WhatsApp Bundle


This one is specially designed for all WhatsApp lovers, no long story about this.

If you’re looking for an Airtel data plan that will handle and maintain instant messaging on WhatsApp, then you should just go for the Airtel WhatsApp data plan.

It works perfectly on all Smartphones (Android, Java, iPhone and the likes) and it’s valid for 30 days.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe for Airtel WhatsApp data bundle, dial *948# | Costs ₦100 (monthly plan)

How to check Airtel Whatsapp data balance:

To check your WhatsApp data bundle balance on Airtel;

  • Dial » *123*8# (It will display your data balance “MB”, as well as data “MB” expiry date)

Useful Airtel Data FAQs

How To Manually Configure Airtel Internet on iPhone, iPad Android, Window Phones, Java Phones and Symbian Phones

If you cannot browse on your device, I implore you to manually configure your Airtel access point settings (APN) on your phone by using the settings as shown in the chart below:

How To Check Data Balance On Airtel


Here’s how to check your remaining Airtel data bundle balance on your device. It works for all device and all Airtel data plans mentioned above (except for Airtel Night Plans)

In conclusion:

Airtel data plans are of various types, you have to know the best Airtel data plan to select from based on your internet needs.

For instance, I normally spend most of my time in the office and during my time there I’m always connected to the office internet. In such situations, I don’t think I’m going to need an expensive Airtel data plan because I have structured my downloads and updates to use the office WiFi.

So, I can only settle for a medium airtel data plan to keep me online.

Before you leave, why not read my post on how to manage your data plan to make them last a bit longer.

Also, let me know if you were able to choose a desirable browsing bundle from my list of the cheapest Airtel data plans in Nigeria. You can use the comment box to share your views.

Thanks for reading my post, please do drop a comment.. we’ll be happy to respond to them!

Before you leave, check out;

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