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Xiaomi Announces World’s First 30W Mi Charge Turbo Wireless Charging

Xiaomi announces a never-before-seen wireless charging on a smartphone - 30W Mi Charge Turbo. Learn more about the fast wireless tech here.

Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi has announced a never-before-seen mobile technology for smartphone wireless charging – Mi Charge Turbo. This feature, also known as the 30W Wireless Charging, is capable of delivering 50% charge in 25 minutes & 100% charge in 69 minutes to a 4,000mAh battery, according to Xiaomi.

In addition, the Mi Charge Turbo also comes with Fast Reverse Wireless Charging for smartphones (both Android and iPhones). In the event, Xiaomi further states that the Mi Charge Turbo can charge the flagship iPhone XS to 20% within 30 minutes during reverse wireless charging.

It can also be used to wirelessly charge other accessories like earphones, smartwatches and other Wireless Charging supported devices.

Scratching the surface, the Chinese OEM revealed that a five-layer receiver coil was utilised alongside a conversion efficiency of 98% to aid this cause. That also plays a role in reducing drastic temperature drifts.

The Mi Charge Turbo beats Xiaomi’s previous 20W wireless charge in terms of power output and charging speed. As we all know, wireless charging has always raised eyebrows regarding fast charging time. Nonetheless, this new wireless charge technology is here to change the dynamics.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G, the next 5G flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, has been confirmed as the smartphone to pioneer this 30W wireless tech. There are also reports of swift Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo wired charging making the rounds. It usurps the previous Xiaomi 27W Wired charge technology.

Even the 100W Super Charge is not likely to be seen in this Mi 9 Pro 5G as there’s no confirmation from Xiaomi about that. But we could see it in a Redmi flagship smartphone later in the year. To add, Xiaomi made it clear that a 40W wireless charging tech is also in the works. Evidently, these strides show Xiaomi’s strength of innovation in the wired and wireless charging department.

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