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Do Not Disturb Code: How To Stop Unsolicited SMS & Calls In Nigeria – DND Codes

See Airtel DND Code, MTN DND Code, Etisalat DND Code, Glo DND Code and Ntel DND Code.

This post contains USSD code to stop unsolicited SMS and Calls on calls on Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Ntel in Nigeria. Airtel DND Code, MTN DND Code, Etisalat DND Code, Glo DND Code and Ntel DND Code.

Finally we’ve won the battle of blocking off irrelevant SMS and calls on our phone. I know many of us have deep hate for these irrelevant promotional SMS sent to us by network. Our prayers have yet been answered, after NCC ordered all network providers to create a means of making these annoying crappy messages and calls controlled.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in response to complaints of unsolicited SMS or promotional voice calls by some customers, ordered all network providers to introduce a means where customers can choose to opt in and out of the service.

Airtel, MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Ntel | Do Not Disturb Code (DND Code)

Hurray, Nigerian can now opt-in or out of the DND – ‘Do Not Disturb’ service at any time, thereby empowering subscribers to end unsolicited promotional SMS or promotional voice calls. To use the service customers can text ‘help’ to 2442.

  • SMS 1 for Banking, Insurance,
    Financial to 2442.
  • SMS 2 for Real Estate to 2442.
  • SMS 3 for Education to 2442.
  • SMS 4 for Health to 2442.
  • SMS 6 for Consumer goods and
    Automobiles to 2442.
  • SMS 6 for Communication,
    Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT to 2442.
  • SMS 7 for Tourism, Leisure to 2442.
  • SMS 8 for Sports to 2442.
  • SMS 9 for Religion to 2442.
  • SMS OUT for Opt-OUT to 2442.
  • SMS STOP for FULL DND to 2442.


Although, some of these promotional messages are very innovation and useful for some people. That’s why NCC made if wanted this done either by opting in or out. Thereby giving users the free will to decide their faith using this “Do Not Disturb Code – 2442”.

Now that you know how to stop unwanted calls and messages that i personally deemed as a treat to my private life. My message to NCC; Thank you very very much!

Do you think it’s cool to have your promotional SMS and calls stopped?

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