9Mobile Introduces 1GB for N200 Data Plan, See Details!

This article contains 9Mobile 1GB for N200 data plan and subscription code for browsing in Nigeria. Scroll down to learn how to activate the 1GB data bundle.

9Mobile 1GB for N200 Data Plan and Subscription Code

If you are still lamenting after seeing the new 9Mobile 1GB for N200 data plan, then I think you have content issues.

9mobile (formerly Etisalat) has unveiled another new data plan. 9Mobile NG has an interesting collation of the best data bundles in Nigeria (Click to see a list of 9Mobile data plans).

This new plan was made official and some folks are now enjoying this plan.

Let’s leave the story and go straight to understand what this plan is all about.

9Mobile Telecom Nigeria

IMPORTANT UPDATE (December 5th, 2018): Before you proceed, read this!!!

Lately, some of you must have noticed ineligibility or difficult activating this plan. Well, I reached out to 9mobile to confirm if this plan still works… Here is the response I got;

9mobile 1gb for 200 is still working

“The offer is still available. However, it is only for those who received the SMS notification from us.”

9Mobile 1GB for N200 Data Plan and Subscription Code

The 9Mobile 1GB bundle is relatively new and allows users to enjoy 1 gigabytes of data for only 200 naira. This data plan is valid for 3 days.

How to subscribe to 9Mobile 1GB for 200

  • Recharge N200, then dial *929*10# to activate this plan (Valid for 3 days).

How to check 9Mobile data balance: Dial *228# for data balance.

The aforementioned plan is SIM selective, don’t be sad if your SIM isn’t supported and can’t be rolled over.

Here is an SMS confirmation all ye doubters:

9Mobile 1GB for N200 Data Plan and Subscription Code

9Mobile network is one of the fastest networks in Nigeria and if you’re like me who does not know how to manage data

…then, I believe this plan is the best fit for you considering the fact that you can accumulate 5GB for 1,000 Naira in Nigeria.

If this plan happens to work for you, you can use the comment section below to let me know what you think about GLO being the grand masters of data in Nigeria (Click to see GLO data bundles).

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  1. It works for me but once have used certain amount of data it says

    Dear customer, Your Cliq4DNite is 645MB valid till 18/06/2019. Increase your chance of winning 2MILLION this month! Recharge N1500 this month & Text MAGIC to 88808 to qualify.

    I don’t understand and it’s not browsing after this

  2. Got the message it was successful even a warning that I still have 939mb unused, but its not working, the downloads i did were removed from my main data, and its gonna expire 5am now. What to do?

  3. It was working for me before it aptly stopped. Cant get it back. I ll try the suggestion above and stwiched to more life complete and test the possibility of enjoying it again

  4. It has been working for me for over 1 yr now, just found out this morning that I’m no longer eligible. I’m literally in tears. How the heck would i cope with usung 1gb in a day. I basically subscribe everyday. Chai I’m done for. Etisalat pls na help me. Data is indeed LIFE

    • Sorry about it man… but you could have dialled the code before recharging, if you are not eligible, they’d let you know right away. Remember I said It’s SIM selective.

  5. This etisalat sef abi na 9 mobile, would it kill them if they make it available to everyone? Which one is sim selective…… Glo is still the grand master joor

  6. Mine was working before but it has stop now cos whenever I try to subscribe to it, they won’t message me neither would they deduct my money.

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