MTN Data Plans and Subscription Codes in Nigeria — Every Single One Of Them (2019)

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Are you looking for the cheap MTN data plans (bundles) and subscription codes for browsing on your Android, iOS, Windows, PC and other devices (Updated in 2019)?

If yes…

Then, be glad you landed in this article.

I’m sure you landed here because the network providers have been unfair to you when it comes to choosing the right data bundle on MTN.

You don’t have to worry or bother yourself about finding the best data plans on MTN.

Let me do the compilation and recommendation for you.

I’ve taken my time out of no time to compile affordable data plans on MTN which encompasses the monthly data bundles, weekly data bundles, daily data bundles, weekend data bundles, WhatsApp data bundle, night data bundles and other special or cheap MTN data plans packages in Naija!

Browsing using any of the cheap MTN internet bundles is something you should not disregard.

If you’re looking to enjoy FREE browsing on MTN… This is surely the place you wanna be!

Did you know?

MTN has one of the fastest and best internet plans in Nigeria?

You don’t know right?

Have you even tried MTN 4G LTE Data Plans?

One of my friend use to tell me how fast MTN 4G Internet bundle can be on a very good day, I’ve doubted him until I had a feel of MTN 4G LTE broadband myself. The speed was incredible!!!

So this article is not a case of whether you’re searching for MTN, 9Mobile, Ntel and other 4G providers or MTN 3G Data Plans, all the internet data plans mentioned below works perfectly on both broadbands.


Your phone must support Band 7 (2600MHz) to use MTN 4G LTE data plan packages.

But here’s the kicker:

I’ve taken my time to spill out my honest reviews on all MTN data plans in Nigeria.

Just take your time and go through each of them, while doing that, ensure you compare them with internet data plans on other networks in Nigeria.

Here are some articles I’ve previously written on “Internet & Data in Nigeria”:

Have you opened those links on another tab for the purpose of comparing each data plans?

If yes… Then you can proceed.

But if there isn’t need to compare, you just want the best MTN Data Plans, simply ignore the links and scroll down…

….Or kindly check the post I wrote on all the cheapest data plans on all network in Nigeria.

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Cheap MTN Data Plans For Android, iPhone & PC In Nigeria (2019 Bundles)

MTN data plans

Let’s go…


MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan for calling, this plan was designed to ensure calls made on the package is reasonably cheap for as low as 11k/s. It doesn’t matter whether you’re calling another MTN line or other networks in Nigeria.

I’m not going to lay so much emphasis on this, you can check out this post on the cheapest call tariff plans on MTN.

I’m just going to share my thoughts on the data plans on this prepaid package in Nigeria.

But first, to use any of the plans below, you will have to migrate to MTN Pulse prepaid plan. And how do you go about that?

How to migrate to MTN Pulse Prepaid Plan

  • Simply text 406 to 131 or Dial *406*1#.

There we go… See the various MTN data plans on Pulse below:

MTN 1GB for ₦500 On Pulse

MTN data plans Pulse

Obviously one of the best weekly data plans on all network in Nigeria.

If you’re on the pulse prepaid call tariff… You don’t have to worry about the normal weekly data plan on MTN.

MTN Pulse has given their subscribers better and cheaper way of browsing the internet using your preferred network.

How does it work?

On MTN Pulse, you get 100% data bonus on the purchase of 500MB weekly bundle. Which means you get double the size of the data you subscribed for. On subscribing, you will get 1GB for ₦500 only!

This plan works well on all device – Android, PC, MiFi, Modem, iPhone, Java, Blackberry and others without any form of tweaking.

It’s only valid for 7 days (1 week) starting from the very first day of subscribing to the plan.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe, load ₦500 airtime, then SMS 103 to 131 or by dialling *406*2*2# and you’ll get your 1GB data just like that.

How to check MTN Pulse 1GB for ₦500 Data Bundle Balance:

  • You can check your bundle balance sending 2 to 131 or by dialling *131*4#.

NOTE: this plan can be done multiple times. For instance, if you still have an active data plan on Pulse, you can RESUBSCRIBE to top up the existing data plan you have. You new data bundle will be added to the old one And it will take the validity of the new plan.

MTN Night Browsing On Pulse

MidNight browsing

Happy Hour night browsing on MTN Pulse is billed at ₦25/day.

This night browsing plan on MTN is what I call a lifesaver. This plan came as a bonus on Pulse, it means only Pulse prepaid users can subscribe to this plan and enjoy FREE night browsing.

The plan is valid for ONE (1) night between the hours of 12 AM to 4 AM. And you can’t roll over the night data plan not can you resubscribe on the same SIM in one night.

Some people have this belief that MTN night plan has a cheat. Seriously??? Well, click the link to read what I have to say about MTN night plan cheat.

I personally don’t joke about this plan. Ever since it was introduced… I’ve been an ardent customer and user of this plan. All I can say is…

During this hour.. The SPEED is unbeatable!

Cheetah speed

Subscription code:

  • Recharge ₦25 airtime, then text NIGHT to 131 via SMS, a response will be sent back as soon as you subscribe.

Free 10MB Recharge Bonus On MTN Pulse

On the Pulse prepaid tariff plan, you will receive 10MB if you load ₦100 airtime, perhaps, if you recharge with ₦200 or more, you will receive 20MB for FREE!!!

You will receive this free data ONLY on your first recharge of the week.

How to check FREE MTN Data On Pulse


MTN Daily Data Plans

Are you looking for a very cheap data plan on MTN for doing minor things on the internet?

If yes… Just do the needful and migrate to this data bundle. This plan allows you to do very little on the web.

As you can see, it’s only 100MB for ₦200 or 30MB for ₦100.. Now imagine what you can do with this small data size.

For me, I recommend the MTN daily data plans to those who want to enjoy Whatsapping, Twitter and a few other social media platforms that don’t consume data.

If you want to manage your data plans on your smartphone, don’t even try to run data draining applications on this type of data bundle.

If you want to use Facebook app, Snapchat or Instagram… Don’t even dare to run these apps if you’re subscribed to this small data bundle.

See subscription details below.

30MB Daily Data Plan @ ₦100

  • Bundle Plan: 30MB
  • Price (N): 100
  • Validity Period: 24 Hrs
  • Activation Code: Text 104 to 131 or dial *131*104#

100MB Daily Data Plan @ ₦200

  • Bundle Plan: 100MB
  • Price (N): 200
  • Validity Period: 24 Hrs
  • Activation Code: Text 113 to 131 or dial *131*113#

Have you seen;

MTN Weekly Data Plans

Oh boy… I thought I just saw 1GB for ₦500… Why is this plan giving me 750MB (Weekly) @ ₦500?

That’s not fair!

Yes, not fair but like I said…

The other MTN internet data plan is exclusively for MTN Pulse users. If you want to enjoy the benefits associated with Pulse, why not navigate up and harness to data offer Pulse has made available?

Anyway, this is a special plan meant for those who don’t want to waste too much money subscribing for a data plan.

This data bundle offers 750MB for a whopping ₦500 and it goes for 7 days.

MTN data plans Weekly

This plan works perfectly on all device anytime, any day.

Here are all the subscription details for the MTN weekly data plan;

Subscription code:

  • Bundle Plan: 750MB
  • Price (N): 500
  • Validity Period: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 103 to 131 or dial *131*103#

MTN Monthly Data Plans

These monthly data plans are perfect for any average internet user.

If you want to stay online for 30 days, there are different data plans based on your budget.

MTN data plans monthly

MTN monthly data plans are – 1.5GB for ₦1000, 3.5GB for ₦2000, 10GB for ₦5000 and 22GB for ₦10,000

You will find the subscription codes, validity, Subscription cost, data size of each of them right below.

1.5GB 1-Month Mobile Data plan @ ₦1,000

  • Bundle Plan: 1.5GB
  • Price (N): 1,000
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 106 to 131 or dial *131*106#

3.5GB 1-Month All Day plan @ ₦2,000

  • Bundle Plan: 3.5GB
  • Price (N): 2,000
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 110 to 131 or dial *131*110#

10GB Monthly @ ₦5,000

  • Bundle Plan: 10GB
  • Price (N): 5,000
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 116 to 131 or dial *131*116#

22GB Monthly @ ₦10,000

  • Bundle Plan: 22GB
  • Price (N): 10,000
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 117 to 131 or dial *131*117#

Have you seen;

MTN Quarterly Data Plans

I love it BIG.

MTN data plans heavy

Since you love it BIg, the quarterly data plans on MTN is a perfect fit for your business.

This one is a 90 days data plan, it is valid for the period of 90 days and they come in two packages – MTN 50GB & MTN 85GB.

If you’re searching for large data bundle on MTN for carrying out streaming and downloading over the web, then this plan fits the bill.

This plan is renewable anything and can be rolled over after exhausting the allotted data.

One frightening feature about this quarterly MTN data plans is the price. But running out the money to purchase this bundle shouldn’t be a problem if MTN is the only stable network in your location.

You can see how to activate the MTN quarterly data bundles below;

50GB 90-Day Plan @ ₦20,000

  • Bundle Plan: 50GB
  • Price (N): 20,000
  • Validity Period: 90 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 118 to 131 or dial *131*118#

85GB 90-Day Plan @ ₦50,000

  • Bundle Plan: 85GB
  • Price (N): 50,000
  • Validity Period: 90 Days
  • Activation Code: Text 133 to 131 or dial *131*133#

Summary of all MTN Data Plans (Photo)

MTN data plans daily monthly weekly


Before you start doing long throat… Know that the MTN GoodyBag social plan isn’t a normal data plan that allows you to surf the net unlimitedly.

This one is was specifically designed for those who want to browse the web but basically for the purpose of staying online on the favourite social media platforms.

If you’ve been searching for MTN social bundles, here’s it now.

You can use this data plan across all social media accounts listed below.

  • Facebook ☑
  • Twitter ☑
  • WhatsApp ☑
  • Eskimi
  • 2go
  • Nimbuzz and…
  • WeChat

I’m only going to elaborate those with the ☑ sign next to it. This is because they are the most used platform when it comes to social media engagements.

That this plan gives you access to your favourite social media website does not mean it’s Unlimited.

You can only surf the internet for a specified data bundle size – with ₦60 or ₦25, you only get to use an undisclosed data size for 7 days or 30 days.

Let’s see the various GoodyBag Social Bundles on MTN:

MTN WhatsApp Plans – GoodyBag

This is the most popular instant messaging application on smartphones.

Over 1 billion people use WhatsApp and 70% of that number use it on a day to day basis. You can see how important WhatsApp instant messaging is!

This is why you need this unique data plan on MTN – it’s designed to power only WhatsApp.

Some folks have used this plan together with their normal monthly data plans on MTN without any problem.

See how to subscribe below.

WhatsApp Weekly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦25
  • Validity Period: 7 Days (1 week)
  • Activation Code: Text WAW to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.

WhatsApp Monthly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦60
  • Validity period: 30 Days (1 month)
  • Activation Code: Text WAM to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.


MTN Twitter Bundles – GoodyBag

If you’ve chosen the Twitter social media to be your preferred choice, then the GoodyBag Plan also fits the bill.

It also offers similar package as seen above – ₦25 for seven days while ₦60 gets you access for 30 days!

Awesome right!?

Let’s see how to subscribe to this social plan below;

Twitter Weekly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦25
  • Validity Period: 7 Days
  • Activation code: Text TWTW to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.

Twitter Monthly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦60
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation code: Text TWTM to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.

MTN Facebook Bundles – GoodyBag

The undisputed king of all social media platform!

Without much said, GoodyBag social bundle also have a special place for lovers of Facebook.

You can choose to use only Facebook on your phone with this plan.


Let see how to activate below;

Facebook Weekly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦25
  • Validity Period: 7 Days
  • Activation code: Text FBW to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.

Facebook Monthly Bundle

  • Amount: ₦60
  • Validity Period: 30 Days
  • Activation code: Text FBM to 131 or dial *662# to select your preferred bundle.

The joy of using MTN GoodyBag bundles is – you can activate as many GoodyBag socials as possible.

It means, with only ₦180, you can activate Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter on a single device!

You can click here to get subscription details for the rest of the MTN Goodybag Social Bundles I didn’t write about.


MTN Unlimited Night Plan

I’m sure you’ll be like…

I thought I’ve seen MTN NIGHT PLAN before?!

Yeah, I posted it update the MTN DATA PLANS ON PULSE.

It should come to your notice that MTN Pulse offer ₦25 night plan but this plan limits you to 500MB.

Whereas, there’s this other MTN night data plan that gives you unrestricted access to surf the web as long as your pocket can carry you.

I’m talking about this data plan for midnight BROWSING!

You can opt for this if you’re not satisfied with 500MB Pulse Night Plan previously shared above.

This plan works in a timely manner. It’s simply an hourly based night plan. And you get to download as long as your time has not expired. For instance; if you buy 1-hour plan – you can download, surf and stream videos as long as the time hasn’t been used up or expired.

It offers 1GB for ₦200, 2.5GB for ₦500 and 5GB for ₦1000. Bear in mind that this one can be used between 9pm – 6am.

This is perfect for those who value their midnight so much.

Subscription code:

Have you seen;

MTN Weekend Data Plans

The weekend data plans are special data plans meant for the weekend. If you’re the type that does a lot more during the weekend, then this plan is just a perfect choice.

You can enjoy a lot more without using your regular data plans on MTN.

This is not like the normal weekend plans you get on other networks, this one is more of a bonus plan that allows you to browse with free data awarded to you after subscribing for a specified data on your MTN line.

It’s called “MTN WowWeekend“, and all lines are eligible for this promo. Here are some offers sent to me through SMS informing me on this weekend offer.

How to Activate MTN WowWeekend Offer

Here are some messages I got.. See all Subscription information in the message.

  • “Special offer! Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB FREE data. Dial *131*113# to activate. Dial *131*4# to view data bonus. Bonus Valid for 24 hrs.
  • ”Special offer! Buy 750MB for N500 and get 3.75GB FREE data. Dial *131*103# to activate. Dial *131*4# to view data bonus. Bonus Valid till Sunday 11:59pm

Check out for more offers on WowWeekend here.

MTN Free Browsing

I’m sure you’re all secretly waiting for FREE BROWSING TRICKS from MTN in 2017, but sorry to burst your bubble…

NO MTN FREE BROWSING CHEAT available for now! Maybe later, just bookmark this page and check periodically.


It won’t make sense if I share all these internet data plans on MTN without sharing USSD codes used to check your available data balance on MTN.

  • To check data balance on MTN; Dial *559# or *559*4# or *131# » select 4 (check balance)

In conclusion:

MTN Nigeria has got pretty amazing internet data plans for unlimited browsing across various mobile devices without leaving out PC and iOS device. In this post, you have seen my updated list of all MTN data plans as at the date of publishing this post.

These MTN internet data plans work well for almost all mobile devices – Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and others without excluding PC Modems & MiFi.

So if you searching for MTN data plans for Android, MTN data plans for iPhone, MTN data plans for Blackberry, MTN data plans for PC, MTN data plans for Windows, MTN data plans for Modem or MTN data plans for MiFi

Then let my post serve as a checklist and guide for you. It is paramount you choose the best internet data plans for browsing your favourite site.

I’m done,

If you were able to read this article without skipping any of the plans listed above, then you have succeeded in seeing each and every single data plans offered by MTN in Naija!

If you think I skipped any internet bundle or perhaps, you noticed an outdated data plan, quickly notify me via the comment section. I’ll be so grateful.

However, if you think this post is well written and relevant for others, don’t hesitate to share this article on your social media using the share buttons right below. Cheers.

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