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All 1000 Naira Data Plans in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile and Ntel)

This post comprises of all the cheapest and best data plans you can get in Nigeria for N1,000 Naira only (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile & Ntel).

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This article contains all the 1000 Naira Data Plans (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile & Ntel) — these are some of the cheapest data bundles in Nigeria now!

As you would perceive, we compile the best and cheapest data plans on NAIJAKNOWHOW because we believe ‘data is life’!

In today’s post… I will be attending to those who want a side by side comparison and explanation of all the various 1000 Naira data plans we have in Nigeria. The aim of this guide is to help you pick the best one considering data size, strength of the network, data validity and most importantly budget!

1000 Naira Data Plans (All Networks)

USSD codes
9mobile 1GB Monthly ₦1000 *229*2*7# 30 days
9mobile (Special) 5GB (1GB x 5) ₦1000 (₦200×5) *929*10# 15 days
Airtel 1.5GB ₦1000 *496# 30 days
Airtel (SmartTRYBE) 2GB (1GB + 1GB) ₦1000 (₦500×2) *312*2# 14 days
GLO 1.6GB (+ 400MB Bonus) ₦1000 *127*53# 30 days
MTN 1.5GB ₦1000 *131*106# 30 days
MTN (Pulse) 2GB (1GB + 1GB) ₦1000 (₦500×2) *406*2*2# 14 days
Ntel (WAWU) 12GB ₦1000 N/A 30 days
Data rollover applies on all package… please contact network for details!

With that said, let’s quickly delve right into details!

List of all 1000 Naira Data Plans and Subscription Codes in Nigeria (9mobile, Airtel, GLO, MTN and Ntel)

1. 9mobile 1GB for ₦1000


9mobile 1GB monthly plan is fantastically fast, no speed is comparable to this network.

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This plan is perfect for all type of mobile devices –  it works on Android, iPhone, Windows, Java, PC and more. They are all valid for 30 days and data rollover applies on each of them.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe, dial *229*2*7#

2. 9mobile 5GB for ₦1000

Don’t be surprised, yes it’s so REAL! One of my favourite 1000 Naira data plans. 9mobile 5GB for ₦1000 is the power of number and accumulating data in days.

Here is what I saying: This plan is originally structured for 1GB for ₦200 Naira valid for three (3) days which I posted in one of my previous articles.

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The 9Mobile 1GB bundle is new and allows users to enjoy 1 gigabytes of data for only 200 Naira.

So here’s the trick, with a quintuple subscription (5x), you’ll get a whopping 5GB of data with just ₦1000. This implies that you do the bundle twice (₦200 x 5 = 5GB). But the downside is, you won’t get a monthly validity on the plan. just make sure you remember to renew your data when you get a low data notification every 3 days! So with 5x subscription, you should roughly 2 weeks of validity!

Subscription code:

  • Recharge N200, then dial *929*10# to activate this plan (Valid for 3 days).

The aforementioned 1GB for 200 naira plan is SIM selective, don’t be sad if your SIM isn’t supported and it can’t be rolled over.

There are more 9mobile data bundles if you don’t like this!

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3. Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000


Airtel 1.5GB is one of the most used Airtel data plans in Nigeria, this one offers a reasonable data size for smartphone users.

The 1.5GB data plan is best suited for those who browse moderately on their Airtel network. If you want something bigger, here is a list of all Airtel data plans to choose from. I don’t usually recommend this plan for those looking for data plans for MiFi, modems for browsing on PC.

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000, dial *496#

4. Airtel 1GB for ₦500 (SmartTRYBE)

To all prepaid users registered on the smartTRYBE plan, you’ve been enjoying amazing benefits coupled with cheap call tariff plans on Airtel.

Apart from Airtel night plans and other benefits, Airtel is giving you amazing data offer strictly for SmartTRYBE users. Originally this plan gives you 1GB for ₦500 to browse your favourite websites, doubling the sub. gives you twice the data.

This plan works perfect on all device, be it Android, Windows phone, PC, MiFi, iOS, modem and lots more.

It’s also classified under the Airtel weekly data plans category although different from the one mentioned above. The SmartTRYBE weekly plan is valid for seven (7) days while the regular weekly plan is valid for fourteen (14) days.

So here’s the trick, with a dual subscription, you’ll get a whopping 2GB of data with just ₦1000. This implies that you do the bundle twice (₦500 x 2 = 2GB). But the downside is, you won’t get a monthly validity on the plan. Max you’d get is 14 days, unlike the normal monthly plan you have above!

Subscription code:

  • Migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE tariff (ignore this step if you’re already there)
  • To subscribe to Airtel SmartTRYBE 1GB for ₦500, dial *312# » select 2 to confirm.

5. GLO 1.6GB for ₦1000


The is one of the best in terms of data size but with a lot of complains when it comes to speed and stability. Well, it still boils down to your locality.

Globacom gives you 1.6GB of data when you do their 1000 Naira plan. The offer doesn’t make it just the cheapest out there, GLO offers bigger N1000 Naira data by topping it up with a bonus 400MB bringing it to 2GB in total!

Without further ado, here is how to activate this plan!

Subscription code:

  • To subscribe to GLO 1.6GB for ₦1000, dial *127*53#

There are more GLO data bundles if you don’t like this!

6. MTN 1.5GB for ₦1000


This 1.5GB monthly data plan is perfect for an average internet user. If you want to stay online for 30 days, there are different data plans based on your budget.

Although there are other MTN monthly data plans aside this – 3.5GB for ₦2000, 10GB for ₦5000 and 22GB for ₦10,000 (Click here to see full MTN Data Plans). But since I’m only concerned about their 1000 Naira data plans, I will only be sharing details about it below!

Subscription code:

  • Text 106 to 131 or dial *131*106#

7. MTN 1GB for ₦500 (Pulse)

Obviously one of the best weekly data plans on all network in Nigeria.

If you’re on the Pulse prepaid call tariff… You don’t have to worry about the normal weekly data plan on MTN. MTN Pulse has given their subscribers a better and cheaper way of browsing the internet using your preferred network.

How does it work?

On MTN Pulse, you get 100% data bonus upon buying the 500MB weekly bundle. Which means you get double the size of the data you subscribed for. When you activate this plan, you’ll get 1GB for ₦500 only!

This plan works well on all device – Android, PC, MiFi, Modem, iPhone, Java, Blackberry and others without any form of tweaking.

It’s only valid for 7 days (1 week) starting from the very first day of subscribing to the plan.

Just like Airtel SmartTRYBE trick explained above, with a dual subscription, you’ll get a whopping 2GB of data with just ₦1000. This implies that you do the bundle twice (₦500 x 2 = 2GB). But the downside is, you won’t get a monthly validity on the plan. Max you’d get is 14 days, unlike the normal monthly MTN plan you have above!

Subscription code:

  • Migrate to MTN Pulse tariff (ignore this step if you’re already there)
  • To subscribe, load ₦500 airtime, then SMS 103 to 131 or by dialling *406*2*2# and you’ll get your 1GB data just like that.
How to check MTN Pulse 1GB for ₦500 Data Bundle Balance:
  • You can check your bundle balance sending 2 to 131 or by dialling *131*4#

8. Ntel 12GB for ₦1000 (WAWU SIM)


Honestly, this is undoubtedly the cheapest 1000 Naira data plan in Nigeria at the moment! I’ve enjoyed this Ntel data plan since the inception of this promo and it will be stupid if I don’t post it on NAIJAKNOWHOW for those who don’t know about this promo!

Well, this one is quite simple… Ntel network is giving out a whopping 12GB for ₦1000.

Let me get it straight on how to get this Ntel WAWU SIM card. 

  1. Wisit the nearest Ntel office
  2. Enquire about the new Ntel SIM (WAWU)
  3. It requires basic registration such as Name, DOB, Address etc plus a valid ID card (national ID, School ID, Voters etc)
  4. You will then be charged ₦1000.
Upon completing SIM registration, you’ll get:
  • FREE 10GB valid for 30 days
  • 8k/sec calls to all networks for one year
  • 500% bonus on all data plan purchases for one year

The first month, I enjoyed 22GB and for subsequent months — I get 12GB for ₦1000 (Take Note: I use Quickteller to renew plan). Just get more insight into this data when you get to their shop!

This network is not available in all the states in Nigeria. It is available in Lagos, Abuja or Port-Harcourt because those are the only cities with Ntel 4G LTE connectivity  in Nigeria.

In conclusion:

These are the 1000 Naira Data Plans for Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, GLO and Ntel! Which one of the above are you going to use, do let us know using the comment box below?

Also, let me know if you have any question or correction about the 1k internet bundles stated above.

Thanks for reading, please I’d be glad if you can share this post to your social media pages using the share button to let others know or better still, drop a comment below!

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