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MTN Night Plans On Pulse (Get 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25)

Here's how to activate the MTN Night Plan for browsing on your smartphone - It can be used between the hours of 11 pm to 6 am. See the subscription codes below.

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This post on Naijaknowhow contains how to subscribe to 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 MTN Night Plan On Pulse – Get validity, amount and subscription code for MTN Midnight Browsing Plan.

Are you an MTN Pulse user? Here comes the browsing opportunity from MTN for you to browse seamlessly during the night spending just a token. This post is constantly updated to meet the current prices of MTN night browsing bundles. When compared with other midnight data plans in Nigeria, you’d realise 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 MTN Night browsing plans are precisely the same as most networks in Nigeria! For example, Glo offers 1GB for ₦200, 9mobile offers 500MB for ₦50 and Airtel also offers 250MB for ₦25 just like MTN.

You can check out this post about the cheapest MTN data plans in Nigeria, it comprises everything thing you want to know about their data plans in case you want to opt against the midnight browsing plan shared here. That said, here is a stepped guide on how to go about the MTN Night Plan on your mobile devices or any other MTN-powered internet-enabled devices. Let’s jump right in!

Here’s How to activate MTN Night Browsing on Pulse via USSD Code

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There are two types of MTN Night Plans — 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25! This stepped guide will show you how to activate either of the MTN Night Plans for browsing at midnight. Let’s get started…

Step 1: Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

Make sure you’re on the MTN Pulse tariff plan, this is the only plan that allows you to enjoy midnight browsing on your line. Kindly ignore this step if you are already on this plan. On the other hand, you can read my post on how to know the current tariff plan on your line to be sure.

  • To migrate to MTN Pulse; simply dial *123# » Choose Tariff Plan Migration by typing 2 » Choose Pulse » Type 1 to migrate to MTN Pulse.
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Step 2: Active your preferred midnight plan

Recharge your phone with ₦25 or ₦50 airtime depending on your plan, then follow the various methods below to activate a plan.

  • Dial *406# and select your preferred bundle plan from the Pulse Nightlife bundle menu. or dial *406*3*1# for 250MB/₦25 bundle and *406*3*2# for 500MB/₦50 bundle.

mtn night plan

Nightlife bundle



500MB/₦50 *406*3*2# SMS NT2 to 131
250MB/₦25 *406*3*1# SMSNT1 to 131

Step 3: Start browsing

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After receiving an SMS success notification. Open your browser and start surfing. To keep track of your data usage, kindly scroll down to learn how to check your Nightlife bundle balance on MTN.

MTN Night Plan FAQs – Important details you should note:

What time is MTN Night Plan?

This plan only works between the hours of 11 PM – 6 AM and has a data cap of 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50, Also take note that this plan can be done multiple times and it works fine on all devices.

How can I get 1GB on MTN Night plan?

To get 1GB on the MTN Night plan, you only need to subscribe to 500MB Pulse Nightlife twice, i.e 500MB x 2 = 1GB.

Does MTN have an unlimited night plan?

MTN Night Plan does not have unlimited data, you will be able to subscribe to 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle bundles multiple times but NOT more than 2GB in a day. For example, you can activate the 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle four (4) times (i.e. 500MB x 4 = 2GB).

Can MTN night plan be rolled over?

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You will NOT be able to roll over your unused MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle balance. All unused Pulse Nightlife bundle balances will be cleared after 6 AM.

How do I use MTN night data?

To use your MTN night plan after activating any of the two plans above (250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50), ensure that your internet connection is turned on, and then start browsing the internet on your preferred app or browser. You may also use MTN night data on your PC by turning on the Hotspot on your mobile phone and connecting.

Dial *406# on your mobile device and select your preferred Pulse Nightlife Plan from the bundle menu. You may also dial *406*3*1# for 250MB/₦25 bundle and *406*3*2# for 500MB/₦50 bundle.

How can I use my night data during the day?

It’s practically impossible to use the MTN night data plan during the day. If you want an internet data plan that can be used during the day, then I recommend that you opt for other MTN Data Plans or check this post on the Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria.

How to Check MTN Night Data Balance

How To Check MTN Data Balance on Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc

In the past, MTN Nightlife bundle balance can’t be checked, MTN has recently dished out a working USSD code that allows you to check the remaining data balance to keep track of your data usage.

  • To check your Pulse Nightlife bundle balance, simply dial *559*96#.
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how to check mtn night plan balance

If this code doesn’t work, then you have to resort to a smart trick as compiled in that article (check the link) below. Although, MTN will send you messages at intervals as you slowly use the night plan.

But, if you still insist on keeping track of your data usage…then, here is a trick I normally use! If you experienced any issues setting up the MTN Nightlife plan, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, I’d be glad to help out.

How to Cancel MTN Midnight Plan Auto-renewal

You can also check out how to deactivate or cancel the MTN Night data plan on your phone. Here is an article I wrote about that.

Before you leave, I think you should take a minute to check out other related data plans…

More on Night Data Plans:

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The MTN Night Data Plan is arguably the cheapest night browsing plan you will get in Nigeria. If you want to browse during the late hours of the Night, I'd recommend this plan.
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  1. Must i go to bank before i will be able to use ALAT virtual dollar card? Can i set everything up with my phone without going to bank?

  2. I have monthly subscription on my MTN line…my question is that if i subscribe to the night plan,will it affect my current subscription or what?

  3. When I subscribed for the night data, I was planning to download some videos, but it deducted the data from my main data plan and the nightlife is still at 250mb, and the time was around 12:30, can it be that I can’t use the night data when I’m still having my main subscription?

    • It’s not supposed to remove from your main data while having an active night plan. I think you either have exhausted the nightlife data or you didn’t subscribe before browsing.

      • I don’t think that’s the case. I’m currently experiencing the same, the data is being removed from my main account while my night data remains at 250mb

  4. See MTN is taking more than they can chew. Whch one is 50naira for 250mb whch network does that?. I hate this. I just don’t knw why I did not get Airtel card this evening while coming home. Mtn sucks.

  5. I’ve been busing the MTN night stuff but recently, each time I try activating the night stuff, they replies me that I can’t activate because am on DND.
    What’s DND? I never subscribed for such.
    Please, contact me on 08034634441 via text or Whatsapp. Please help.

  6. How long does it last? I subscribed to it some days ago but didn’t use it. I tried to subscribe tonight and they’re tell me it’s only for pulse customers. Meanwhile, I’m suspecting my former subscription is still active.

  7. Comment:hello…I subscribe as usuall but the thing is telling me that only ipulse user can used it and am on ipulse already…help me out

  8. I tried to subscribe as usual around 12.05am and i recieved the text that said that my request has been received but i haven’t gotten d subscription or any other reply that shows that the transaction was successful,and i have airtime on my phone for it.

    • I contacted MTN regarding the “MTN night plan not subscribing“. They said they are aware of it and the case has been reported to their technical support team. Feedback will be provided when fixed.

  9. It has been working, bt lately it stoped. Wheneva I send d msg, it wont go. It will say msg nt sent even with enough airtime on my phone. I tried usin d code, bt it said d command is wrong

  10. So if one has a data plan of 1.5gig can he still enjoy the the 25naira free night browsing without the 1.5g data being deducted

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The MTN Night Data Plan is arguably the cheapest night browsing plan you will get in Nigeria. If you want to browse during the late hours of the Night, I'd recommend this plan.MTN Night Plans On Pulse (Get 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25)